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  • City Mayors — This British site provides news and analysis of problems facing the world’s cities.
  • Civics Institute — Twenty-seven lessons on state and local government are provided at this site; while focused on Michigan, the lessons could be adapted for use in other states.
  • Community and Economic Development — This site from the University of Illinois provides tools for communities engaged in planning for development.
  • Council of State Governments — Information about issues of concern to all three branches of state government.
  • Education Commission of the States — Detailed background information about educational issues faced by state governments across the country.
  • Environmental Council of the States — Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping states protect the natural environment.
  • FindLaw: State Resources — Extensive directory of links for researching states' laws, constitutions, and court systems.
  • — An online magazine for state and local officials; provides analysis of issues and links to news from around the country.
  • Government Technology — The site’s subtitle explains its purpose and content: “Solutions for State and Local Government in the Information Age.”
  • — A portal for information from and about governments at the local, state, national, and international levels. A service of StartSport Mediaworks.
  • How Does Government Affect Me? — This interactive PBS site helps younger students understand how government at all levels affects daily life.
  • Improvement and Development Gateway — Covers efforts to improve local government in the UK. Many ideas are applicable to U.S. communities as well.
  • Initiative and Referendum Institute — This center at the University of Southern California looks at the impact of direct democracy on states and cities.
  • Institute on Money in State Politics — This organization documents campaign contributions at the state level.
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police — Learn about issues related to policing around the world.
  • International City/County Management Association — This professional association for city/county managers provides background on management issues. An interesting section on ethics in city management is included.
  • Local Government Commission — This California nonprofit provides detailed information about development of “livable, prosperous, and resource-efficient” communities.
  • Local Stuff—Learn About Local Government — Although written from an Australian perspective, this site’s teaching ideas could easily be adapted by U.S. teachers.
  • Maine Municipal Association Lesson Plans Index — Local government lesson plans for all grade levels, produced in cooperation with the state social studies council.
  • National Association of Attorneys General — Information on issues faced by Attorneys General around the nation, along with links to state offices.
  • National Association of Counties — Issues of interest to county governments are discussed on this association’s web site.
  • National Association of Secretaries of State — Links to the Secretaries of State around the nation, plus information about what these important officials do.
  • National Association of Towns and Townships — Users can learn about the issues facing small communities at this web site.
  • National Center for State Courts — This resource center for state courts provides such resources as an annual report on trends in state courts.
  • National Civic League — An organization dedicated to strengthening “citizen democracy” in communities by developing communities’ ability to implement innovative political reforms and programs to meet community challenges.
  • National Conference of State Legislatures — Updates on issues before state legislatures, information about state-federal relations, and links to the sites of state legislatures and state governments. Also provides lesson plans for America's Legislators Back to School Program.
  • National Congress of American Indians — Covers policy issues of concern to tribal governments. Also offers extensive links, including links to tribal government sites.
  • National District Attorneys Association — Background and news on issues of interest to local prosecutors.
  • National Governors' Association — Information on issues of concern to governors.
  • National School Boards Association — This organization provides information on issues of interest to a special unit of local government—school boards.
  • Pew Center on the States — This site features reports on state issues, such as investing in innovation, Medicaid policies, and articulation across educational systems.
  • Reviving Rural America Radio Series — The W.W. Kellogg Foundation sponsored development of this series of nine 30-minute programs on the challenges facing rural communities.
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  • Sister Cities International — Resources for communities interested in the person-to-person diplomacy promoted by sister city relationships.
  • Smart City — A weekly public radio program focused on "the people, places, ideas and trends shaping cities."
  • State Facts for Kids — The Census Bureau provides facts for every state, along with teaching suggestions.
  • — Funded by Pew, this site presents daily news about politics and government in the states.
  • State and Local Government on the Net — Links to state and local government online resources in the United States. By Piper Resources.
  • StateMaster — This site allows users to compare states along various dimensions and to create visuals such as graphs, maps, and charts showing those comparisons.
  • StateScape: Resources — This consulting firm provides links to state legislatures, information on which party is in power in each state, links to newspapers in state capitals, and more.
  • Student Voices Local Government Curriculum — An eight-unit curriculum on local government.
  • SustainLane Government — A database of environmentally sustainable governmental practices.
  • Urban Age Institute — A think tank focused on solving the problems of the world’s cities.
  • Urban Institute: Five Questions for… — A useful archive of interviews with researchers investigating the issues facing urban areas.
  • U.S. Conference of Mayors — Information about issues being dealt with by mayors, plus a searchable data base of information about mayors and election results from cities of 30,000 or more population.