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November 22, 2006

Present from CPSO: M. Wewerka, R. Goudreau


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1147, Animals

$x Age determination ADD: (May Subd Geog)

Other decisions:

British Isles

According to instructions in Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings, instruction sheet H 807, sec. 1.d, the only required broader-term reference for this heading is already included in the authority record (BT Islands of the Atlantic). This proposal to add BT Europe, Northern was not approved.

Soccer stadiums

Because of the close relationship between stadiums and the playing field within the stadium and because many stadiums contain the term Field in their names, it was considered undesirable to have separate headings for the stadium and playing field. The existing heading Soccer fields should continue to be used for both concepts. The proposed heading was not approved.


Although the existing heading Thomists has been used for both Thomist philosophers as a class of persons and for the philosophy of Thomism, this is not a desirable practice. The existing references on Thomists should be revised and a new heading proposed for Thomism. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Water use

The proposal to change this heading to Water uses is incomplete since the existing heading has established subdivisions and has been used as a broader term on other authority records. The proposal for this heading and Water consumption and Water reuse may be resubmitted with the other required authority revisions.

MARC Language Code List

The following addition has been made to the 2003 edition of the MARC Code List for Languages:


Shelta [mis]

Change: from to
  !Xõ [khi] Ju/'hoan [khi]