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October 25, 2006

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, B. Bellinger, E. Rinn, D. Thompson, K. Ritchie



Dates were added to the name in the caption for this personal bibliography number. As stated in the Summary of Decisions for WL05-05, captions in proposals for personal bibliography numbers should consist of the complete personal name heading, including any dates.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1161, Musical instruments

$x Breath control

Other decisions:

Alito, Samuel A., 1950- --United States Supreme Court confirmation hearings, 2006; Confirmation hearings

The meeting did not approve these proposed headings, which, if adopted, would change the way that hearings regarding individuals nominated for public office, and works about such hearings, are cataloged. Such works should continue to be assigned the unsubdivided personal name heading for the nominee combined with heading(s) for the category of office with the subdivision --Selection and appointment. The companion headings for Samuel Alito would be United States. Supreme Court--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment and Judges--Selection and appointment--United States.

Christianity and culture

The meeting did not approve adding a BT Religion and culture to the heading Christianity and culture because reference hierarchies are not made for headings of the type [topic A] and [topic B] according to instruction sheets H 370 sec. 1.e.(1) and H 310 sec. 2 in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings.

Enlightenment philosophers

Headings for groups of philosophers associated with a particular intellectual or philosophical movement have generally not been established in LCSH. Because the meeting did not wish to set a precedent or change that practice, this proposal was not approved. Multiple headings should continue to be assigned.

Greek architects

According to H 350 sec. 1, headings are not established for classes of persons with adjectival qualifiers that represent jurisdictions or geographic regions. Headings for classes of persons are subdivided geographically to mean the location they are either "currently in" or "originally from." This proposal was therefore not approved.

Jaina hymns, Gujarati; Jaina hymns, Hindi

The meeting did not approve adding BT references Hymns, Gujarati and Hymns, Hindi, respectively, to these two existing headings. As stated in the Summary of Decisions for WL06-40, it has not been LC practice to make hierarchical references to headings for hymns constructed with adjectival language qualifiers (cf. H 370 sec. 1.a.(1)).

Gay heroes in literature

The meeting did not approve establishing a heading "Gay heroes in literature" that would refer to both the "principal male characters of literary works who are gay as well as gay characters in literature who have performed courageous acts or are admired for bravery, great deeds, or noble qualities." If such a heading were established, it would represent only the latter general meaning of "hero" following the usage of the existing headings Heroes; Heroes in literature; and Gay heroes. The existing headings Gays in literature and Gay men in literature are used for gay literary characters in general, or gay male literary characters, whether they are principal, supporting, or minor characters.

Religious posters; Religious posters, Pakistani

According to the proposal record, the work being cataloged is about posters of Sufi saints and popular Islamic poster art in Pakistan. The meeting is reluctant to approve new headings that incorporate the general term "religious" to apply to a topic in a specific religion. Because the subdivision --Posters is authorized for free-floating use as a form or topical subdivision under topical headings to designate posters on those topics, a heading Muslim saints--Posters could be constructed. A heading Islamic art and symbolism--Pakistan could also be assigned to bring out the country.

Retail distribution networks

It is not clear what the relationship is between the proposed heading "Retail distribution networks" and the concept of marketing channels, which may be found in marketing dictionaries. A UF reference Marketing channels was included in the original proposal, but Marketing channels is an existing heading in LCSH. Additional research in appropriate reference sources in the fields of marketing and commerce is needed. A proposal may be resubmitted if justified.