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August 26, 1994

Film and TV Producer Named To Head Global Library Project

Robert Sheldon Fiveson, a long-time film, TV and documentary producer, has been named head of the Library of Congress's Global Library Project.

The project is a combined cable programming effort by the Library and Mind Extension University, the educational network subsidiary of Jones International Ltd. The programs, which focus on the library and its collections, can be seen on Jones Cable systems nationwide.

Fiveson will be the project's third director as it goes into its fourth season. He is currently executive producer and manager of the Air Force Media Center at March Air Force Base in California, where he produced 500 programs in six years.

Fiveson will bring to the job knowledge of live-action, location and remote filming, dramatic and scripted action and advanced computer graphics. Fiveson also is an experienced cameraman, film editor and writer. He co-wrote a 90-minute TV special with Johnny Carson called "Johnny Goes Home."

As a writer-director at Futura Productions in California, he produced award-winning documentaries and directed projects in 15 countries, covering much of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Central America.

"Mr. Fiveson is particularly well-suited to our goal for the Global Library Project of making the cultural holdings of the library available to people around the nation and world. We are glad to have him aboard," said Carolyn T. Brown, Associate Librarian for Cultural Affairs.

As Director of the Global Library Project, Fiveson will determine the nature of future programs produced by the project. Former themes were "Treasures of the Library of Congress"; "Liberty's Library," which focused on the importance of libraries to a free society; and a film called "Rome Reborn," about the Library's Vatican exhibition.

Fiveson, who has a degree in cinema from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, begins at the Library on September 15.

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