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July 12, 2005

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, B. Bellinger, R. Goudreau


Z8127.55; Z8157.66

As stated in the Summary of Decisions for WL05-05, a proposal for a personal bibliography number should include as a caption the complete heading established for an individual, including any dates. These proposlas were revised to add dates to the captions.

Subject Headings

Fort Fetterman (Wyo.) CANCEL Fort Fetterman (Wyo. : Fort)

The meeting did not approve revising the heading Fort Fetterman (Wyo.) to add the designating term "Fort" to the qualifier. Such terms are used to differentiate headings for entities that have the same name. No evidence was cited to indicate that there is another place by this name in Wyoming, and no conflicting entries were found in GNIS.

Indium phospide

Because LCSH is a general subject heading list rather than a specialized chemical information resource, references have not routinely been made from chemical notation, including the symbols for chemical elements and chemical formulas for compounds. Therefore, the proposed UF InP (Indium phosphide) was deleted from this proposal.

Musique concrête

This proposal to revise the scope note for Musique concrête was withdrawn from the list. A project is currently underway to review all the electronic/computer music headings, and it is considered desirable to review this record in that wide context.

Parking facilities; Parking lots

The meeting did not approve cancelling the BT Parking facilities in the record for Parking lots and replacing it with related term references to link the headings. Because parking lots are a type of parking facility, the current BT/NT references designate the appropriate relationship between the headings.

Wireless local area networks (Computer networks)

The meeting did not approve this proposal to establish a new heading because a subject heading already exists for this category of networks in the form of Wireless LANs. Used For references from "Wi-Fi LANs" and "WiFi LANs" will be added to the existing heading.