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City Detectives group, June 8, 1913

[Detail] City Detectives group, June 8, 1913

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Solve this mystery: Who is this woman?

The mystery woman says:

"Read my poem. Do you see autumn as I do? I wrote this poem when I was thirteen for my friend, Mr. A. G. Bell. Who am I? What colors do I see?"

Solve this mystery: What happens to this man?

Below is a short selection from a sound recording in American Memory. Listen to the selection for clues to help you search for the complete recording - and the answer to the question.

WAV file (794 KB)

Can't play sound files on your machine? Here are the words in the selection:

Come all you rounders, if you wan'to hear
A story about a brave engineer,
Casey Jones was a rounder's name
On a 68 wheel, boys, he won his fame.

Note: For help with players to listen to sound recordings, see American Memory Viewer Information.

picture of bridge

Where was this photograph taken?

HINT: This color photograph was taken from a bridge in 1942.

True or False? Cattle have only been raised in the western part of the United States.

True or False? The only forms of transportation used during the Civil War were the horse (and wagon) and sailing ships.

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