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Native Americans sitting near tipis.

[Detail] Ta-Her-Ye-Qua-Hip or Horse-Backs Camp. No-Co-Nie.

Lesson Preparation



If you or your students are not very familiar with the American Memory collection, we recommend that you review Using Primary Sources.

Read these accounts to get a flavor of differing histories and views.

Clint Padgitt
Padgitt tells of Comanches coming to his house to get some food. Some terrified boys went with them. Oddly, an Indian admired Padgitt even though he killed his brother.

Los Comanches
A Mexican trader tells of his experiences dealing with the Comanches. Also talks about a Mexican captive girl they want to rescue. Sad ending.

Sallie Chisum Roberts
Girl and her brothers get their cattle stolen by Indians. Shows how frustrating it could be living near such raiders.

O. M. Ratliff
Annie MacCauley tells about her dad, Mr. Ratliff, who had dealings with Comanches, Quanah Parker, and how Mom kept guns at school.

C. D. Bonney--Old Timer
Bonney is an "Indian Scout" who helps return Indians to reservations.

O. W. McCuistion
Famous head cutting off story...He was a friend of the Ute Indians. Indians stealing horses.

L. H. Williams , Jr
L.H. was ready to die when charged by Comanches. But they know his dad and leave them alone.

William Blevins
Blevins was a Texas Ranger and a saloon-keeper. Good stories.

Miss Mattie Mather
Tells of several settler contacts and relations with Indians in Texas.

Mrs. J. D. Rylee
Tells of contacts with Comanches from the reservation, and also of settlers being abducted and rescued.

Don Manuel Jesus Vasques
A buffalo hunter and trader with Indians of the Great Plains tells of his experiences.

Rev.D. D. Tidwell
A prairie minister tells of raids and trades with the Indians, as well as battles between settler clans.

Dr. Eleazar Thomas (start on page 75)