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Comfort Starr House
Comfort Starr House

Saltbox Houses in the Historic American Buildings Survey

Page 3: New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York

New Hampshire

Parsonage, Newington
Call number: HABS NH, 8-NEWI, 2-
Parsonage, Newington, photo
HABS NH, 8-NEWI, 2-5
Parsonage, Newington, Four elevations
HABS NH-19, sheet 5 of 16
Four elevations
Doe's Garrison, Newmarket
Call number: HABS NH, 8-NEWM, 1-
Doe's Garrison, photo
HABS NH, 8-NEWM, 1-3
Col. Paul Wentworth House
Call number: HABS NH, 9-SALFA, 1-
Col. Paul Wentworth House, photo
HABS NH, 9-SALFA, 1-2 (N)
Col. Paul Wentworth House, South elevation and floor plan
HABS NH-35 sheet 2 of 41
South elevation and floor plan

New Jersey

Ackerson-Demarest Trading Post, Park Ridge
Call number: HABS NJ, 2-PARK, 1-
Ackerson-Demarest Trading Post, photo
HABS NJ, 2-PARK, 1-1

New York

Horton-Wickham-Landon House / Benjamin Horton House
Call number: HABS NY-52-CUTCH, 1-
Horton-Wickham-Landon House / Benjamin Horton House, photo

Horton-Wickham-Landon House / Benjamin Horton House,  North and South elevations
HABS NY-546 sheet 2 of 17

John Howard Payne Memorial, East Hampton
Call number: HABS NY, 52-HAMTE, 5-
John Howard Payne Memorial, photo
HABS NY, 52-HAMTE, 5-1

John Howard Payne Memorial, West side elevation
HABS NY-547 sheet 4 of 21
West side elevation
Negative number: LC-USZA1-1623

Dominy House
Call number: HABS NY-52-HAMTE, 8-
Dominy House, photo
Dominy House, West, South, and East elevations
HABS NY-5418, sheet 3 of 14
West, South, and East elevations
Thomas Osborne House
Call number: HABS, NY,52-WAISCO,1-
No photographs

Thomas Osborne House, South and North elevations
HABS NY-5415, sheet 2 of 8
South and North elevations

Prepared by: Marilyn Ibach, Reference Specialist. Last revised: January 2002
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