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art of The cuneiform collection from art collector Kirkor Minassian, Language: Sumerian, Created/Published: 2200-1900bc,

[Detail] Cuneiform, Sumerian. Created/Published: 2200-1900bc


Collection Overview

Cuneiform Tablets: From the Reign of Gudea of Lagash to Shalmanassar III features commemorative items, school documents and ledgers written in Cuneiform, a pictographic writing system created by the Sumerians. These writings are presented in brick fragments, cones, and clay tablets.

Historical Eras

These historical era(s) are best represented in the collection, although they may not be all-encompassing.

  • Early Civilizations and the Rise of Pastoral Peoples, 4000-1000 BCE
  • Classical Traditions, Major Religions, and Giant Empires, 1000 BCE-300 CE

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