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May 23, 1993

New Publications Celebrate Thomas Jefferson

In honor of Thomas Jefferson's 250th birthday, Fulcrum Publishing, in cooperation with the Library of Congress, has published Jefferson the Man: In His Own Words, a 54-page hardcover book of Jefferson quotations that highlight the many facets of Jefferson's life and his greatest achievements. The volume contains a short essay on "The Legacy of Thomas Jefferson" written by its editor and publisher, Robert Baron it also includes an essay by John Y. Cole, director of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, on "Thomas Jefferson and the Library of Congress."

From his incisive comments on American governance ("We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed") to his tender admonitions as a loving father ("Pity and help any thing you see in distress and learn your books and improve your minds. This will make everybody fond of you..."), Jefferson speaks eloquently and poignantly on such subjects as gardening, exploration, education, friends and family, books, and religion.

In addition to this book of Jefferson quotations, Fulcrum/Starwood and the Library have also released a "Jefferson the Man" 1994 wall calendar, which features illustrations drawn primarily from the Library, a selection of quotations, and the dates of interesting Jefferson-related events. Included are photos of Jefferson's rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, his drawing of a plow design, and volumes in Greek, Italian, and French from his library.

The book sells for $9.95 and the calendar for $10.95. Both can be purchased at bookstores and at the Library of Congress Sales Shop.

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