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The Statue of Liberty

[Detail] Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, Manhattan, New York, NY

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Lesson Evaluation

Self and Peer Assessment

A confidential self-evaluation from each student can provide the teacher with further valuable input, and will help the student reflect upon their own learning and performance. Students are also asked to evaluate the work and contributions of team members.

Teacher Assessment

Student teams may be asked the following assessment questions:

  • What is the American Dream?
  • How has the American Dream changed over time?
  • How do diverse cultures view the American Dream?
  • How have significant historical events affected the American Dream?
  • How will new opportunities of the 21st century challenge the American Dream?
  • What makes your area of interest an effective medium for sharing the American Dream?
  • What is your American Dream?

The team products, and their presentation, should provide evidence of understanding from each team member. Be sure to require that each student contribute to the important tasks of presenting and defending a specific viewpoint.

Evaluate student work according to the evaluative criteria you and your students identified before beginning the project.