PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata: Approved Changes for version 3.0 (from previous version 2.2):

The following changes have been approved by the PREMIS Editorial Committee and will be incorporated into version 3.0:

  • Make Intellectual Enity another level of Object. In versions 1 and 2 Intellectual Entities were out of scope and semantic units to describe them were not included in the PREMIS Data Dictionary (except for an identifier to enable linking to a description). The PREMIS Editorial Committee had several requests to expand the Data Dictionary to describe intellectual entities and developed use cases to support that. Semantic units for Intellectual entities will be considered another level of object and included with Representation in the Object entity of the Data Dictionary. Use cases include:
  • 1. A repository may want to represent an Intellectual Entity in order to capture descriptive metadata for it, have business requirements associated with it, show relationships, give high level rights information, or record related events and/or agents.

    2. The repository may want to represent a batch of files with similar properties (e.g. environments) in order to avoid repetition of this information. The files would not consitute a representation.

    3. The repository is sending a copy of an archived AIP containing multiple representations to another repository (for example, using the TIPR Repository Exchange Format) and wants to describe the package as a whole, as distinct from each representation.

    4. The repository may want to describe a complex event such as a web crawl.

    5. The repository may want to distinguish intellectual file properties from actual file properties.

    6. The repository may want to capture versioning information at the Intellectual Entity level for Intellectual Entities such as articles or issues.

  • Define preservationLevelType. A new semantic unit is being added to indicate the type of preservation functions expected to be applied to the object for the given Preservation level. See PREMIS Data Dictionary revision.
  • Add 2 new semantic units to the Agent entity to express the version of software Agents and to specify the origin of the Agent (the firm or developer that owns a piece of software, or the organization an individual belongs to): agentVersion (O, NR) and agentOrigin (O, NR)