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March 20, 1995

University of Virginia, Library of Congress Sponsor Electronic Publishing Seminar

A seminar sponsored by the Library of Congress and the University of Virginia March 30 to April 1 in Washington will explore the development of electronic publications and discuss how to manage rights in the emerging field.

"The Library of Congress is moving swiftly to become a major supplier of digital content to the world and is eager to be in contact with some of those who will be supplying the content to end users," said Robert Zich, director of electronic programs at the Library.

"The conference will provide those wishing to enter electronic publishing with essential information by those who have successfully made the transition," said Beverly Jane Loo, director of U.Va.'s publishing and communications program and the conference coordinator.

The Library is facing precedent-setting decisions on electronic dissemination of copyrighted materials, and U.Va. is in the advanced stages of developing multimedia publications on- line.

Marybeth Peters, the Library's Register of Copyrights, will give an overview of protection in an electronic environment, while Mary Berghaus Levering, Associate Register for National Copyright Programs, will make two presentations on copyright and new technology. Mr. Zich will give an overview of the intellectual content now available from the Library on-line and via CD-ROM.

James H. Clark, chairman and CEO of Netscape Communications Corp., formerly Mosaic Communications Corp., the pioneer provider of software that allows communication over the Internet, will deliver a keynote address March 30 in which he will predict the shape of digital communications in the 21st century.

Other speakers will discuss methods of payment for the use of electronically published material, how to capture commercial and library markets and the relationship between technology and the creative process.

The latest in multimedia applications will be demonstrated as part of the conference, sessions of which will be held in the Library's new Digital Library Visitor's Center in the Madison Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E. Besides having a large screen to show computer applications, the center has individual workstations demonstrating all of the Library's electronic initiatives. Other sessions of the electronic publishing seminar will be held at the Grand Hyatt Washington. To receive a copy of the speaker schedule, call (804) 296-4806.

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