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  • Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library — Links maintained by T. Matthew Ciolek.
  • Antarctica New Zealand — A gateway to information about Antarctica from the New Zealand Antarctic Institute.
  • Antarctica: Scientific Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole — This site documents the experiences of four people sent to explore Antarctica by the Exploratorium.
  • Antarctica: Signs of the Great Thaw — The Chicago Tribune presents an in-depth look at the effects of global warming on Antarctica.
  • Antarctic Heritage and Conservation — London’s Natural History Museum provides this site on the work of conserving the huts left by Ernest Shackleton during his 1908 expedition.
  • Australian Aboriginal Art and Storytelling — A detailed lesson plan from Edsitement.
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation News — News from Australia, including national events plus world news from an Australian perspective.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics — Statistical data on Australia's population, economy, and more.
  • Australia and New Zealand and Pacific Government and Politics on the Internet — The Department of Politics at Britain’s Keele University provides links to national anthems and symbols, constitutions, and governments for the region.
  • Australian Antarctic Division — This site presents a photo exhibit, science news, lesson ideas, and more.
  • Australian Government Culture and Recreation Portal — Search more than 2,400 Web sites with information about the culture of Australia.
  • Australian Government and Politics Database — The University of Western Australia provides this comprehensive site on Australian elections at the state and national levels.
  • Australian History: Selected Websites — Links provided by the National Library of Australia.
  • Australian National Botanical Gardens — Well-illustrated overview of the flora of Australia.
  • Australian War Memorial — This museum provides various resources on wars in which Australia has been involved; included are war diaries and photographs.
  • Australia/Oceania — Extensive set of links to political resources (constitutions, political parties, and more) of the nations of Oceania.
  • Burke and Wills Web — Documentation of an 1860 expedition across Australia.
  • Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts — This Australian government agency provides information on such topics as biodiversity, land management, inland waters, and parks and reserves.
  • Discovering Antarctica — The Royal Geographical Society presents an engaging introduction to Antarctica.
  • Documenting a Democracy: Australia's Story — A collection of Australia's founding documents, set in historical context.
  • Dust Echoes — This site presents 12 aboriginal stories that reflect cultural values and laws.
  • EducaPoles — The International Polar Foundation provides information and educational activities about the importance of the poles.
  • eNZed — Links to information about New Zealand's history, geography, government, and more.
  • Federated States of Micronesia — Information on government, geography, history, and culture of the island federation, along with a photo gallery.
  • Frozen Under — National Geographic focuses on Antarctica, with text resources and a Flash presentation on its wildlife, human habitation, and standing as the last great wilderness.
  • Gateway Antarctica — New Zealand’s University of Canterbury provides an Antarctica newsletter, a research guide, and other resources.
  • Indigenous Australia — The Australian Museum provides background on indigenous peoples of Australia, text and audio versions of 20 stories, and a virtual tour.
  • Maori Television — Maori Television is a television channel launched in May 2004. The development of the station’s programming provides insights into its intended audience as well as contemporary media.
  • Maps of Australia and the Pacific — The University of Texas presents numerous historical and contemporary maps of the region.
  • National Archives of Australia — Access to photographs and print documents from Australia's archives.
  • National Museum of Australia — Exploring the stories of Australia, including history, Aboriginal Australia, and the relationship between people and the environment.
  • New Zealand Edge — Highlighting New Zealand achievements and heroes.
  • New Zealand Government Online — A portal to information from New Zealand’s government.
  • Oceania.Indymedia — This site collects and republishes news from sources in Oceania committed to “social, environmental, and economic justice.”
  • Oceania News Sites — Links to newspapers and other news sites throughout Oceania.
  • Pacific Islands Report — News from the Pacific Islands. Provided by the Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center.
  • Picture Australia — Allows users to search several databases for images (both artwork and photographs) of Australia.
  • Te Papa Tongarewa — The Museum of New Zealand presents exhibits and learning materials on the art, culture, geography, and history of New Zealand.
  • Te Puna Web Directory — The National Library of New Zealand provides links to sites on New Zealand and Oceania; many Maori-related sites are listed.