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August 16, 2006

Present from CPSO: P. Weiss, B. Bellinger, R. Goudreau, D. Thompson


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1159, Military srvces

$x Gays ADD NOTE: Do not use under [place]--Armed Forces; use Gays in the military--[place].

Other decisions:

AIDS (Disease) in the deaf

Precoordinated headings for diseases in specific classes of persons are established only for men, women, and headings designating age groups. For all other classes of persons, two headings are assigned: 1. [name of disease] 2. [class of persons]--Diseases. The proposal was not approved.

Armed Forces--Gays

The meeting changed the form of this proposed heading to Gays in the military (May Subd Geog). Although the subdivision --Gays continues to be valid under headings for individual military services, for example, United States. Army--Gays, it should not be used under the heading Armed Forces or under headings of the type [place]--Armed Forces. Instead the heading Gays in the military, subdivided by place if appropriate, should be assigned.

Children's poetry, American--Indian authors; Folk poetry, Mexican--Indian authors

Subdivisions of the type --[...] authors are used only under headings for the major genres of literature that are established in straight form. For the minor genres of literature that are established in inverted form, two headings are assigned. Instead of Children's poetry, American--Indian authors, Children's poetry, American should be assigned in conjunction with American poetry--Indian authors. Instead of Folk poetry, Mexican--Indian authors, Folk poetry, Mexican should be assigned in conjunction with Mexican poetry--Indian authors. (The few cases where --[ ... ] authors subdivisions have been established under the inverted headings Short stories, American and Short stories, English should be regarded as exceptions to the general practice.) These proposals were not approved.


It may be preferable to establish the slightly broader heading Hindu nationalism, similar to the existing headings Jewish nationalism and Arab nationalism, and to make a reference from the term Hindutva to that heading. Nationalism--India would be the appropriate BT. In addition, there are several existing bibliographic records in the LC database that will require updating. The proposal may be resubmitted together with printouts of records to be changed.

Maure (African people)

Further investigation is required to determine whether this heading conflicts with the existing heading Hassaniyeh (Arab people) and if so to determine the appropriate form for the heading and references. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Multinational forces (Armed Forces); Multinational forces (Armed Forces)--Gays

The heading was changed to the form Multinational armed forces. The proposal to establish the subdivision --Gays under this heading was not approved. Instead, two headings should be assigned: 1. Multinational armed forces. 2. Gays in the military.

Ruinas de Sno Francisco (Curitiba, Brazil)

According to H 405, churches in ruins are Group 1 headings that are established as name headings. The normal practice has been to establish a heading for the name of the church and to make a reference from the form Ruins of [...] or the equivalent of that form in another language. An example of this is the name heading Igreja da Madre de Deus (Macau, China). The proposal to establish this as a subject heading was not approved.

Teen films

Further investigation is required to determine the relationship between this proposed heading and the existing heading Young adult films. If they are found to be separate concepts, scope notes would be needed to distinguish between them. If it is determined that both represent the same concept, a decision will need to be made as to which is the better terminology for the heading, and the references will need to be revised. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Vising Castle (Vattem, Sweden); Vising Castle Site (Vattem, Sweden)

According to H 1334, sec. 2.d.(1), the heading for a post-1500 castle should be established in the vernacular. The meeting therefore changed the heading to Visingsborg (Vattem, Sweden). It is not normal practice to establish separate headings for a building and its ruins. If a heading for a building exists, it is used to cover both the period when the building was intact and the period after its destruction. The heading Vising Castle Site (Vattem, Sweden) was therefore not approved.

Yakushiji (Nara-shi, Japan)

This appears to be a temple that still exists and still functions as a temple. The heading should be established as a name heading and a proposal should be submitted to cancel the subject authority record. The proposal to add references to the existing subject authority record was not approved.

MARC Language Code List

The following addition has been made to the 2003 edition of the MARC Code List for Languages:

Change: from to
  Kaje language [nic] Jju language [nic]