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Technical Reports and Standards    

Foreign Technical Reports Collection in TRS


Each letter [A], [B], [C], etc., represents a distinct organization.
Each number [1], [2], [3], etc., represents a distinct title.


[A] Finnish Meteorological Institute
[1] Report
[2] Studies of Earth Magnetism
           [a] Report
[3] Technical Report
[4] Research Report
[5] Geophysical Publications
[6] Contributions

[B] Finnish Road Administration
[1] Finnra Reports
[2] Internal Publications

[C] Vägverket (Swedish Road Administration)
[1] Internal Publications

[D] Geological Survey of Finland
[1] Bulletin
[2] Report of Investigation
[3] Special Paper
[4] Nuclear Disposal Research
           [a] Report
[5] Explanation to the maps of surficial deposits

[E] Liikenneministeriö (Ministry of Transport and Communications)
[1] Publications

[F] Ympäristö Ministeriö (Ministry of the Environment)
[1] Reports
[2] Regulations and Guidelines
[3] Technology Programme
[4] Regional Environmental Publications
[5] Alueidenkäytön osasto (Land Use Database)
           [a] Research Report
[6] Guide
[7] Valtion Painatuskeskus (State Printing Center)            
[a] Series
[8] Rakentaminen
[9] Asuminen
[10] Ympäristön-Suojelu

[G] MAA- ja Metsätalousministeriö (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
[1] Luonnonvarainneuvosto
           [a] Publications
[2] Luonnonvarainhoitotoimiston Julkaisuja (Organic Financial Office Publications)
[3] Evelintarvikevirasto Livsmedelsverket (Finnish Food Safety Authority)
           [a] Studies

[H] FTP – Forestry Training Programme
[1] Readings

[I] Metsähallitus
[1] Nature Protection Publications of the Finnish Forest and Park Service
           [a] Series A and B
[2] Report

[J] STUK – SÄTEILYTURVAKESKUS (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority) *Formerly Institute of Radiation Protection
[1] Report Series
[2] Annual Report

[K] Finnish Institute of Marine Research
[1] Reports

[L] Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
[1] National Board of Health in Finland
[2] Health Services Research

[M] VATT – Valtion Taloudellinen Tutkimuskeskus (Government Institute for Economic Research)
[1] Papers

[N] Ministry of Trade and Industry *Became Ministry of Employment and the Economy (2008)
[1] Energy Department
           [a] Final Report
           [b] Reports
           [c] Studies and Reports
           [d] Publications
           [e] Reviews
[2] Industries Department
           [a] Working Papers

[O] Vesihallitus -- National Board of Waters
[1] Report
[2] Publications
[3] Water Research Bureau



[A] VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
[1] Review
[2] Symposium
[3] Research Notes
[4] Publications
[5] Finnish Fusion Research Unit
           [a] Annual Report
[6] Research Reports

[B] Posiva Oy
[1] Report
[2] Annual Review

[C] Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
[1] Publications Research
[2] Series A

[D] HIRLAM – High Resolution Limited Area Modeling
[1] Technical Report

[E] Entomological Society of Finland, the Lepidopterological Society of Finland, the Societas Entomologica Helsingforsiensis and the Entomological Club of the Zoological and Botanical Society of Turku
[1] Acta Entomologica Fennica

[F] Valtion Painatuskeskus
[1] Kouluhallitus – Skolstyrelsen (Education)

[G] Maanmittauslaitoksen (National Land Survey of Finland)
[1] Kinteistötietokeskus
           [a] Publication

[H] Maanmittaustieteiden Seuran (Measuring the Earth Sciences Society)
[1] Release

[I] Geodeettinen Laitos (The Finnish Geodetic Institute)
[1] Release
[2] Report
[3] Publications

[J] The Finnish Forest Research Institute -- Metsäntutkimuslaitoksen - (Melta)
[1] Research Papers
[2] Scandinavian Forest Economics
           [a] Communications

[K] Työtehoseura -- TTS (Work Efficiency Institute)
[1] Publications

[L] Voimayhtiöiden Ydinjätetoimikunta (Nuclear Waste Commission of Finnish Power Companies)
[1] Report

[M] Mittatekniikan Keskus (Centre for Meteorology and Accreditation)

[N] Työryhmämuistio
[1] Report

[O] Työvoimaministeriö
[1] Report

[P] Geographical Society of Finland
[1] Fennia (International Journal of Geography)

[Q] National Board of Waters and the Environment
[1] Water and Environment Research Institute
           [a] Publications

[R] Societas Scientiarum Fennica (The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters)
[1] Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium
[2] Commentationes Physico-Mathematicae et Chemico-Medicae
[3] Commentationes Biologicae

[S] Oy Keskuslaboratorio – Centrallaboratorium – Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute
[1] Report

[T] Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae
[1] Mathematica
           [a] Dissertationes

[U] TEKES – Teollisuussihteeriraportti (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation)
[1] Valtion Painatuskeskus (State Printing Center)

[V] Finnish Statistical Society
[1] Statistical Research Reports

[W] Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board
[1] Acta Zoologica Fennica
[2] Acta Botanica Fennica

[X] Universitaas Economica Wasaensia

[Y] Tulevaisuuden Tutkimuksen Seura (Finnish Society for Future Studies)
[1] Series 1-6

[Z] ETRR – European Transport Research Review
           [a] Reports




[A] Helsinki University of Technology
[1] Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics
           [a] Annual Report
           [b] Materials Physics Laboratory
[2] Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
[3] Laboratory of Electromechanics
           [a] Proceedings
[4] Center for Technology Management
           [a] Working paper series
[5] Laboratory for Graphic Technology *Also Laboratory of Graphic Arts Technology
           [a] Signed Project
           [b] Communications
[6] Laboratory of Physics
[7] Urban Design Training Center
           [a] Publications Series
[8] Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering
           [a] Radio Laboratory
[9] Department of Computer Science
           [a] Digital Systems Laboratory
                      [i] Research Reports
           [b] History and Philosophy of Science – Systems Sciences
[10] Laboratory of Work Psychology and Leadership
[11] Faculty of Process Engineering and Material Science
           [a] Department of Chemical Engineering
                      [i] Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Polymer Technology
           [1] Biannual Report
           [2] Publications
                      [ii] Laboratory of Biochemistry and Microbiology
           [1] Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology Reports
           [2] Technical Biochemistry Reports
                      [iii] Reports
           [a] Department of Mechanical Engineering *Also as Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
                      [i] Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials
                                 [1] Research Reports
                                 [2] Publications
                      [ii] Laboratory of Automotive Technology
                      [iii] Laboratory of Automotive Engineering
                      [iv] Laboratory of Production Engineering
           [1] Reports
                      [v] Laboratory for Strength of Materials
           [2] Research Reports
                      [vi] Ship Laboratory
                      [vii] Nemo Advanced Energy System
           [1] Nemo reports
                      [viii] Laboratory of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
                      [ix] Laboratory of Ship Design and Ship Structures
                      [x] Laboratory of Machine Design
           [1] Publications
                      [xi] Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory
                      [xii] Laboratory of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
           [1] Annual Report
           [2] Reports
                      [xiii] Laboratory of Foundry Engineering
           [1] Reports
           [2] Publications
           [3] Casting
                      [xiv] Laboratory of Engineering Materials
           [1] Publications
                      [xv] Laboratory of Thermal Energy
[12] Student Union
           [a] Action Report
[13] Laboratory of Metallurgy
           [a] Annual Report
[14] Laboratory of Work Psychology and Leadership
[15] Basic Programming
[16] Laboratory of Processing and Heat Treatment of Materials
           [a] Biannual report
[17] Lifelong Learning Institute
           [a] Lifelong Learning Series
[18] Institute of Intelligent Power Electronics
           [a] Workshop Proceedings
[19] Department of Materials Science and Rock Engineering
           [a] Laboratory of Engineering Geology and Geophysics
                      [i] Annual report
                      [ii] Communications
                      [iii] Annual Report
                      [iv] Research Report
           [b] Laboratory of Rock Engineering
                      [i] Research Reports
                      [ii] Technical Reports
           [c] Laboratory of Metallurgy
                      [i] Activity Report
           [d] Laboratory of Materials Processing and Powder Metallurgy
                      [i] Annual Report
                      [ii] Reports
           [e] Laboratory of Corrosion and Materials Chemistry
                      [i] Activity Report
           [f] Processing and Heat Treatment of Materials
                      [i] Reports
[20] High Voltage Institute
           [a] Report
[21] Department of Forest Products Technology
           [a] Laboratory of Forest Products Chemistry
                      [i] Reports
           [b] Laboratory of Paper Technology
                      [i] Reports
           [c] Laboratory of Pulping Technology
                      [i] Annual Report
           [d] Environmental Protection Technology
                      [i] Publications
[22] Publications
[23] Reports
[24] Institute of development Studies
           [a] Working Papers
[25] Atk-keskus (IT Center)
[26] Institute of Digital Communications (IDC)
           [a] Annual Reports
[27] TAI Research Center
[28] Henkilöstö- ja lakiasiat (Personnel and Legal Affairs)
[29] Tuottavuudella Tulevaisuuteen (Productivity of the Future)
[30] Institute of Seismology
           [a] Reports
[31] Faculty of Information Technology
           [a] Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
                      [i] Reports
           [b] Department of Computer Science
[32] Laboratory of Information Processing
           [a] Reports
[33] Department of Chemical Technology
           [a] Laboratory of Chemical Engineering and Plant Design
                      [i] Plant Design Reports
           [b] Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering
                      [i] Technical Biochemistry Report
[34] Department of General Sciences
           [a] Institute of Mechanics
           [b] Systems Analysis Laboratory
           [c] Systems Theory Laboratory
[35] Materials Science and Metallurgy
           [a] Publications
[36] Materials Science and Engineering
           [a] Metal Working and Heat Treatment
                      [i] Reports
[37] Department of Materials Science and Mining
           [a] Laboratory of Economic Geology
                      [i] Communications
                      [ii] Research Reports
[38] Centre for Continuing Education with SEFI – Working Group on Continuing Engineering Education
           [a] Series of Occasional Papers
[39] Mechanical Process Technology and Recycling
           [a] Reports
[40] Laboratory of Process Control and Automation
           [a] Reports
[41] Department of Energy Engineering
           [a] Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics
           [b] Laboratory of Thermal Engineering
[42] Laboratory of Aerodynamics
           [a] Reports
[43] Institute of Mathematics
           [a] Reports
           [b] Research Reports
[44] Library System
           [a] Reports
           [b] Occasional Paper
[45] Department of Surveying
           [a] Institute of Law
           [b] Institute of Real Estate
           [c] Cartography and Geoinformatics
           [d] Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
[46] Laboratory of Space Technology
[47] Metsähovi Radio Research Station *Also Metsähovi Radio Observatory
           [a] Internal Report
           [b] Reports
           [c] Metsähovi Publications on Radio Science
           [d] Annual Report
[48] Radio Laboratory
[49] Fotogrammetrian ja kaukokartoituksen laboratorio (Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Laboratory)
[50] Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
           [a] Institute of Strategy and International Business
                      [i] Working Papers
[51] Industrial Management and Work Organizational Psychology
           [a] Reports
[52] Department of Industrial Management
           [a] Institute of Strategy and International Business
[53] Institute of Industrial Automation
           [a] Publications
[54] Laboratory of Industrial Economics and Industrial Psychology
           [a] Reports
[56] Arctic Offshore Research Centre
           [a] Memorandums
[57] Department of Automation and Systems Technology
           [a] Laboratory of Automation Technology
                      [i] Research Reports
[56] Department of Architecture *Also as Faculty of Architecture
           [a] Master Program in Architecture and Urban Design
                      [i] Publications
           [b] Masters Course for Architects from Developing Countries
                      [i] Publications
           [c] Research Institute for Health Care Facilities
                      [i] Study Reports
           [d] Research Institute for Built Environment
                      [i] Publications
           [e] Urban Design and Planning
                      [i] Publications
[57] Research Reports
[58] Faculty of Electrical Engineering
           [a] Electron Physics Laboratory
                      [i] Reports
           [b] Applied Computer Science Laboratory
                      [i] Research Report
           [c] Applied Electronics
           [d] Acoustics Laboratory
[59] Department of Technical Physics
           [a] Reports
           [b] Materials Physics Laboratory
[60] Faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveying *Also as Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
           [a] Hydraulic Laboratory
                      [i] Engineering Laboratory Publications
           [b] Building Materials Technology
                      [i] Reports
           [c] Institute of Construction Economy and Management
[61] Research Training Team
[62] Institute for Regional Economics and Business Strategy
[63] Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun Täydennyskoulutuskeskus (Center for Urban and Regional Studies)
[64] Laboratory of Structural Engineering and Building Physics
           [a] Reports
[65] Department of Structural Engineering
           [a] Laboratory of Bridge Engineering
                      [i] Research project
[66] Tietekniika
[67] Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying
           [a] Concrete Technology
[68] Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

[B] University of Oulu (Except for those Indicated (*), all publications associated with Acta Universitatis Ouluensis)
[1] Faculty of the Humanities
           [a] Department of History
[2] Faculty of Science
           [a] Department of Physical Sciences*
                      [i] Theoretical Physics*
           [1] Reports*
                      [ii] Reports*
           [b] Department of Chemistry*
                      [i] Reports*
                      [ii] Special Reports*
           [c] Department of Information Processing Science*
                      [i] Research Papers -- Series A*
           [d] Department of Biology
           [e] Department of Biochemistry
           [f] Department of Geophysics *
                      [i] Reports
           [g] Department of Mathematical Sciences*
           [h] Department of Physics*
                      [i] Reports
[3] Faculty of Education
           [a] Department of Teacher Education
           [b] Reports*
[4] Faculty of Medicine
           [a] Institute of Diagnostics
                      [i] Pathology
           [b] Institute of Physical Medicine
                      [i] Pediatrics
           [c] Institute of Clinical Medicine
                      [i] Oto-rhino-laryngology
                      [ii] Surgery
[5] Faculty of Technology
           [a] Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
           [b] Department of Electrical and Information Engineering
                      [i] Telecommunication Laboratory
           [c] Department of Mechanical Engineering*
                      [i] Reports
           [d] Department of Process and Environmental Engineering*
                      [i] Laboratory of Process Metallurgy*
                      [ii] Säätötekniikan Laboratorio (Control Engineering Laboratory)*
                                 [1] Reports*
           [e] Department of Electrical Engineering and Infotech
           [f] Department of Electrical Engineering*
                      [i] Reports*
           [g] Department of Industrial Engineering
[6] Department of Civil Engineering
[7] Oulu University Library*
           [a] Publications*
[8] Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
           [a] Department of Economics
                      [i] Research Reports*
                      [ii] Discussion papers in economics and business studies*
           [b] Department of Economics Management and Entrepreneurship
           [c] Department of Accounting and Finance
           [d] Department of Marketing
[9] Faculty of Economics and Industrial Management*
[10] Research Institute of Northern Finland*
           [a] Working Papers*
           [b] Research Reports*

[C] Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters
[1] Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

[D] University of Tampere
[1] School of Business Administration
           [a] Working Papers
           [b] Dissertations and Reports
           [c] Studies
[2] Yhteiskuntatieteiden Tutkimuslaitos (Social Research)
[3] Department of Sociology and Social Psychology
           [a] Working Papers
           [b] Research Papers
[4] Research Institute for Social Sciences
           [a] Working Papers
[5] Department of Social Policy
           [a] Research Reports
[6] School of Economics
           [a] Series A1 -- Discussion
           [b] Series A2 -- Research Reports
           [c] Series A3 -- Working Papers
[7] Department of Mathematical Sciences
           [a] Reports
           [b] Statistics Unit
                      [i] Annual Report
[8] Department of Computer Science
           [a] Reports
           [b] Publications
[9] Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Philosophy
           [a] Reports
[10] Department of Local Government Studies
           [a] Report Series
[11] Kirjastotieteen ja Informatiikan (Library Science and Information)
           [a] Laitoksen Tutkimuksia
[12] Department of Information Studies
           [a] Research Notes
[13] Institute for Extension Studies -- TYT
           [a] Publication Series
           [b] Avoimen Yliopiston Opiskelijoiden (The Open University)
                      [i] Publication Series
[14] Tiedotusopin Laitos (Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)
           [a] Journalismin Tutkimuksen ja Kehitystyön Yksikkö (Journalism Research and Development Unit)
[15] Yrityken taloustieteen ja yksityisoikeuden laitoksen (Economics and Private Law Institute)
           [a] Publications
[16] Publications of the Faculty of Medicine
           [a] Series A and B

[E] Chalmers University of Technology along with Göteborg University
           [a] Department of Experimental Physics

[F] University of Turku
[1] Turku School of Economics and Business Administration
           [a] Publications
                      [i] Series Discussion and Working Papers
           [b] Business Research and Development Centre
                      [i] Small business Institute – Discussion
                      [ii] Publications
                      [iii] Pan-European Institute
                      [iv] Media Group
                      [v] Institute for East-West Trade
[2] Publications Archive
           [a] Annales Universitatis Turkuensis

[G] University of Helsinki
[1] Institute of Development Studies
           [a] Working Papers
[2] Department of Statistics
           [a] Research Reports
           [b] Contributions
[3] Department of Neurology
[4] Department of Meteorology
           [a] Reports
[5] University Libraries
           [a] Publications
[6] Finnish Aid in Development (FAD)
           [a] Working Papers
[7] Department of Environmental Conservation
           [a] Publications
[8] Department of Economics and Management
           [a] Publications
[9] Department of Teacher Education
           [a] Research Reports
[10] Department of Computer Science

[H] Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration
[1] Working Papers
[2] Research Reports

[I] University of Lapland
[1] Arctic Centre Reports
[2] Department of Economics
           [a] Discussion papers in economics and business studies

[J] University of Joensuu
[1] Department of Business and Economics
           [a] Discussion Papers
[2] Publications in Science
[3] Department of Mathematics
           [a] Reports
[4] Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
           [a] Reports
[5] Karelian Institute
           [a] Publications
[6] Human Geography and Planning
           [a] Occasional Papers
[7] Faculty of Forestry
           [a] Research Notes
[8] Faculty of Education
           [a] Publications
           [b] Research Reports
[9] Business and Economics
           [a] Discussion Papers
[10] Faculty of Social Sciences
           [a] Research Reports in Economics and Statistics
           [b] Publications in Social Sciences

[K] Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
[1] Accounting and Finance Institute
[2] Acta Academiae of Oeconomicae Helsingiensis
           [a] Series A
[3] Centre for International Business Research (CIBR)

[L] Åbo Akademi University
[1] Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacy
           [a] Acta Academiae Aboensis
                      [i] Series B

[M] Lappeenranta University of Technology
[1] Acta Universitatis
[2] Research Papers
[3] Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
           [a] Research Reports

[N] University of Kuopio
[1] Natural Sciences
           [a] Statistics and Reviews
[2] Department of Biosciences

[O] University of Jyväskylä
[1] Studies in Sport, Physical Education and Health
[2] Department of Physics
           [a] Research Reports
[3] LIKES – Research Center for Physical Culture and Health
           [a] Reports
[4] Studies in Education, Psychology and Social Research
[5] Institute for Environmental Research
           [a] Reports
[6] Department of Economics and Management
           [a] Studies in Computer Science, Economics and Statistics
[7] Department of Chemistry
           [a] Research Reports

[P] Tampere University of Technology
[1] Institute of Materials Science
           [a] Reports

Compiled by Ruth Lincoln (Jr. Fellow, Summer 2009)

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