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Technical reports and documents of the OAS. -- Washington, D.C. : General Secretariat, Organization of American States, [197-] . -- ca. [4000] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 5077

A collection of studies, reports, and other documents on various aspects of hemispheric development . Some of the topics covered are social, economic and cultural document demography, statistics, folklore, urban development, agriculture, education, and tourism. In Spanish and English.

(No Library of Congress Online Catalog entry)

GUIDE: Z1610.074B 1974-1976, Catálogo de Informes y Documentos Técnicos de la OEA.

1. Latin America.

Tejeda, Adalberto. See: Archivo particular....

Ten years of Family tree, 1979-1989 : a genealogical column appearing in the Dallas morning news, Dallas, Texas / Margaret Ann Thetford. -- Dallas, TX : M.A. Thetford, c1990. -- 21 microfiches : negative.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/8109

A full run of Family Tree, the genealogical column from the Dallas Morning News from 1979-1989. The columns were corrected for this filming. They are by one author, Margaret Ann Thetford, but include readers' queries as well as book reviews, historical articles, research suggestions, and news of interest to genealogists. The queries are not limited to Texas, but include families from other states and countries.

There is an index at the end of each annual set of fiche, which includes maiden and married names. Readers must be sure to use all indexes. Some errors have been made in filming, particularly of the index, so some pages appear twice and some appear not at all.

LCCN: 90-956509

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. United States--Genealogy.

Tennessee regional oral history collection of the Memphis Public Library. -- Glen Rock, N. J. : Microfilming Corp. of America, 1976. -- 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 49514

This collection includes memoirs of outstanding personalities in the social and political history of Tennessee.

LCCN: 82-223985

GUIDE: AI3.07 No. 2, New York Times Oral History Program, Oral History Guide No. 2. Includes an index of memoirists; the memoirs are all on one reel.

1. Tennessee--Biography. 2. Politicians--Tennessee-- Interviews.

Terrorism, special studies, 1975-1985. -- Frederick, MD : University Publications of America, c1986. -- 5 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 89/2004

A collection of technical reports (including many Rand Corporation reports), military studies, conference papers, government documents, pamphlets, and other items of usually limited distribution. All titles are published in the United States but cover terrorism on a global basis.

LCCN: 89-893225

GUIDE: 105-208, A Guide to Terrorism: Special Studies, 1975-1985. A printed reel guide with a subject index.

1. Terrorism. 2. Terrorism--Government Policy--United States.

Terrorism, special studies, 1985-1988 : first supplement. -- Frederick, MD : University Publications of America, c1989. -- 5 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 97/248

See Terrorism, special studies, 1975-1985 above for annotation.

LCCN: 90-12304

GUIDE: 449, A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Terrorism. A printed reel guide with a subject index.

1. Terrorism--History. 2. Terrorism--Government Policy--United States.

Terrorism, special studies, 1989-1991 : supplement. -- Bethesda, MD : University Publications of America, c1992. -- 3 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 95/4548

See Terrorism, special studies, 1975-1985 above for annotation.

LCCN: 92-41962

GUIDE: 366, A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Terrorism. A printed reel guide with a subject index.

1. Terrorism--History. 2. Terrorism--Government Policy--United States.

Terrorism, special studies, 1992-1995 : third supplement. -- Bethesda, MD : University Publications of America, c1996. -- 4 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 97/14

See Terrorism, special studies, 1975-1985 above for annotation.

LCCN: 96041846

GUIDE: 451, A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Terrorism. A printed reel guide with a subject index.

1. Terrorism--History. 2. Terrorism--Government Policy--United States.

Tests in microfiche. -- Princeton, N.J. : Educational Testing Service, 1975- . -- [ ] microfiches : negative ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 5175

A collection of unpublished, non-commercial research instruments. The tests, developed in education and psychology, are often cited in professional literature, but seldom reproduced for accessibility.

LCCN: 78-642452

GUIDE: LB3051.T45, Tests in Microfiche: Annotated Index.

1. Educational tests and measurements. 2. Psychological tests.

Texas as province and republic, 1795-1845. -- New Haven, Conn. : Research Publications, 1978? -- 33 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 84533

Based on the bibliography by Thomas W. Streeter. The titles are filmed in chronological order in three sections: Texas imprints, Mexican imprints, and U.S. and European imprints. This version of the collection has been edited to avoid duplication of materials also included in the Research Publications microform collection, Western Americana (Microfilm 51566. LCCN 89-894070).
LCCN: 85-122962

GUIDE: 128, Texas as Province and Republic. See p. vii+ for reel guide to item numbers in the guide.

1. Texas--History.

Thomason tracts. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1977-1981. -- 256 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 69001

Between 20-30,000 tracts and pamphlets collected by George Thomason, a London publisher and bookseller, representing very nearly everything published in England between 1640 and 1661.

The materials include all kinds of political writings, speeches, religious tracts, songs and jokes, sermons, diatribes, news reports and accounts of battles, negotiations, and plain gossip. The collection, while a superb source for military and political study, is also unparalleled as a source for those doing social, religious, constitutional, and other research on this period.

LCCN: 83-200742

GUIDE: 70, and Z2018.B85 1977, The Thomason Tracts 1640-1661. An Index to the Microfilm Edition of the Thomason Collection of the British Library. Provides film reel numbers by Thomason Tract number and Wing identification number (for those tracts also listed in Donald Wing's bibliography of 17th-century English imprints, the Short-Title Catalogue).

For access by date, use the Catalogue of the Pamphlets, Books, Newspapers, and Manuscripts Relating to the Civil War, the Commonwealth, and Restoration, Collected by George Thomason, 1640-1661, Z2018.B85 1977, which also gives a brief title and the author of each tract; Volume 2, Part 2 of this catalog also has a separate list of newspapers, and an index to the tracts by author, subject, and title.

1. Tracts. 2. Pamphlets--England. 3. Great Britain--Politics and government--1642-1660--Sources. 4. Great Britain--Social conditions--17th century-- Sources.

THE ENGLISH SHORT TITLE CATALOGUE (ESTC) is available online via Early English Books Online (EEBO). Researchers at the Library of Congress may access EEBO through the Electronic Resources Online Catalog).


Three centuries of drama : American and English, 1500-1800 / edited by Henry W. Wells. -- New York : Readex Microprint Corp., 1956- . -- ca. 5500 microopaques ; 23 x 16 cm.

LC Call Number: Micro-opaque 84/2

A collection of more than 5,000 plays including every important play published in the English language in England during the period 1500 through 1800, and in the United States from 1714 through 1830. It also includes manuscripts never before published. The editors attempted to make this collection as inclusive as possible by using the earliest editions available and including editions valuable for their texts, dating, rarity, inaccessibility to the public, and literary significance in the history of drama.

LCCN: 84-140316

GUIDE: Z2014.D7 B4, Three Centuries of English and American Plays: A Checklist. England. 1500-1800; United States: 1714-1830.

Consists of author entries, anonymous title entries, and titles by known author entries. Indicate whether the play is American or English, and if English, the time period as well.

See also, Nineteenth-Century American Drama: A Finding Guide, PS632.H57.

1. Theater--England. 2. Theater--United States.

The Tithe applotment books. -- [Dublin?] : European Micropublishing Services, 1990.-- 145 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 93/186

Registers of tithes extracted from Irish landowners and tenant farmers from circa 1823 to 1839 to support the clergy of the established Church of Ireland. Useful in genealogy as a register of names of farmers found in particular counties, baronies, and parishes.

Arranged by county or section of county, then by parish and townland.

LCCN: 93-629986

GUIDE: 293, [The Tithe Applotment Books]. An index by county and parish names.

1. Tithes--Ireland. 2. Tenant farmers--Ireland. 3. Land tenure--Ireland--19th century. 4. Registers of births, etc.--Ireland. 5. Ireland--Genealogy.

Tom Harrison Mass-Observation archive : file reports series, 1937-1949. -- Brighton, England : Harvester Microform, 1983. -- 353 microfiches; 11 x 15 cm.

Contents: Part 1, File reports, 1937-1941; Part 2, File reports, 1942-1949.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 86/2

More than 3,000 reports by ordinary British citizens on a wide variety of subjects, including wartime events and propaganda, politics, pubs, holiday activities, etc.

During World War II, British anthropologist Tom Harrison used his Mass-Observation social science research organization to learn the attitudes, morale, and social behavior of Britons. The reports consist of the volunteers' own observations as well as transcriptions of conversations or answers to questions on a particular subject. They vary widely in length, and are based on varying degrees of reliance on scientific or intuitive methods.

Topics include the acceptance of margarine as a butter substitute, pipe-smoking, the carrying of gas-masks, attitudes toward (and behavior during) air raids, reactions to advertising and to government propaganda, surveys of teenage girls' activities in post-war London, etc. In addition, the files include reports prepared for government agencies and private businesses, as well as internal letters, directives, bulletins, scripts of radio broadcasts, draft manuscripts of books, and edited diaries kept by volunteer diarists.

LCCN: 86-890004

GUIDE: 158, Mass-Observation Archive, Guide to the File Reports, 1937-1972.

Consists of an annotated chronological list of the file reports, with a subject index. A revised version of the guide also appears as fiche 1 of the collection.

Items should be requested by file report number from the index or table of contents.

1. World War, 1939-1945--Great Britain--Social aspects--Sources.

Top-secret hearings of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, first installment, 1959-1966 / Paul Kesaris, editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1981. -- 6 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/4549

Reproduces briefings and statements to the committee by government spokesmen such as the Secretary of State (and various assistant secretaries and under secretaries), the Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The documents focus on crises emerging in the years 1959-1966: Cuba; the summit conference of May 1960; the U-2 incident; instability in the Congo and Laos; the Bay of Pigs operation; the coup in Cyprus; and the coup in the Dominican Republic. However, they also provide overviews of American world and regional foreign policy goals and foreign aid policy.

LCCN: 85-892997

GUIDE: 105-10, Top secret Hearings by the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: First Installment, 1959-1966. The entries provide summaries of the contents of specific items, and a list of the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 1959 through 1966.

1. United States--Foreign relations--Sources.

Les Tracts de mai 1968 / Bibliothèque nationale de Paris, Service de l'histoire de France. -- Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co, c1986. -- 391 microfiches.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/7008

More than 10,000 leaflets, small posters, and periodicals collected by the Bibliotheque Nationale and others during the national crisis from the student and worker uprisings in France in May and June 1968. Student, worker, and political groups, both old and new, had distributed the mostly one-page, typewritten documents. More than 8,000 of the items were issued in Paris, and about 4,500 of these are by student organizations. The 130-page index is primarily names of organizations and their acronyms.

LCCN: 90-956051

GUIDE: 236, Les Tracts de Mai 1968. Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris.

1. Paris (France)--History--1944- --Sources. 2. Student movements--France-- Paris--History--20th century. 3. Riots--France--Paris. 4. Radicalism-- France--Paris--History--20th century. 5. France--History--1958- . 6. College students--France--Political activity.

Trade catalogues at Winterthur. -- Frederick, MD : Clearwater Pub. Co, c1989- . -- [ca. 3000] microfiches : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche (o) 90/8089

Approximately 2,000 advertising catalogs from 1750 to 1980, the majority dating from 1870 to 1910. Most are American, but foreign catalogs also appear. Types of firms represented include manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of household and agricultural goods and machinery, decorative wares, architectural plans and materials, jewelry, vehicles, medical supplies, musical instruments, and other goods. Furniture, general merchandise, and hardware catalogs numerically dominate.

The collection is more representative than comprehensive. While numerous firms are represented, only one or two of their catalogs may appear. In some cases the images' high contrast may lose detail in the illustrations. This collection serves as a convenient supplement to larger or more specialized catalog collections, such as those at the Smithsonian or the Corning Museum of Glass.

LCCN: 89-70533

GUIDE: Z7164.M18 H43 1984, Trade Catalogues at Winterthur: A Guide to the Literature of Merchandising 1750 to 1980. Arranged in 30 subject categories and includes alphabetical, chronological, and geographical indexes. Each item entry gives a brief description of the catalog's contents.

1. Commercial catalogs. 2. Merchandising--Catalogs. 3. Commercial products.

Trade catalogs from the Corning Museum of Glass. -- New York, NY : Clearwater Pub. Co, 1987. -- ca. 5000 microfiches.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/7050

Approximately 2,200 illustrated American and European commercial catalogs, mostly 19th and 20th century. The collection is grouped into six categories: bottles and druggists' glassware; cut glass; flat glass; laboratory ware; lighting and lamps; and tableware. Tableware is the dominant category. Many catalogs may display other related products. Several hundred firms are represented, with heavy representation by Blenko, Fenton, Fostoria, Imperial, Libbey, MacBeth-Evans, and United States Glass.

LCCN: 90-956075

GUIDE: Z6046.G84 1987, Guide to Trade Catalogs from the Corning Museum of Glass.

1. Glass manufacture--Catalogs. 2. Glass trade--Catalogs.

Trade catalogs from the Hagley Museum and Library : transportation. -- Frederick, Md. : UPA Academic Editions, c1989. -- 904 microfiches : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/7051

Catalogs spanning 1791 to 1987, with the bulk of them dating between 1880 and 1920. The focus is transportation and covers the categories aircraft, automobiles, carriages and wagons, fire fighting equipment/fire engines/trucks, railroad equipment, and ships & boats. Sub-categories include engines, parts, accessories, equipment, supplies, and various models. Some include drawings of designs, tools, and styles, while others are actual photographs of models, tracing design and development over several years.

The museum's complete holdings are described fully in Trade Catalogs in the Hagley Museum & Library, (HF5681.H234), which divides the 18,000 item collection into 58 subject categories. Six of those categories form this microfiche collection. Automobiles comprise the largest category (470 catalogs), ships & boats the smallest (80 catalogs).

Request items as they are listed in the guide.

LCCN: 89-30672

GUIDE: 105-247, Trade Catalogs from the Hagley Museum & Library : Transportation : A Guide to the Microfiche Collection. Includes an index by names and subjects. The fiche are filed according to the entry numbers that appear in the guide, with the first two letters designating the category (e.g. Automobiles, AU-175; Carriages & wagons, CW-57).

1. Hagley Museum and Library--Microform catalogs. 2. Transportation equipment industry--Catalogs. 3. Commercial catalogs.

Transcripts and files of the Paris peace talks on Vietnam, 1968-1973 / Paul Kesaris, editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1982. -- 12 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/4550

Consists of official conversations, communiques, plenary sessions, and handouts. This is a comprehensive transcript of all materials on the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam released by the U.S. Department of State.

NOTE: Some material in French.

LCCN: 85-892998

GUIDE: 105-6, Transcripts and Files of the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam, 1968- 1973. There is no name index to negotiators, but all communiques and handouts are titled. In addition to a reel index, there is an index of broad topics raised by the U.S.-South Vietnamese side during the conversations and plenary sessions and those raised by the North Vietnamese-National Liberation Front side.

1. Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Peace--Sources. 2. Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Diplomatic history--Sources.

Translations of statistical and census reports of Texas, 1782-1836, and sources documenting the black in Texas, 1603-1803 / Carmela Leal, project director, compiler, and translator. -- San Antonio : University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures, 1979. -- 3 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 83/904

Translated Spanish primary sources drawn from the Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio and intended to provide information on Blacks in Texas prior to 1836. It consists of materials in three categories: (1) Statistical; (2) Census; and (3) General Information; A Manuscript Series. Statistical and census reports show slave and land sales, wills, certificates of freedom, inventories, legal transactions and cases, and other documents. The material is not restricted to information about blacks, but covers other groups, such as Europeans, Indians, and Mestizos. Facsimiles of original sources are provided for the statistical and census reports, but not for materials in the general information series. The general information series contains translated summaries of materials relating to land grants and sales, wills, certificates of freedom, dowries, uses of slaves, their families, and a variety of other matters.

LCCN: 79-87951

GUIDE: Not in LC. Each microfilm roll contains a descriptive calendar which explains the content and frame number for each file entry.

1. Afro-Americans--Texas--History--Statistics--Sources. 2. Slavery--Texas-- Statistics--Sources. 3. Texas--History--To 1846--Statistics--Sources. 4. Registers of births, etc.--Texas. 5. Texas--Genealogy.

Trigant Burrow research collection. -- Westport, Conn. : Research Publications, 1979. -- 3 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 83/400

Consists of 145 journal articles by Trigant Burrow, Alfreda S. Galt, William E. Galt, and Hans Syz, primarily concerned with the psychological study of "conflict and alienation as an ongoing process in human society."

LCCN: 83-105837

GUIDE: Z7204.P8 L53 1980, Trigant Burrow Research Collection.

1. Psychoanalysis. 2. Psychobiology. 3. Psychology, Pathological--Social aspects.

TV guide. -- Vol. 1 (April 3-9, 1953)- . Los Angeles, Calif. : Triangle Publications, 1953- . -- [ ] v. : ill. ; 19 cm. -- Issued in numerous regional editions. -- Microfilm. Radnor, Pa. : Triangle Publications, [197-?]- . -- [ ] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 06378

A collection of the different regional editions of the national media magazine TV Guide starting with the first issue in April 3, 1953. Besides the regional television schedules (the details included in these listings have increased and expanded over the years), the national section of the magazine has six or more articles in each issue which center around the medium of television, its creators, performers, critics, and technology. There are also several regular columns, one of which is an editorial feature. TV Guide is frequently a unique source for historical information about tele-vision programming in various parts of the country.

NOTE: The Motion Picture and Television Reading Room receives paper copies of the New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area editions, which are kept until the microfilm for the New York Metropolitan Area edition is received. The receipt of the microfilm in the Microform Reading Room may lag 2-3 years.

LCCN: sf89-91858

GUIDE: 37, TV Guide Circulation Analysis. Includes an annual typed list of all the editions available for that year. See also TV Guide 25 Year Index, PN1992.3.U5 P67, and later supplements.

1. Television programs--United States--Periodicals. 2. Television programs--Reviews--Periodicals.

The Twentieth century trade union woman : vehicle for social change : oral history project. -- Sanford, N.C. : Microfilming Corp. of America, 1979- . -- 61 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 2478

Typed transcripts of 41 interviews with women active in the early and mid-20th century, compiled at the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Michigan, with additional material from Wayne State and Roosevelt Universities.

The memoirists include members of service, manufacturing, agricultural, and professional unions; also of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the Women's Trade Union League. The 41 women recall organizing drives, elections, soup kitchens, scabs, civil rights struggles, and personal lives.

LCCN: 83-108188

GUIDE: 71, Twentieth Century Trade Union Woman: Vehicle for Social Change. Oral History Project Part 1. Provides an alphabetical list of the memoirists, their union affiliations, and short biographical sketches (also on microfiche).

1. Women in the labor movement--Interviews. 2. Trade-unions--United States--History.

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