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April 12, 1995

Library of Congress Publishes New Edition of Cataloging Aid

The Library of Congress Cataloging Distribution Service has released a new, Seventh edition of "Free-floating Subdivisions," listing all subdivisions designated as "free-floating."

Free-floating refers to a form or topical subdivision assigned by the subject cataloger under designated subjects without the usage being established editorially and, therefore, without the usage appearing in the subject authority file under each individual subject heading. The guide is published annually.

"Free-floating Subdivisions, 7th edition," also is useful to those searching for information in the "Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings", in which free-floating subdivisions appear. The price for "Free-floating Subdivisions, 7th edition," is $25 in North America, $30 outside North America.

Order from Library of Congress, Customer Services Section- FSUB, Cataloging Distribution Service, P.O. Box 75720, Washington, DC 20541-5017; telephone: (800) 255-3666 (U.S. only) or (202) 707- 6100; TDD: (202) 707-0012; fax: (202) 707-1334.

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PR 95-054
ISSN 0731-3527

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