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July 20, 1994

Library of Congress Publishes Selected Bibliography on Koran

Researchers interested in using the Library of Congress's collections on the Holy Koran will benefit from a new bibliography.

The Holy Koran in the Library of Congress: A Bibliography, compiled by Fawzi Mikhail Tadros of the African and Middle Eastern Division, is a beautifully illustrated selected bibliography describing more than 3,100 manuscripts, manuscript fragments, commentaries, books, articles and other sources of information.

Mr. Tadros, a senior reference librarian in the Near East Section, has been with the Library of Congress since 1967. He was also a Fulbright Fellow in 1990-91. He compiled the bibliography primarily as an aid to scholars.

The bibliography is divided into five parts: the first lists manuscripts and facsimiles of the Holy Koran as well as commentaries; the second lists printed texts of the Koran in Arabic; the third gives titles of translations in 40 languages ranging from Afrikaans to Urdu; the fourth lists special formats, such as microfilm or sound recordings, that present information on the Koran; and the last, and largest, part lists studies of the Koran.

This section contains journal articles and dissertations in several languages, arranged alphabetically by author's name.

The volume's 449 pages include indexes by name, title, subject and series and 18 color illustrations of some of the spectacular manuscripts and facsimiles of the Koran in the Library's collections.

The Holy Koran in the Library of Congress is available from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. The cost is $24 and payment must accompany an order. Use the stock number S/N 030-001-00150-4 when ordering. The ISBN is 0-8444-804-2. Orders also may be telefaxed by dialing (202) 512-2250. You must include your Visa or Mastercard number and your signature, when ordering by telefax.

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