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Turn-of-the-Century First Ladies

Below are questions for the First Ladies Bowl, divided into three categories:

  1. Basic questions are easily answered by using the Resources page.
  2. Challenging questions will require more thought and more intensive research.
  3. Bonus questions will separate the experts from the rest of the crowd!

The First Ladies to be studied are:

  • Frances Folsom Cleveland,
  • Ida Saxton McKinley,
  • Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt,
  • Helen Herron Taft.

Group research is often completed more quickly and effectively than when one works alone. This activity is designed for teams of two, three or four students. You may do this activity at home with a parent acting as Bowl Moderator or you may do this in your classroom, under your teacher's direction. Do your research carefully...good luck!

Basic Questions Challenge Questions Bonus Questions

Whose husband was 27 years older than she was?

Who was a childhood friend of her husband's younger sister, Corinne?

Who was married in January, 1871?

Who was interested in the work of Christ Church at Oyster Bay?

Whose beauty faded with illness, until she was but a shadow of her former vivacious self?

Who was mother to three children, Robert, Helen and Charles?

Who was married in June, 1886?

Who was responsible for the planting of the Japanese cherry trees in our nation's capital?

Who was married in London, in December of 1886?

Who worked in her father's bank before she was married?

Who wrote the book, "Recollections of Full Years"?

Whose husband was assassinated?

Whose daughter, Ruth, was born in New York City?

Who thought of Sagamore Hill as "home"?

Whose husband's face was carved into a mountainside by Gutzon Borglum?

Who became the only woman to be both the First Lady of a President and the wife of a Chief Justice?

Who, as a child, called the man who later became her husband, "Uncle Cleve"?

Who had the nickname, "Nellie"?

Whose four year old daughter died of typhoid fever?

Which First Lady was also the "First Lady" of the first governor of the Philippines?

Who was the first First Lady to ride seated beside her husband for the triumphant inauguration-day carriage ride in the Capital?

Whose husband weighed over 300 pounds?

Whose husband was a newspaperman before he became president?

Who was an accomplished musician and founder of the Cincinnati Orchestra?

Who recalled a visit to the White House when she was 17 years old as the only "unusual incident" of her girlhood?

Who was cared for by her younger sister after her husband's death?

Who attended Miss Comstock's School when she was a girl?

Who married a professor of archaeology after her presidential husband died?

Whose hard work created thousands of pairs of bedroom slippers which she gave away?

Who was the youngest First Lady?

Who proclaimed her husband's niece an "…ugly duckling that may yet turn out to be a swan"?

Which presidential family kept a cow, Pauline Wayne, who grazed on the White House Lawn?

Whose husband was shot in the chest while making a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Who met her presidential husband to be at a sledding party?

Whose husband promised to "love, honor, comfort and keep" but not to "obey" in his wedding vows?

Whose husband was elected Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University in 1880?

Whose husband was called "Uncle Jumbo"?

Who suffered a severe stroke two months after her husband's inauguration?