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August 3, 2005

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, B. Bellinger, R. Goudreau



The meeting did not approve establishing a Cutter number for eroticism in this area for collections of Serbo-Croatian literature on special topics because this area is intended for collections that include multiple literary forms and the work being cataloged is a collection of erotic fiction. The only number that currently exists for this collection is PG1416. A proposal may be resubmitted if the cataloger wishes to expand this location.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1180, Plants

$x Mulching (May Subd Geog)

Other decisions:

Southeast Asia and related proposals

The subject heading "Asia, Southeastern" is being revised to Southeast Asia along with all other records that included the terms "Asia, Southeastern" or "Southeastern Asia" in their headings or references. The adjectival qualifier for this region will remain "Southeast Asian." Subject headings in bibliographic records will be updated as a project in CPSO.

RSS feeds

The meeting did not approve establishing a new heading in the form "RSS feeds (Hypertext system)" because a new heading for this concept, RSS feeds, was approved earlier on Weekly List 05-26. A proposal to add more UF references to the existing heading was put on the list.