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September 2013



Typhoon Usagi (the most powerful of 2013) swept between the Philippines and Taiwan on its way to Southern China. Usagi is the Japanese word for rabbit. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center categorized Usagi as a Super-Typhoon. On September 19, the storm produced 140mm/~5.5in of rain per hour. Usagi's eye wall consistently reached heights over 15km/9.3 miles. Typhoon warnings affected Taiwan, the northern Philippines and now the province of Guangdong, China. This typhoon left the Pacific Ocean and entered the South China Sea.

The island of Taiwan is slightly smaller than Maryland and Delaware combined. Its terrain is mostly rugged mountains in the eastern two-thirds of the island and flat to gently rolling plains in west. Taiwan's climate is tropical with cloudiness is persistent and extensive all year.

The Philippine island of Luzon is the largest and most populous islands of the country. The island is very mountainous and features several volcanoes. Its climate is considered to be tropical, marine with a monsoon season from November to April in the northeast.

The southeastern province of Guangdong, China, has a hilly coastline with more than one river delta. The climate is subtropical and the rainfall heavy most of the year. The province is called the engine of China’s economy.

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