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Technical Reports and Standards    

Foreign Technical Reports Collection in TRS


Each letter [A], [B], [C], etc., represents a distinct organization.
Each number [1], [2], [3], etc., represents a distinct title.


[A] Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
[1] Waste
[2] Environmental Enforcement
[3] Integrated Environmental Zoning
[4] Publication Series of Waste
[5] Publication Series of Air
[6] Publication Series of Air & Energy
[7] Publication Series of the Environment
[8] Study Reports, State Planning Service
[9] Radiation Protection
[10] Noise Research Program
            [a] Environmental Noise, Sleep and Health
[11] Signals of Research and Study
[12] National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection
           [a] Technical Descriptions
           [b] Reports
           [c] Soil Protection
           [d] Publication Series of the Environment
[13] Study Committee on Water Management and Nature, Forest and Landscape
            [a] Progress Reports

[B] Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
[1] RIZA/ RIKZ Report
[2] Directorate-General department of waterways and public works
            [a] Build the Rhine
            [b] Floron Report
[3] National forms of the IJsselmeerpolders
[4] International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine
            [a] Reports
[5] The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
            [a] Scientific Reports
            [b] Technical Reports
            [c] Publications
[6] Water Integration Projects
[7] Department of Waterways and Public Works
            [a]  Center for Opinion and Knowledge Sediments (AKWA)
[8] Water Image
[9] Climate Scenarios

[C] Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
[1] Netherlands Geodetic Commission
            [a] Publications
[2] Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI)
            [a] Working Papers

[D] Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
[1] National Council for Agricultural Research (NRLO)
            [a] Main NRLO Work
            [b] Research Management Studies
            [c] IKC Rapport
[2] Staatsbosbeheer
            [a] Reports
            [b] Forests and Recreation
                       (i) Part B
[3] 15 Years of Cooperation on Environmental Protection Between Russian and the Netherlands

[E] Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
[1] Reports

[F] Scientific Council for Government Policy
[1] Studies and Background
            [a] Technology

[G] Advisory council for research on spatial planning, nature and the environment
[1] Twelve Essays on Integrated Land Use
[2] Publication

[H] National Institute for Nature Management
[1] Literature Review

[I] Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (DLO)
[1] RIN Report



[A] National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (Nikhef)
[1] Department of Electronics Technology
[2] Section-k

[B] Netherlands Center for River Study (NCR)
[1] NCR Publications

[C] Dutch Organization for Technology Assessment (NOTA), now known as The Rathenau Institute
[1] Environmental Behavior of Firms in the Chemical Industry

[D] Council for Public Health and Health Care
[1] Advice Program

[E] National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)
[1] Software Engineering (SEN)
            [a] Reports
[2] Probability, Networks and Algorithms (PNA)
            [a] Reports
[3] Department of computer Sciences
            [a] Reports
[4] Modelling, Analysis and Simulation (MIS)
            [a] Reports

[F] Hydraulics Laboratory, Delft (now part of Deltares)
[1] Publications
[2] Communications

[G] Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) Central Planning Agency
[1] CPB Documents
[2] CPB Discussion Papers
[3] Working Papers
[4] Selective Investment

[H] Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)
[1] Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
            [a] NIOZ Report

[I] Institute of Soil Fertility
[1] Reports



[A] Eindhoven University of Technology the Netherlands
[1] Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science
            [a] Reports
[2] Department of Mathematics
            [a] Reports
[3] Faculty of Mathematics and Computing Science
            [a] Research Reports
            [b] Reports
[4] Department of Electrical Engineering
            [a] Reports
[5] Group Research
            [a] Reports
[6] Subsection of Philosophy and Social Sciences
            [a] Group Research
                       (i) Reports

[B] University of Twente
[1] Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
            [a] Mathematical Communications

[C] Leiden University
[1] Institute of Environmental Sciences
            [a] CML Reports
[2] Thesis
[3] Center for Environmentology
            [a] Notices
            [b] Division Environment and Policy
                      (i) Reports
[4] Faculty of Social Sciences
            [a] Reports
[5] Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
            [a] Division of Applied Mathematics
                      (i) Reports

[D] Wageningen University (previously Wageningen Agricultural University)
[1] Papers
[2] Literature Studies
[3] Centre for Agro-biological Research (CABO)
            [a] Reports
            [b] Agricultural Research department
[4] Institute of Mechanization, Labor and Buildings (IMAG)
            [a] Publication

[E] Utrecht University
[1] Geographical Institute
            [a] Utrecht Geographical Studies
            [b] Transitoriums

[F] University of Groningen
[1] Faculty of Economics
            [a] Institute of Economic Research
                       (i) Research Memorandum
[2] Institute for Education Research
            [a] Final Reports
            [b] Interim Reports
[3] Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
            [a] Groningen Research Institute of Education
                       (i) National Evaluation Educational Priority Policy at Elementary Schools
                       (ii) SVO- Project
[4] Research School: Systems, Organization and Management
            [a] Research Reports
[5] Kapteyn Astronomical Institute and Space Research Laboratory
            [a] Preprint
[6] Mathematical Institute
            [a] Reports
[7] Center forEnergyand Environmental Studies (IVEM)
            [a] IVEM- Study
[8] Recreation Work Group
            [a] Communications

[G] Delft University of Technology
[1] Department of Mechanical Engineering
           [a] Laboratory for Technical Mechanics
                     (i) Technical Reports

[H] University of Amsterdam
[1] Thesis

[I] Erasmus University Rotterdam
[1] Center for Research in Business Economics
            [a] Reports
[2] Rotterdams Institute for Business and Economic Studies
            [a] Reports
            [b] Centre for Market Driven Innovations
                       (i) Reports
[3] Institute for Economic Research
            [a] Discussion Paper Series

[J] Tilburg University
[1] Institute for Labour Studies (OSA)
            [a] Trend Reports
            [b] Work Documents


Compiled by Sarah Hallett (Jr. Fellow, Summer 2009)


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