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A perpetual calendar from 1859 to 1937

[Detail] A perpetual calendar from 1859 to 1937

Lesson Overview

This unit provides a flexible investigative structure for the study of selected themes in U.S. history and culture using the American Memory collections and related resources. Core goals are the development of relationships between selected themes and resources, refinement of student skills in interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of primary sources, and the creation of multimedia projects drawing upon different modes of expression.


Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of patterns of change and continuity in the history of the United States;
  • identify the unique qualities of different types of primary sources;
  • interpret, analyze, and evaluate primary and secondary sources related to core historical themes and topics;
  • create questions for investigation related to core historical themes and specific time periods;
  • develop original conclusions which illustrate connections between core historical themes and topics; and
  • refine writing and presentation skills using oral and visual communication tools and techniques.


Time Required

  • Nine weeks

Recommended Grade Level

  • 9-12


  • Immigration & Ethnic Heritage
  • American History


  • Progressive Era to New Era, 1900-1929
  • Great Depression and WWII, 1929-1945


William R. Fernekes and Harlene Rosenberg