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[Detail] Ships at the Erie Basin, New York.

Chronological Thinking

Many items in the collection, such as journals, logbooks, and histories present chronologies of events and can be used to develop chronological thinking.  Journals and logbooks chronicle individual voyages, while missionaries' narratives provide chronological histories of the Sandwich (Hawaiian) Islands and their missions.

Search on journal, logbook, and mission, and select an item to read.  If you select a journal or logbook, summarize the journey you've read about in one to three paragraphs.  Or trace the journey by using the references to latitude and longitude to plot the ship's progress on a world map.  Refer to the 1855 "Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the West Indies with Central America Showing all the Routes to California, with a Table of Distances" for an example..  If you select a missionary's history, present the most important events of that history on a timeline.