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3-6 Months Prior to the Workshop

Determine the time and location of the training session and the number of days.

Some workshops are 2 day, others are 1 to 1 1/2 days. It is recommended that you allow the maximum time for each workshop. You may want to contact [email protected] to verify the latest version available.

Determine who the instructors will be.

Note: We no longer maintain lists of current SCCTP trainers, but we may be able to provide some suggestions. Contact [email protected].

Once instructors have been identified, contact instructors to determine their availability. Please do this as far in advance as possible. Specify the time and any predetermined focus for the session. All of the workshops are flexible with optional components, that allow for tailoring to specific audiences. Make arrangements for the instructors' travel and lodging, if appropriate. Determine whether instructors would like cataloging tools on site, such as the CONSER Cataloging Manual, AACR2, etc.

Determine the approximate enrollment.

The maximum class size should be 20-25 people.

Determine the costs of the workshop and advertise.

A major goal of SCCTP is affordable training. The program does not recommend course fees, however, since they will vary among different sponsors.

Assign responsibility for receiving registrations and payments, answering questions (logistical and content), maintaining registrants list, arranging trainee site access, entrance, and sign-in.

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6 Weeks Prior to Workshop

Print manual, plan services, e.g., refreshments, ASL interpreter, etc.

SCCTP course materials are available free of charge. The copy mounted on SCCTP webpage is considered the latest and only official version of the course.

  • Contact [email protected] for information about course materials.
  • Determine how many copies of the manual are needed and what copying services will be used.
  • Determine details for local copies of the manual (e.g. number of binders needed, number of section dividers to be used per binder, weight and quality of paper) and arrange acquisition of necessary materials.

Equipment needs and room set up

The course is designed to be given using PowerPoint.

Equipment needs:

  • Computer equipped with PowerPoint. Internet connection, access to Cataloger's Desktop and OCLC are desirable for some courses, not mandatory.
  • Projector (extra bulb)
  • Screen
  • Laser pointer or other form of pointer
  • Flip chart and markers

Room set up:

  • Registration/sign in table or area
  • Refreshments table or area, water always available in room
  • Coat closet
  • Instructor seating (front of room)
  • Classroom seating: Tables seating 2-4 are needed to facilitate working together on exercises (do not use computer labs; this is not computer hands-on training)
  • Lighting that will support the presentation without putting trainees in the dark!
  • If special sessions are planned, perhaps a table for handouts, equipment, etc.

Receive and process registrations and payments/billing documents.

  • Confirm registrations.
  • Maintain a current registration list (facilitates answering questions, e.g., "Am I registered?". etc.).


  • Signage, e.g., classroom door
  • "Goodie" box of site supplies, e.g., scissors, masking tape, etc.
  • Daily workshop agendas
  • Assemble trainees' manuals, inserting tab dividers and daily workshop agendas.
  • 1-3 days prior to workshop, invite instructor to the training room to test and practice equipment use.
  • Prepare final registrants list as a sign in sheet (one per day).
  • Furnish name badges or table tents for names.

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During the Workshop

Provide logistical support for the session.

  • Oversee trainee sign-in, workbook and tools distribution, name badges, etc.
  • Assist instructors in setting up for their presentations.
  • Provide refreshments during sign-in, breaks, etc.
  • Handle special requests, e.g., last minute photocopying.
  • Other support as needed.

Have trainees submit the evaluation form:

Provide trainees a certificate of completion.

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Post Workshop

Honorariums for instructors

We recommend that the instructors be given an honorarium, the amount to be determined by the sponsor. Please verify in advance that instructors are allowed to accept honoraria.

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