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May 12, 1997

Library of Congress Information Bulletin Now on World Wide Web

All 1997 Issues and Images Available

The official publication of the Library of Congress, the Information Bulletin (LCIB), can now be accessed on the World Wide Web. For the first time, on-line readers will be able to view not only the text of the publication, but also its images, many of which are drawn from the collections of the Library.

The Information Bulletin on the Web is at Currently, only 1997 issues are available in the Web format; previous issues, however, are available back to November 1992 from LC MARVEL, the Library's text-based site (gopher:// 11/loc/pubs/lcib/). The LCIB Web home page also offers a link to the pre-1997 issues. Eventually, all issues of the LCIB will be converted for Web access.

The Information Bulletin Web page offers users a graphics version and a text-only version, and no special "readers" or software are needed for viewing.

The Information Bulletin is now in its 56th year of publication. It is distributed for free domestically as well as overseas to public, academic and research institutions, learned societies and allied organizations, and to the more than 1,000 depository libraries in the United States. Its mission is to report on the policies, programs and events of the Library to an audience of more than 13,000.

This July, the Information Bulletin will change from a biweekly to a monthly schedule, due to budgetary constraints.

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PR 97-93
ISSN 0731-3527

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