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  • Africa Access — A searchable data base of children’s literature on Africa, plus related library research projects.
  • Africa Action — A U.S.-based organization that works for political, economic, and social justice in Africa, Africa Action provides policy briefing papers and numerous links on its site.
  • Africa Focus: Sites and Sounds of a Continent — 3,500 images (artisans, buildings and architecture, landscapes, and more) and 50 hours of sound (drums, songs, greetings, and ceremonies) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Africa: From the Sahara to the Serengeti — Multiple resources on Africa, including several lessons for teaching about Africa; from PBS.
  • Africa Maps — Numerous maps of the African continent, plus maps of specific countries and cities. Also on the site are Historical Maps of Africa. From the University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.
  • African Literature on the Internet — Collection of links to sites with information on African literature from the Columbia University Library.
  • African National Congress: Historical Documents — Documents the history of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, with speeches, official documents, and biographies of leaders. By the African National Congress.
  • African Studies Center — Background information, teaching resources, and links related to Africa generally and to individual countries. Maintained by Ali Ali-Dinar at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • African Studies Quarterly — An interdisciplinary electronic journal.
  • African Voices — The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History presents an interactive exhibit on Africa’s history and culture.
  • Africa South of the Sahara — Links to Web sites with information on Africa. Maintained by Karen Fung at Stanford University.
  • Africa SunM — Headlines drawn from more than 100 African news sources.
  • Africa Update — A quarterly newsletter from Central Connecticut State University’s African Studies Program. Recent issues have focused on ethnic conflict in Nigeria, African engineering (terraces and earthworks), and colonization and the legacy of the Amistad.
  • Africa Vision — Images of items in the Walt Disney-Tishman African Art Collection. Includes masks, ideal figures, and images of power and prestige. Learning activities are provided.
  • — Provides access to daily news about the African continent from more than 70 news organizations. Provided by AllAfrica Global Media.
  • Art and Life in Africa Project — Information on and images of African art and history. From the University of Iowa.
  • BBC News: Africa — News on politics, science, business, health, education, and other aspects of events in Africa, from BBC News.
  • Brookfield Zoo: In Search of the Ways of Knowing Trail — An interactive game that teaches students about the Ituri Forest in central Africa.
  • Bureau of African Affairs — The U.S. Department of State presents country information as well as background on such regional topics as the food crisis, HIV/AIDS, refugees, and education.
  • Can I Have a Word: Changing Voices — A poetry unit featuring work by leading South African poets Beverley Naidoo, Olusola Oyeleye, Valerie Bloom, and others.
  • CNN World News: Africa — News stories from Africa, provided daily by CNN.
  • Eldis Country Profiles — This site focuses on development, providing research-based country information in such categories as agriculture, trade, education, and poverty.
  • Exploring Africa: Introduction to Curriculum Resources — A collection of teaching modules from Michigan State University’s African Studies Center.
  • Facing History and Ourselves: Africa — Facing History provides a variety of resources on Africa, with particular focus on genocide.
  • Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora — York University in Toronto provides this site on migration of African peoples.
  • HIV/AIDS in Africa — The World Bank covers the AIDS epidemic and efforts to combat it.
  • Human Rights Watch: Sudan — The nonprofit human rights group reports on the situation in Darfur. Coverage includes a page featuring pictures drawn by children affected by the war.
  • Inscribing Meaning: Writing and Graphic Systems in African Art — This Smithsonian site “explores the relationships between African art and the communicative powers of language, graphic systems, and the written word.”
  • International Council of African Museums — Heritage news and information about the various museums in Africa.
  • The Jane Goodall Institute — Background on Africa’s primates, plus information about the Institute's activities and how students can participate.
  • National Museum of African Art — Online gallery of African art objects. From the Smithsonian.
  • Peace Corps Worldwise Schools: Africa — Numerous lesson plans for teaching about various aspects of Africa.
  • Rainforest — PBS provides this overview of the African rainforest.
  • 16th - Early 20th Century Maps of Africa — Northwestern University presents more than 100 historic maps of the continent.
  • The Story of Africa — An in-depth look at African history from the BBC.
  • Sudan — The New York Times provides archival material and current news about the human rights crisis in Darfur, Sudan.
  • Trekking to Timbuktu — An eight-lesson unit exploring the history of northwestern Africa, with a focus on the spread of Islam and its influence. From Edsitement.
  • Understanding Sudan — The University of California at Berkeley presents teaching resources (including lesson plans) on Sudan.
  • Washington Post Online: Africa — News and features on Africa from The Washington Post and the Associated Press.
  • The Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960 — The Northwestern University Library presents this collection of 101 photographs of East Africa acquired by British collector Humphrey Winterton.
  • World Bank: Africa — Information on development projects underway in Africa.