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March 15, 1995

Northern Telecom Awards $1 Million to Library of Congress

Jean Monty, president and CEO of Northern Telecom, today presented the Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington, with a check for $1 million for the Library of Congress's Global Library Project.

"We are grateful to Northern Telecom for its generous award, which will help the Library continue its effort to bring the riches of the institution to the widest possible audience," said Dr. Billington. "We also acknowledge the contributions of Jones Intercable, which has supported the Global Library Project since 1990."

"In presenting this award, it is our desire to support specifically the research and development of the network delivery needs of the Library," said Mr. Monty. "Focusing our efforts this way is our best opportunity to bring not only money to the table, but also our technical competence and network capabilities to work in ways that help Dr. Billington and his colleagues at the Library of Congress make the institution accessible to all Americans -- and to all citizens of the world.

"There couldn't be a better use of technology," Mr. Monty, added, "than making it easier to access and share the information this great institution houses. By providing support for the Global Library Project, we're putting something back into a country that has been a major factor in our past success."

"The Library of Congress is the most important repository of information in the world," said Glenn R. Jones, chairman and CEO of Jones Intercable and a member of the Library's Madison Council. "We are especially grateful to Jean Monty and Northern Telecom for their desire and wisdom to increase the ability of the Library to share its resources with the rest of the world."

Northern Telecom is a leading global manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, providing products and services to telephone and cable television companies, corporations, governments, universities and other institutions worldwide. Northern Telecom had 1994 revenues of U.S. $8.9 billion and has approximately 57,000 employees worldwide.

Since 1990, Jones Intercable, through its Mind Extension University channel, has presented the Library's television series of documentaries, the Global Library Project.

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