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The Applehead Gang

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Applehead GalleryRonald ReaganAbraham LincolnThomas JeffersonTheodore Roosevelt

Developing a "Gallery" of candidates (be they successful, just hopeful, from a specific election or a specific era), creates reason to learn more about some outstanding citizens. This unique technique for creating a "cast of characters" is sure to engage learners of all ages!

Here are directions for creating a gallery of your own. Let that creativity flow!

Creating Applehead Candidates

Time Required
medium - large sized apples peel apples; using table knife, create shallow slit for eyes, mouth and nose one day
legumes (black beans and black eyed peas work well), rice grains After allowing the apple to sit overnight, use gentle pressure to "shape" face. Gently push rice into underside of "upper lip", and beans into eye socket. one day
sticks (popsicle, candy making, craft); empty bottle to hold applehead as it dries Check placement and security of "eyes" and "teeth"; continue to shape facial contours. Insert stick into bottom of apple and "stand" apple in bottle to dry

one day


  Check apple daily and turn frequently to avoid spoilage; continue to "shape" features as apple dries. When apple feels dry and is no longer malleable, it is "done"! two - three weeks (depending on humidity conditions)
spray "finish" for decoupage projects Choose a well ventilated spot to spray apple; return apple to bottle to thoroughly dry one day (it can sit for days)
fabric scraps, felt, doll supply items, tacky glue, markers, fake fur or doll hair, needle and thread, straight pins Dress and accessorize the"candidate" . Enjoy the results of your creative effort! one - two days
display materials: styrofoam blocks, sand filled bottles, boxes ...whatever works! Arrange your "candidate" for display! one - two days

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