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May 10, 2006

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, B. Bellinger, R. Goudreau, D. Thompson, T. Bishop, E. Klebs, K. Ritchie


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1159, Military services

$x Swiss Americans [footnote 1]

Other decisions:


The meeting did not approve adding a BT Agricultural exhibitions to Carnivals because carnivals are not a type of agricultural exhibition.

Far ultraviolet radiation--Wavelengths; Solar radiation--Wavelengths; X-rays--Wavelengths

The meeting did not approve introducing a new subdivision "--Wavelengths" under these headings. Far ultraviolet radiation and x-rays consist of a defined range of wavelengths. The heading Spectrum, Solar is used for the range of wavelengths in solar radiation.

Fonts, Medieval CANCEL Medieval fonts

The meeting did not approve revising the heading Fonts, Medieval to "Medieval fonts" because headings qualified by adjectives indicating time period are established in inverted form according to instruction sheet H 306 sec. 2.b. in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings.

Homeless persons in literature; Homelessness in literature

The meeting did not approve adding references linking these two headings. As stated in the Summary of Decisions for Weekly List 06-16, headings of the type [topic] in literature and [topic] in art are derivative. They normally do not have references. Appropriate references are instead made between headings for the basic topics.

World War, 1914-1918--Causes

This proposal is not necessary because --Causes is a subdivision that is authorized for free-floating use under individual wars (cf. H 1200). Authority records may be created for main heading/free-floating subdivision combinations when it is deemed desirable to trace appropriate or useful references. The proposed references were judged to be not appropriate in this case.

MARC Language Code List

The following addition has been made to the 2003 edition of the MARC Code List for Languages:

Change: from to
Lango language Lango language [ssa] Lango language (Uganda) [ssa]