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Technical Reports and Standards    

Foreign Technical Reports Collection in TRS


Each letter [A], [B], [C], etc., represents a distinct organization.
Each number [1], [2], [3], etc., represents a distinct title.


[A] National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
[1] Technical Reports
[2] Biodiversity Memoirs

[B] Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
[1] Chemistry Division
            [a] Reports
[2] Soil Bureau
            [a] Bulletins
            [b] Scientific Reports
            [c] Taxonomic Unit Descriptions
            [d] Soil Survey Reports
[3] New Zealand Oceanographic Institute
            [a] Miscellaneous Publications
            [b] Memoirs
[4] Geophysics Division
            [a] Reports
[5] Industrial Processing Division
            [a] Reports
[6] Information Series
[7] Bulletins

[C] Transport Accident Investigation Commission
[1] Aviation Occurrence Reports
[2] Railway Occurrence Reports
[3] Marine Occurrence Reports

[D] National Roads Board
[1] Road Research Unit
            [a] Bulletins

[E] Ministry of Transport
 [1] New Zealand Meteorological Service
            [a] Miscellaneous Publications

[F] The Royal Society of New Zealand
[1] Bulletins

[G] Transit New Zealand
[1] Research Reports

[D] Transfund New Zealand
[1] Research Reports

[H] Department of Natural Resources and Environment
[1] Forest Service Technical Reports

[I] Ministry of Commerce
[1] Appendices

[J] Ministry of Health
[1] National Radiation Laboratory
            [a] Reports

[K] Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
[1] Technical Papers

[L] National Water and Soil Conservation Organisation
[1] Miscellaneous Publication

[M] Marine Department
[1] Fisheries Bulletins

[N] Land Transport New Zealand
[1] Research Report

[O] Ministry for the Environment
[1] Environmental Indicators
            [a] Technical Papers

[P] Department of Conservation
[1] Conservation Advisory Science Notes



[A] Industrial Research Limited
[1] Reports

[B] New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited
[1] Bulletin

[C] Banks Peninsula Marine Mammal Sanctuary
[1] Technical Reports

[D] Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited
[1] Science Reports

[E] Building Research Association of New Zealand
[1] Reports

[F] Landcare Research New Zealand
[1] Title: The Motueka and Riwaka Catchments
            Compiled by: L. R. Basher



[A] Massey University
[1] School of Mathematical and Information Sciences (School of Information and Mathematical Sciences)
            [a] Department of Mathematics
                       (i) Information and Mathematical Sciences Reports
            [b] Department of Statistics
                       (i) Information and Mathematical Sciences Reports

[B] University of Waikato
[1] Mathematics and Statistics
            [a] Research Reports

[C] University of Canterbury
[1] Department of Electrical Engineering
            [a] Electrical Engineering Reports


Compiled by Sarah Hallett (Jr. Fellow, Summer 2009)


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   August 23, 2010
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