A posed picture of a baseball team.

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President Woodrow Wilson throwing out the first ball, opening day, 1916
U.S. Presidents and Baseball
Presidents are frequently considered windows into the personalities and values of their times. The same could be said of baseball, which remains the nation’s pastime.
Baseball game at Griffith Stadium. View of field from stands.
Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C.
Opened in 1891, this stadium played host to the Washington Senators from 1903 to 1961.
A baseball player sliding into base as another player attempts to tag him.
Baseball Heroes
These players were heroes of their day, embodying the physical power, dedication and competitive spirit of the game.
White Sox vs. Cubs, City Championship series, Chicago, Oct. 10, '09, West Side Park.
Panoramic Baseball Photos
These birds-eye views from the Library’s Panoramic Photograph Collection offer a window into America’s fascination with the game.
[Franklin Roosevelt ready to throw baseball from stands, for first game of the year at Griffith Stadium, Washington, DC]
Baseball from the Great Depression to World War II
Despite economic hardships, President Franklin Roosevelt insisted that the game be given a green light to aid and enhance the morale of the country.
A woman holding a baseball bat with another baseball player in the background.
Baseball at the Turn of the Century
Baseball evolved from an amateur sport into a national pastime during the nineteenth century.