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October 12, 2005

Present from CPSO: M. Wewerka, N. Jones (for D. Thomas), B. Briscoe (for R. Goudreau), D. Thompson


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Abtei Salem (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

Individual monasteries are established as name headings. The proposal to establish this monastery as a subject heading was not approved.

Psycholanalysis and politics

This concept is covered by the free-floating formulation Psychoanalysis--Political aspects. The proposal was not approved.

Science fiction comic books, strips, etc.; Erotic comic books, strips, etc.; Horror comic books, strips, etc.

The subdivision --Comic books, strips, etc. is free-floating under topical headings. The proposals to add UF references from Science fiction--Comic books, strips, etc.; Erotic stories--Comic books, strips, etc.; and Horror tales--Comic books, strips, etc. suggest that use of this subdivision could be valid under form headings for fictional genres. The Library of Congress does not use this subdivision under form headings and makes no distinction for comic books and strips between fictional and nonfiction works. The proposed references were not approved.