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Native Americans sitting near tipis.

[Detail] Ta-Her-Ye-Qua-Hip or Horse-Backs Camp. No-Co-Nie.

Lesson Evaluation

Points to consider when evaluating student work include:

Seeing the many sides of the issue is critical: students who are well prepared will not become very partisan or blaming of one side or the other.

Students will demonstrate that they are familiar with the history and nature of the difficult relations of the Comanches with the Texans, based on their readings of primary sources.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the differences between the various approaches.

Students will show they understand all sides of the issues, and in doing so demonstrate they would make a good Indian agent who will protect the rights of both Comanches and settlers.

Students will be able to respond to with solutions to problems which are based on their readings of primary source documents.

Their responses will demonstrate that they can offer suggestions that could make the reservation idea work for both sides, based on approaches described in the resources.