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October 31, 1994

Library of Congress Approves New Subject Headings from Canadian Library

The Library of Congress has approved the first subject headings proposed by the National Library of Canada for inclusion in the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Three of the new headings, "Hockey for women," "Physically handicapped young adults" and "Loneliness in old age," were added to the catalog on August 23. On August 31 the National Library of Canada submitted two more proposals that are now under review.

"We welcome the Canadian contributions," said Director of Cataloging Sarah Thomas. "They broaden the scope of the Library of Congress Subject Headings and increase their usefulness internationally."

The subject headings correspond to new subjects identified in Canadian publications by analysts at the National Library of Canada. The analysts sent the proposals to a subject heading editorial board at the Library of Congress, where a cooperative subject cataloging project is underway.

"These [headings] will contribute to making the Library of Congress subject headings more comprehensive and useful for all libraries," said Patrice Landry, acting chief of the Subject Analysis Division at the National Library of Canada. "We have received full support from the Library of Congress for our participation in the Cooperative Subject Cataloging Project."

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