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Pacific Railway Act

New Map of the Union Pacific Railway
New map of the Union Pacific Railway, the short, quick and safe line to all points west.
Rand McNally and Company,
Geography and Map Division.

The Pacific Railway Act was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on July 1, 1862. This act provided Federal government support for the building of the first transcontinental railroad, which was completed on May 10, 1869.

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Digital Collections

Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress

John A. Dix, President of the Union Pacific, requested that Lincoln send a letter to be read at a ground-breaking ceremony to be held in Omaha, Nebraska on December 2, 1863. John Hay, Lincoln's private secretary, replied to Dix's request by explaining that a bout with varioloid (a mild form of smallpox) prevented Lincoln from sending a letter to be read at the ceremony.

Search on the term "railroad" in this collection to read more about Lincoln and the railroads.

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation

The Senate passed the Pacific Railway Act on June, 20, 1862, by a vote of 35 to 5. The House of Representatives passed this act on June 24, 1862, by a vote of 104 to 21.

Search in the 37th Congress using the phrase "Pacific railroad" to find additional Congressional documents on the Pacific Railway Act.

The Railroad Maps, 1828-1900

Includes progress report surveys for individual lines, official government surveys, promotional maps, maps showing land grants and rights-of-way, and route guides published by commercial firms. Try searching this collection using the words "Union Pacific" or "Central Pacific" or "Railroads West (U.S.)". This collection also contains an essay entitled "History of Railroads and Maps," which includes a section on the building of the transcontinental railroad.


Rivers, Edens, Empire - Lewis & Clark and the Revealing of America

This exhibition contains maps, images and documents on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The After Lewis & Clark section of this exhibition includes documents and maps related to the transcontinental railroad.

Today in History

May 10, 1869

Officials and workers of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railways met on Promontory Summit, in Utah Territory to drive in the Golden Spike on May 10, 1869. This spike symbolized completion of the first transcontinental railroad.

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