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[Detail] A. A. Mattern/John Kling. Hassan Triple Folders, 1912.

News Story | Point-of-view | Biography | Vernacular

Baseball Cards, 1887-1914 provides a creative opportunity for students to practice their language arts skills. With inspiration from the images, students can develop plots, characters, and themes based in historic events. With a little research, students can write a biography or news story based on the collection. Finally, they may also use the cards to learn about vernacular, how to determine meaning from context, and practice using vernacular to enhance their writing.

News Story

Brooklyn Dodgers, 1913

Brooklyn Dodgers, 1913, Fatima Team Cards

Students can research an event in baseball history, such as the famous double-play alluded to in "Tinker to Evers to Chance!", and write a newspaper article reporting on the event as if they were there. What facts need to be included? For this exercise they can make educated guesses about the aspects they cannot find in their research. Have students read and analyze current newspapers to learn the writing style particular to newspaper reports.

Students can search the collection on names of players or teams involved in the historic event. They can use the images they find to illustrate their articles.