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Parking and Parking Structures:
A Selected Bibliography

Cars going in and out of a parking garage.
Photo: Entrance to automobile parking floor of the Center Market of Newark, New Jersey, 1929. Prints & Photographs Division., Library of Congress.

General Titles

Baker, Geoffrey Harold, and Bruno Funaro. Parking. New York, Reinhold, 1958. 202 p.

Chrest, Anthony P., and others. Parking structures: planning, design, construction, maintenance, and repair. 3rd ed. Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001. 856 p.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    TL175.C48 2001 <SciRR>

Comstock, William Phillips. Garages and motor boat houses. New York, The William T. Comstock Co., c1911. 121 p.

The Dimensions of parking. 4th ed. Washington, Urban Land Institute, National Parking Association, c2000. 170 p. HE336.P37D55 2000

Jakle, John A., and Keith A. Sculle. Lots of parking: land use in a car culture. Charlottesville, University of Virginia Press, 2004. 293 p.
    Bibliography: p. 251-284.
    TL175.J34 2004

Klose, Dietrich. Metropolitan parking structures; a survey of architectural problems and solutions. New York, F. A. Praeger, 1965. 247 p.

Smith, Thomas P. The aesthetics of parking. Chicago, American Planning Association, c1988. 42 p. (Planning Advisory Service report, no. 411)
     NA9108.A545 no. 411

Weant, Robert A., and Herbert S. Levinson. Parking. Westport, CT, Eno Foundation for Transportation, c1990. 335 p.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    HE355.3.P37W43 1990

The Automobile and Transportation

Autopia: cars and culture. Edited by Peter Wollen and Joe Kerr. London, Reaktion Books, 2002. 400 p.
    Bibliography: p. 389-392.
    HE5611.A984 2002

Flink, James J. The automobile age. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, c1998. 456 p.
    Bibliography: p. 410-429.
    TL23.F5713 1988

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    Bibliography: p. 375-382.

Roadside America: the automobile in design and culture. Edited by Jan Jennings. Ames, published by Iowa State University Press for the Society for Commercial Archeology, 1990. 220 p.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    HE5623.R62 1990

Architecture and Urban Planning

Behne, Adolf. The modern functional building. Santa Monica, CA, Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities, 1996. 273 p.
    Bibliography: p. 226-231.
    Translation of Moderne Zweckbau.
    NA682.F8B4513 1996

Bredekamp, Horst. The lure of antiquity and the cult of the machine: the Kunstkammer and the evolution of nature, art, and technology. Princeton, N.J., M. Wiener Publishers, c1995. 140 p.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    Translation of Antikensehnsucht und Maschinenglauben.
    N1010.B7413 1995

De Zurko, Edward Robert. Origins of functionalist theory. New York, Columbia University Press, 1957. 265 p.
    Bibliography: p. 243-255.
    NA2500.D4 1957

Easterling, Keller. Organization space: landscapes, highways, and houses in America. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, c1999. 209 p.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    NA9053.S6E18 1999

Fogelson, Robert M. Downtown: its rise and fall, 1880-1950. New Haven, Yale University Press, c2001. 492 p.
    Bibliography: p. 399-474.
    HT123.F64 2001

Safdie, Moshe, and Wendy Kohn. The city after the automobile: an architect’s vision. New York, BasicBooks, c1997. 187 p. HT151.S144 1997
Bibliography: p. 175-179.

Warren, Roxanne. The urban oasis: guideways and greenways in the human environment. New York, McGraw-Hill, c1998. 196 p.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    HT243.U6W37 1998

Compiled by John F. Buydos,
Science, Technology and Business Division
November 30, 2007

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