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April 18, 2007

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, B. Bellinger, R. Goudreau, P. Frank, D. Thompson



The proposed Cutter and caption for "LG51.C24 Canton. Guangzhou da xue" was revised to a reference in the form "Canton. Kuang-chou ta hseh see LG51.G85" and replaced with a new Cutter and caption in the form "LG51.G85 Guangzhou. Guangzhou da xue." All newly established Cutters and captions for Chinese educational institutions in the L schedule should be proposed in pinyin form. Some older established ones were left in Wade-Giles or conventional earlier name forms if changing them to pinyin would have affected the Cutter. In those cases, see references were added from the pinyin form to the Wade-Giles- or other-based Cutter. No new Cutters and captions should be added using Wade-Giles or hybrid forms of names.

Subject Headings

Bindunuwewa Massacre, Sri Lanka, 2000

The proposal to establish a new heading in the form "Massacres--Sri Lanka--Bindunuwewa" with a UF reference "Bindunuwewa Massacre, Sri Lanka, 2000" was revised to Bindunuwewa Massacre, Sri Lanka, 2000 with a BT reference Massacres--Sri Lanka. According to instruction sheet H 1560 sec. 2 in the Subject Cataloging Manual, many events that do not have a conventional name may be expressed by generic headings, however, if a particular event has acquired a conventional name, it should be established as a phrase heading in accordance with the provisions in H 1592.