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Technical Reports and Standards    

Foreign Technical Reports Collection in TRS


Photo: old prop plane on the ground.

South African Airways plane, 1936

Each letter [A], [B], [C], etc., represents a distinct organization.
Each number [1], [2], [3], etc., represents a distinct title.


[A] Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.
[1] National Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
            [a] Reports
[2] National Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
            [a] Special Reports
[3] University and Medical Research Division
            [a] Special Reports
[4] National Building Research Institute
           [a] Second South African Building Research Congress
                      (i)  Handelinge Proceedings
           [b] Research Reports
           [c] Progress Report
           [d] Congress Report
           [e] Confidential Report
[5] National Institute of Telecommunications Research
            [a] Bulletins
[6] National Institute for Transport and Road Research
            [a] Technical Reports
[7] National Research Institute for Oceanology
           [a] Physical Oceanography Division
                      (i) Technical Reports
           [b] Marine Chemistry Division
                      (i) Reports
           [c] Research Reports
           [d] Marine Chemistry and Biology Division
                      (i) Research Reports
           [e] Coastal Engineering and Hydraulics Division
                      (i) Research Reports
[8] National Institute for Coal Research
            [a] Special Reports
            [b] Bulletins
[9] National Physical Research Laboratory
            [a] Special Reports

[B] Department of Agricultural Development *Renamed Department of Agriculture (1995)
[1] Entomology Memoirs
[2] Technical Communications
[3] Entomology Memoirs *Published by Department of Agricultural Technical Services
[4] Technical Communications *Published by Department of Agricultural Technical Services

[C] Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs *Formerly Department of Mines
[1] Geological Surveys
            [a] Seismologic Series
            [b] South African Committee for Stratigraphy
            [c] Memoirs
            [d] Bulletins            

[D] Water Research Commission
[1] Reports to the Commission

[E] Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa Limited *Renamed Atomic Energy Board (1948) *Renamed South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (1999)
[1] Rreports

[F] Department of Transport
[1] Weather Bureau
            [a] Technical Papers

[G] Human Sciences Research Council
[1] Institute for Psychological and Edumetric Research
            [a] Reports
[2] National Institute for Personnel Research
            [a] Special Reports
[3] South African Institute for Statistical Research
            [a] Research Findings
[4] Institute for Sociological and Demographic Research
            [a] Research Findings

[H] Council for Mineral Technology (Mintek) *Previously National Institute for Metallurgy
[1] Reports



[A] South African Association for Marine Biological Research
[1] Oceanographic Research Institute
            [a] Investigational Report



[A] University of South Africa
[1] Research report
[2] Bureau of Market Research
            [a] Research Report

[B] University of the Witwatersrand
[1] Economic Geology Research Unit
            [a] Information Circulars
[2] Department of Mechanical Engineering
            [a] Reports
[3] Department of Civil Engineering
            [a] Hydrological Research Unit
                       (i) Water Research Commission
                                   (1) Reports
                       (ii) Natal Provincial Administration

Compiled by Ruth Lincoln and Sarah Hallett (Jr. Fellows, Summer 2009)

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   October 15, 2010
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