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December 18, 1996

Library of Congress Publishes Guide to US Hispanic and Portuguese Collections

The Library of Congress has recently published Library of Congress Hispanic and Portuguese Collections: An Illustrated Guide as part of its series on the Library's special collections.

The lavishly illustrated guide, written by John R. Hebert, Senior Specialist in Hispanic Bibliography in the Hispanic Division, provides an overview of the Library's Hispanic and Portuguese collection of 10 million items, including more than 2 million volumes on Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and the rest of the Luso-Hispanic world.

The Library also has vast holdings of related manuscripts, maps, prints, photographs, music, recordings, and newspapers. These are among the world's most extensive collections in this field.

The Library's Hispanic and Portuguese collections describe broadly and deeply the cultures of Native America; the independent states of Latin America, the Caribbean, the Luso-Hispanic peoples in the United States; Spanish and Portuguese colonial experiences since the 15th century explorations; and the literature, law, and politics of the societies of the Iberian Peninsula.

Among the priceless documents covering these periods, the Library holds Lucena's 1488 work on Portuguese exploration along the African coast, Christopher Columbus's own 1502 manuscript "Book of Privileges," and the 1531 Huejotzingo (Mexico) Codex. These items complement the Library's extensive holdings of 19th and 20th century documents on the countries and cultures of the Luso-Hispanic world.

Library of Congress Hispanic and Portuguese Collections, an 84-page guide with 61 illustrations, mainly in color, sells for $13 in the Library's Sales Shop. It is also available from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954; credit card orders at (202) 783-3238 and fax orders at (202) 512-2250. Cite the stock number 030-001-00162-8.

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