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October 5, 2005

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, B. Bellinger, R. Goudreau, D. Thompson



These proposals to print the Cutters and names of current and 20th century literary authors are not necessary. The criteria for including individual literary authors in the P classification schedules are given in F632, sec. 3.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1140, Places

$x Kings and rulers $x Deposition

Other decisions:

Bonaire Marine Park (Bonaire) CANCEL replaced by Bonaire Marine Park (Netherlands Antilles); Caracas Bay (Curaao) CANCEL replaced by Caracas Bay (Netherlands Antilles)

These proposals to revise the qualifiers on headings for geographic features on individual islands of the Netherlands Antilles are being undertaken to bring the qualifiers in line with the policy stated in instruction sheet H 810 sec. 2.d.(2) to qualify an entity on an island by the name of the larger jurisdiction to which the island belongs rather than by the island name. In addition, a change in policy regarding the assignment of Caribbean islands as geographic subdivisions is now in force. The statement in instruction sheet H 807 sec. 2.c. regarding the assignment of individual Caribbean islands south of the Virgin Islands directly after subjects regardless of their present political status should no longer be followed. Henceforth, headings for Caribbean islands and geographic features on those islands should be treated in the same manner as headings for islands in other parts of the world. Islands that are independent countries or country equivalents, such as Dominica and Martinique, should continue to be assigned directly. Geographic entities on those islands should be assigned indirectly through the island country. Islands that form a part of a multi-island country or country equivalent, such as Bonaire and Curaao, which are part of the Netherlands Antilles, should now be assigned indirectly through the heading for the country, e.g., Marine algae--Netherlands Antilles--Bonaire. Geographic entities on those islands should be assigned indirectly through the country, e.g., Skin diving--Netherlands Antilles--Bonaire Marine Park. Geographic subdivision forms that are recorded in 781 fields of geographic subject authority records are being updated to reflect this policy change. Statements and examples in H 807 will be revised for the 2006 Update Number 1 of the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings.

Spy comic books, strips, etc.; War comic books, strips, etc.

These proposals to establish "Spy comic books, strips, etc." and "War comic books, strips, etc." were not approved. As stated in the Summary of Decisions for WL02-14, "the usual way of expressing the concept of comic books or strips about a particular topic in LCSH is to use the free-floating form subdivision --Comic books, strips, etc. after the appropriate topical heading, e.g., War--Comic books, strips, etc." Because comic books and strips that focus on particular topics may be either fiction or nonfiction, the meeting wishes to continue the practice of using the standard free-floating subdivision following topical headings and to limit the form headings for comic books to those that already exist for fictional genres, e.g., Fantasy comic books, strips, etc.; Science fiction comic books, strips, etc.

Weight loss in nursing home patients

It has been the practice in LCSH to establish specific headings for medical or physiological conditions and phenomena in groups of people only in the general age and sex groups, e.g., Color vision in children; Eating disorders in women. For conditions in other groups of people, the heading for the condition is assigned in combination with the heading for the group with an appropriate subdivision. This proposal to establish a heading for "Weight loss in nursing home patients" was therefore not approved. The heading Weight loss should be assigned along with the heading Nursing home patients subdivided by either --Diseases or --Physiology.

Wetlands--Effect of grazing on

The meeting did not approve establishing a heading for "Wetlands--Effect of grazing on." As stated in the Summary of Decisions for WL05-12, "the meeting did not wish to extend the practice of establishing subdivisions of the type --Effect of [. . .] on beyond those areas where clear patterns of doing so already exist in LCSH, such as under plants, animals, materials, parts of the body, and a few topics in the field of business and economics." No headings currently exist for types of geographic areas with subdivisions of this type. The heading Grazing--Environmental aspects should continue to be be assigned in combination with headings for types of geographic areas like Wetlands.