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Library of Congress Web Radio Recording Project

The United States Copyright Law (Title 17, section 407e) empowers the Library of Congress to capture unpublished broadcasts by off-air recording. As part of this effort the Recorded Sound Section of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division has begun to make digital recordings of radio broadcasts that are transmitted on the Internet. We have begun by recording live daytime talk radio programs.

In accordance with the provisions of the law, we will be posting a schedule of the broadcasts that we have recorded at this site and updating it regularly.

>> View the 2017 schedule
>> View the 2016 schedule
>> View the 2015 schedule
>> View the 2014 schedule
>> View the 2013 schedule
>> View the 2012 schedule
>> View the 2011 schedule
>> View the 2010 schedule
>> View the 2009 schedule
>> View the 2008 schedule
>> View the 2007 schedule
>> View the 2006 schedule
>> View the 2005 schedule

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  January 24, 2017
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