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Technical Reports and Standards    

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Photo: family in traditional clothing, in front of two tepee-like tents.

A Lapp family, Norway, ca. 1890

Each letter [A], [B], [C], etc., represents a distinct organization.
Each number [1], [2], [3], etc., represents a distinct title.


[A] Nordforsk
[1] Secretariat of Environmental Sciences
            [a] Publications

[B] Nordic Council of Ministries
[1] Nordic Fisheries Co-operation
[2] Nordisk Trafiksikkerheds Rad
            [a] Reports
[3] Nordiska ambetsmannakommitten
            [a] Reports
[4] Tietopalvelun Atk-Mallin Kehittaminen
[5] Riso National Laboratory
[6] Nordic liaison committee for atomic energy
            [a] Reports

[C] Nordisk statistisk sekretariat
[1] Sejrogade
            [a] Technical Reports
            [b] Reports

[D]Kontoret for landbruksforskning (Office of Agriculture)
[1] Reports

[E] Norsk Institutt for Skogforskning (Norwegian Forest Research Institute)
[1] Research Papers
[2] Reports
[3] Communications
[4] Intensive forest monitoring
[5] News

[F] Norges Geologiske Undersøkelse (Norwegian Geological Survey)
[1] Annual Reports

[G] National Office for Research Documentation, Academic and Special Libraries *Now part of The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (AMB-utvikling)
[1] Report

[H] Direktoratet for  Naturforvaltning (Director for Nature Management)
[1] Wildlife Report
[2] Report

[I]Norsk Polar institutt (Norwegian Polar Institute)
[1] Notice
[2] Report Series

[J] Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
[1] Geological/Geophysical Investigations
            [a] Scientific Report

[K] European Office of Aerospace Research
[1] Air Force Office of Scientific Research
            [a] Scientific Report

[L] NAVF – Norges almenvitenskapelige forskningsrad (Norwegian General Scientific Research) *Now part of The Norwegian Research Council
[1] Notes

[M] Statens instiutt for forbruksforskning – SIFO (National Institute for Consumer Research)
[1] Literature Survey
[2] Survey Report
[3] Subproject
[4] Messages
[5] Literature Study
[6] Work Report

[N] Det Norsk Meteorologiske Institutt (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
[1] Technical Reports

[O] Forskning fra Skog og landskap (Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute)

[P] Statens naeringsmiddeltilsyn – SNT (Norwegian Food Safety Authority)
[1] Report

[Q] Forsvarets Hogskole (National Defence College Norway)
[1] Research Centre for Defence History
            [a] Note

[R] Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)
[1] Report
[2] Publication

[S] Norges Vassdrags- OG Elektrisitetsvesen -- NVE (Norwegian Water Resource and Energy Directorate)
[1] Vassdragdirektoratet Hydrologisk Avdeling (Water Board Hydrological Department)
            [a] Mission Report

[T] NILF – Norsk institutt for landbruksokonomisk forskning (Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute)
[1] Research Report

[U] Director of Fisheries
[1] Report



[A] Norsk Treteknisk Institutt (Norwegian Institute of Wood Working and Wood Technology)
[1] Notices

[B] Fridtjof Nansens Institutt (The Fridtjof Nansen Institute)
[1] Assessments

[C] Norsk institutt for naturforskning -- NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)
[1] Stiftelsen for Naturforskning og Kulturminneforskning (Foundation for Nature Research and cultural research)
            [a] Technical Reports
            [b] Program Reports
[2] Statlig program for forurensning sovervaking (State Program for Pollution Monitoring)
            [a] Technical Reports
[3] Annual Reports
[4] Research Reports

[D] Stiftelsen for samfunns- og naeringslivsforskning – SNF (Institute for Research Economics and Business administration)
[1] Reports
[2] Working papers

[E] CHR. Michelsen Institute
[1] Development Studies and Human Rights
            [a] Working Paper
[2] DERAP Publications
            [a] Report

[F] Institutt for energitekniff -- IFE (Institute for Energy Technology) *Formerly Institutt for Atomenergi (1980)
[1] Reports
[2] Kjeller Report

[G] Norsk institutt for by-og regionforskning – NIBR (Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research)
[1] Report
[2] Work Report
[3] Cooperation Report
[4] Project Report
[5] Program for Storybrettet Forskning (Program for city-oriented research)
            [a] Report
[6] NORUT Samfunnsforskning as (Northern Research Institute)
            [a] Cooperation Report

[H] Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center)
[1] Report

[I] Paririndustriens Forskningsinstitutt (The Norwegian Pulp and Paper Research Institute)
[1] Notices

[J] NIFU – Norsk instiutt for studier av forskning og utdanning (Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education
[1] Report

[K] Sentralinstitutt for Industriell Forskning (Central Institute for Industrial Research) *Merged with SINTEFF (1992)
[1] Technical Notes
[2] Norges byggforskningsinstitutt
            [a] Anvisning (Instruction)
            [b] Handbook
            [c] Introduction
            [d] Labor Report
            [e] Report
            [f] Project Report

[L] NINA with Norsk institutt for vannforskning – NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research)

[M] Acta Polytechnica Scandinavica
[1] Mechanical Engineering Series

[N] Forsokradet for skolverket

[O] Joint Establishment for Nuclear Energy Research
[1] Report
[2] Publication



[A] Universitetet Tromso
[1] Institutt for Museumsvirksomhet (Institute of Museum Practice)
            [a] Museum Reports
[2] Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters – The Museum
            [a] Preliminary Report

[B] Norwegian Institute of Technology *Became Norwegian University of Science and Technology (1996)
[1] Electronics Research Laboratory – Affiliated with SINTEF
            [a] Reports

[C] Universitet i Oslo (University of Oslo)
[1] Institutt for privatrett (Institute for Private Law)
            [a] Working paper
[2] The Blinden Theoretic Research Team
            [a] Theoretic Papers

[D] The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
[1] Institute of Fisheries Economics
            [a] Papers
            [b] Series
            [c] Monographs

[E] University of Bergen
[1] Department of Applied Mathematics
            [a] Report
[2] Geophysical Institute
            [a] Div. A. Physical Oceanography
                      [i] Report

[F] ACTA Universitatis Bergensis
[1] Årbok for Universitetet I Bergen
            [a] Mathematical Series

[G] Norges Landbrukshogskole (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
[1] Institutt for driftslaere og landbruksokonomi (Institute of operational doctrine and the rural economy)
            [a] Memorandum

Compiled by Ruth Lincoln (Jr. Fellow, Summer 2009)

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