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Paget, Gerald. See: Gerald Paget collection.

Palestine correspondence. -- Wilmington, Delaware : Scholarly Resources, 1978-1979. -- 165 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Registers 1927-1934 (12 reels); Original correspondence 1927-1930 (49 reels); Original correspondence 1931-1934 (103 reels).

LC Call Number: Microfilm 82/342

Documents British involvement in the Middle East before World War II, including development policies and projects; British governance of the mandate; political, educational, and religious organizations; immigration; domestic disturbances; archeological excavations, etc. Filmed from holdings of Great Britain's Public Record Office, C. O.. 733 volumes 130-254 (documents) and C.O. 793 (registers).

LCCN: 86-890015

GUIDE: 162a and 162b, British Colonial Office Palestine Original Correspondence. 1927-1930. Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition of the Public Record Office Collection C.O. 733. The guides are correspondence dockets for the two periods (1927-1930 and 1931-1934) covered.

1. Great Britain--Colonies--Africa--Administration--Sources. 2. Great Britain--Colonial Office--Archives. 3. Palestine-- Politics and government--1917-1948--Sources. 4. Palestine-- History--1917-1948--Sources.

Pamphlets / Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands. -- Palo Alto, Calif. : Bay Microfilm, [1976?]. -- 1 microfilm reel : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 94/2111

Contains 24 polemical and theoretical tracts by prominent members of the Communist Party of Germany (the "Spartakusbund") published from 1918 through 1924. The pamphlets elucidate tenets of the Spartacist creed and the Party's stance with regard to issues of the day. Prominent authors include Karl Radek, Paul Levi, and Rosa Luxemburg. Some pamphlets were published anonymously.

LCCN: 93-630000

GUIDE: Not in LC. Contents of the reel (author and/or title of pamphlets) are listed at the beginning of the film.

1. Communism. 2. Germany--Politics and government--1918-1933.

Pamphlets in American history. -- Glen Rock, N.J. : Microfilming Corp. of America, 1978- . [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 1014

Over 15,000 pamphlets, from the Revolutionary War period through the early 20th century, selected from the collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin with supplementary material from several other research libraries. A wealth of rare material is gathered here under several general subject headings: Biography, Indians, the Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War Biography, Women, Civil Liberties, Labor, Tariffs and Free Trade, Cooperative Societies, France, the Mexican War (1846-1848), Socialism, the War of 1812, Catholicism and anti-Catholicism, and the Spanish-American War (1898).

See also the microfilm collection, The Civil War (Microfiche 1022).

LCCN: 84-103678

GUIDE: Z1236.P27 1979, Pamphlets in American History. A Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection. (Groups I, II, III, and IV). Provides author, title, chronological and subject access, as well as listings classed by general subject. Also Z1236.P28 1978, Pamphlets in American History. A Preliminary Short Title List. (Group I).

1. United States--History--Sources.

Pamphlets on socialism, communism, bolshevism, etc. -- [S.l. : s.n.], 1849-1931. -- 164 v. in 7. -- Call number of original: HX15.P3. -- Microfilm. [Washington, D.C.] : Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, 1968. 3 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 21396

One hundred sixty-four pamphlets, 1849-1930, in English, French, and German, filmed from Library of Congress collections. Most were printed in the U.S., and some in England, France, Belgium, and Germany. The authors include Emma Goldman, Alexandra Kolontay, Jack London, Eugene V. Debs, Friedrich Engels, and Robert Bridges, as well as many organizations.
LCCN: 79-297703

GUIDE: 16, Pamphlets on Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, etc. A reel guide to titles, and alphabetical list of sources.

Analytic available in the L.C. shelflist under call number HX15.P3.

1. Communism--History--Sources. 2. Socialism--History-- Sources.

Pamphlets on the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. -- Washington, D. C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1968. -- 2 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 21255

A collection of separately published items in several languages on the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). The items include political pamphlets, letters, reports, addresses, and newspaper articles and editorials. These represent the views and experience of various political persuasions. The collection is based on material assembled by the Library of Congress.

LCCN: 83-150663

GUIDE: 16, Pamphlets on the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Divided into two sections: Reel numbers are arranged sequentially as the pamphlets appear on the microfilm; there is also an alphabetical list, arranged by author, title, or sponsoring agency.

1. Spain--History, Civil War, 1936-1939--Sources.

Pandette dei notai antich. -- Genoa : Foto Ducale [producer], 1951. -- 108 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 1695

Municipal records of Genoa, historically important as the center of a Mediterranean commercial empire in the Middle Ages. The collection consists of hand-written records (some originals are damaged and are difficult to read) in the Italian language of the period, written by different notaries. The records range from the year 1154 to about 1300. There is an explanatory introduction at the beginning of reel one and a separate index reel which also includes about 100 samples of "hands" of notaries to help in identifying stray folios.

LCCN: 83-199462

GUIDE: See reel one and separate index reel; also see cards in MicRR card catalog under "Archivio di Stato. " Author/Title cards have been created for each reel, listing contents.

1. Genoa (Italy)--History--To 1339--Sources.

Papers concerning Oklahoma State University and vicinity / preserved by Berlin Basil Chapman. -- Gainesville : Microgaphics, 1988. -- 6 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 89/2008

Bound volumes and files that chronicle the history of Oklahoma State University and environs. Gathered over half a century, the varied documents which record many events during the University's founding years are comprised of administrative memoranda, correspondence, telegrams, and documentation on campus events. Correspondence in the collection reflects both the culture of the school and that of the nation; official instructions written during World War II on how to teach history and other subjects in a "military manner" are included as are "letters of the Great Depression, 1930-1933."

Developments in surrounding counties are also chronicled; official notes from a battlefield near Stillwater, Oklahoma are included as are Payne County Land documents.

LCCN: 89-893232

GUIDE: 209, [Papers Concerning Oklahoma State University and Vicinity]. Includes general notes directing the researcher to the appropriate microfilm reels.

1. Oklahoma State University. 2. Oklahoma State University--History. 3. Universities and Colleges--Oklahoma. 4. Oklahoma State University--Administration

Papers of the Federal Reserve System / Paul Kesaris, editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1983. -- 51 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Part 1, Legislation, major speeches and essays and special reports, 1913-1960; Part 2, Minutes of meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, 1923-1975.
LC Call Number: Microfilm 88/127
Filmed from holdings of the National Archives and the Library of Congress.

Part one provides detailed documentation of the rise to power of the country's key financial institution during two major wars and the financial crisis of the 1920's and 1930's. The documents include many speeches given by members of the Board of Governors, as well as memos, letters, studies, and legislative documents.

Part two reproduces the minutes of the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, which administers the nation's supply of money via the purchase and sale of government securities. The meeting minutes concern domestic and international economic developments and policy decisions made by the FMOC.

LCCN: 88-893563

GUIDE: 105-136a and 105-136b, Papers of the Federal Reserve System, Part I--Legislation, Major Speeches and Essays, and Special Reports 1913-1960, and Papers of the Federal Reserve System, Part II--Minutes of Meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, 1923-1975. The guide to Part one provides detailed date and title information for each document filmed. The guide to Part two lists meeting dates only and in some cases the general topics under discussion. Neither guide contains a subject index.

1. Board of Governors Federal Reserve System (U.S.)--Archives.

Papers of the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy / Randolph Boehm, editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1983. -- 24 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Part 1: Staff report with appendices, legal materials, meetings, consultations, and selected files (11 reels); Part 2: Records of regional hearings (13 reels).

LC Call Number: Microfilm 88/252

Consists of staff reports on U.S. immigration history, international migration, refugees, legal immigration to the U.S., temporary workers, and the administration of immigration law. In addition to these staff reports, there are many background, briefing, and working papers, meeting agendas, and reports on consultative meetings held with policy makers and interested parties. There is some official correspondence by the Commission, and there are extensive transcripts and other related documents stemming from nine regional public hearings held between October 1979 and March 1980 on immigration issues.

Here are lengthy reports on the history of American language policies, immigrant health conditions and their history, refugee resettlement programs and techniques, refugee policy, the household and economic structure of migrant families, political and social integration of various immigrant groups, etc.

LCCN: 88-890252

GUIDE: 105-117, Papers of the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy. Part I--Staff Report with Appendices, Legal Materials, Meetings, Consultations, and Selected Subject Files. Part II--Records of Regional Hearings. Consists of a reel guide to contents; there is no name or subject index to these files.

1. United States. Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy--Archives. 2. Emigration and immigration law--United States--Sources. 3.Refugees--Government policy--United States--Sources.

Papers of the U.S. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians / Randolph Boehm, editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1983. -- 35 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Part 1, Numerical file archive.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 88/244

In 1980 Congress established the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) to review President Roosevelt's 1942 Executive Order 9066, which sent more than 120,000 Japanese Americans to relocation centers during World War II. The commission was to assess the impact of the order on those relocated and interned. CWIRC compiled the Numerical File Archive of documentary materials from federal, state, and private agencies (or other sources) and from the papers of all officials involved. The material in this collection has been filmed from Record Group 220 of the Fiscal, Judicial, and Social Division of the National Archives and Records Center. Personal Justice Denied, the Commission's final report, is keyed to the Numerical File Archive, whose order is preserved in this collection.

LCCN: 88-890244

GUIDE: 105-115, Papers of U.S. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, Part 1 Numerical File Archive. Includes background information on the Commission, a note on sources, a list of abbreviations and acronyms used in the documents, and principal persons connected with the relocation. The reel index includes informative titles or descriptions of each document on the reels, the frame number on which it begins, the number of pages in the documents, and the original Numerical File number (in brackets). This number corresponds with the CWIRC number used in the Notes section of Personal Justice Denied. A broad subject index is provided.

1. United States. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians--Archives. 2. Japanese Americans-- Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945--Sources. 3. Japanese Americans--Civil rights--Sources.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson : control cards used in the editorial office at Princeton University. -- Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1956. -- 52 microfilm reels ; 16 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 5263

Over 50 reels, comprising a partial union catalog of Thomas Jefferson manuscripts. The collection consists of photographs of catalog cards from Princeton University listing 60,000 manuscripts addressed to or by Jefferson. It contains only cards, and no reproductions of manuscripts are included. The collection is divided into three indexes. The first lists names of persons other than Jefferson to whom or by whom papers were sent. Under each name, the papers appear in chronological order. The second lists all the papers in chronological order. The third groups the papers by geographical location, giving names and addresses of persons and institutions who hold the manuscripts.

LCCN: 84-116892

GUIDE: 42, [The Papers of Thomas Jefferson]. Describes the sources and arrangement of catalog cards on film.

1. Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826--Manuscripts--Catalogs.

Papers presented at the annual meeting of the African Studies Association. -- [Chicago] : African Studies Association. -- [ ] v. : ill. ; 27 cm. -- Title varies slightly. -- Microfilm. Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago, Joseph Regenstein Library, Department of Photoduplication, 1972-. -- [ ] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 03782

The years covered are 1960 and 1965-1982. Access is provided by an alphabetical listing of authors' names for each year.
LCCN: 75-641442

GUIDE: 43, [Publications of the African Studies Association]. Lists individual papers given at each meeting from 1960 to 1972. The index cards inside the front cover list annual meetings by year and location and give the corresponding microfilm reel numbers. The guide does not list papers or authors after 1972.

1. Africa--Study and teaching.

Papers relating to World War I in the archives of Baron Sidney Sonnino. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms, 1968. -- 54 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 84/198

Consists of telegrams and personal files (papers, memoranda, maps, etc.) of Baron Sidney Sonnino, Italy's foreign minister during World War I.
LCCN: 84-191067 GUIDE: 92, Papers Relating to World War I in the Archives of Baron Sidney Sonino. Italian and English versions of the guide are available.

1. Sonnino, Sidney, 1847-1922--Manuscripts. 2. World War, 1914-1918--Italy--Sources. 3. Italy--Politics and government--1915-1922--Sources.

Parish register typescripts prepared by W. H. Challen from parishes in London, Midlands & southern counties. -- London : Guildhall Library, 1969. -- 21 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 23963

GUIDE: 50, [Index to the Challen Transcripts and Lists of Other Parish Registers in Microfilm RR]. Provides an index, which is accompanied by a list of additional parish registers also in the Microform Reading Room. The index is also on Microfiche 2282.

1. Registers of births, etc.--England. 2. England--Genealogy.

The Parker Society for the publication of the works of the fathers and early writers of the reformed English church publications. -- Cambridge, Eng. : Printed at the University Press, 1841-1855. -- 55 v : ill. -- Microfiche, Louisville : Lost Cause Press, 1957, 683 microfiches.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/7002

Originally 55 printed volumes, this set encompasses the works of the fathers and early writers of the reformed English church. These works include liturgy and ritual, discussions on the controversy over the English translation of the Bible, Tyndale's response to Sir Thomas More, translations into English of early catechisms and correspondence between English bishops and some of the Helvetian reformers. Scholars looking for primary sources will find this collection useful.
LCCN: 90-956043

GUIDE: 237, [Parker Society for the Publication of Works of the Fathers and Early Writers of the Reformed English Church]. 1. Reformed Church--England--History--Sources.

Parliamentary papers (House of Commons and Command). -- Microfilm. London : British Library, Reference Division, Reprographic Section, [197-]-. -- [ ] microfilm reels ; 35 mm. Microfiche. -- House of Commons Parliamentary papers. -- Cambridge: Chadwyck-Healey, 1980- . -- [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm (o) 83/401; Microfiche (o) 83/400

House of Commons (HC) Papers, Bills, and Command Papers, 1972 to date, with 1972/3-1974/5 on Microfilm (o) 83/401, and 1975/6 to date on Microfiche (o) 83/400.

These papers include all reports required to be printed by Great Britain's House of Commons, including minutes of hearings on bills, answers to requests for information, special inquiries, etc. Papers presented to both houses are included in this series. Command papers may be printed without orders from the House and are often policy or background papers issued by various departments. Annual reports and papers presented by the Foreign Office are also included, as are treaties and reports of Royal Commissions. Bills are published in all drafts and versions.

LCCN: (No Library of Congress Online Catalog entry)

GUIDE: Z2009.G822, Catalogue of Government Publications (Her Majesty's Stationery Office). The catalogue is issued monthly with annual accumulations. Parliamentary papers, arranged by session and paper number, are in the first section, and non-parliamentary papers are listed under agency names in the second section. Indexes are by author, title, and subject.

Request by year or session, Bill, HC, or Cmnd number, or when available, by volume and page number. The sessional indexes (on microform) provide cross-references from one form of numbering to another.

1. Great Britain--Politics and government--1945-

Parti Republicain, Radical & Radical-Socialiste. Compte-rendu stenographique. -- Filmed from holdings of Archives of the Parti Republicain, Radical & Radical-Socialiste, Paris. -- [ ] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 20222

Documents the internal debates and struggles of the party during a difficult period characterized by changing electoral strategies and internal dissent and factionalization. Also referred to as the Radical-Socialist or simply the Radical Party, this political party founded in 1901 has maintained a centrist coalition, despite its name. Opposed to General Charles de Gaulle, and to prevailing political directions after World War II, the Radical Party rapidly lost influence and seats in the French constituent assembly. Among the Radicals who emerged in the 1960's as prominent national leaders were Pierre Mendes-France and Edgar Faure.

LCCN: (No Library of Congress Online Catalog entry, 7/88)

GUIDE: 117, Parti Republicain, Radical & Radical-Socialiste: Compte-rendu Stenographique des Congress Nationaux. Consists of a list, by session and page number, of the contents of the transcripts of plenary sessions (debates, speeches, reports, and decisions) of the Party, along with some appendices.

1. Parti Republicain radical et radical-socialiste (France)--Archives. 2. France--Politics and Government--1945-1958- Sources.

Partido comunista de Chile, dossier 1. -- Montreal, Canada : Información Documental de América Latina (IDAL), 1977. -- 94 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 87/971

A systematic, comprehensive collection of documents relating to the activities of the Communist Party of Chile from approximately 1950 through 1973. The collection includes official papers, but it consists primarily of an almost complete run of Principios, the official journal of the party's central committee. The materials were supplied by the party. In Spanish

LCCN: 87-890379

GUIDE: 121, Idal, Serie P, Partido Communista de Chile: Dosier 1.

1. Communist parties--Chile. 2. Chile--Politics and government--1920-1970. 3. Chile--Politics and government--1970-1973.

Paul Laumonier collection of Ronsard microfilms. -- Paris : Filmed at the Bibliotheque Nationale by Isidore Silver for the Library of Congress, 1949. -- 31 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + pamphlet ([2], 6, 4 p.; 22 cm).

LC Call Number: Microfilm 1565

Original and early Ronsard manuscripts from the holdings of the Bibliotheque Nationale and other institutions in France. The original purpose of the filming was to make available the substance of the commentaries in the early editions of Ronsard.

LCCN: (No Library of Congress Online Catalog entry)

GUIDE: Z8757.23 .S5, The Paul Laumonier Collection of Ronsard Microfilms. Access is provided by a chronological list and an alphabetical list found in the guide. Each list gives a corresponding reel number for each item.

1. Ronsard, Pierre de, 1524-1585--Manuscripts.

The Peabody Museum : a visual record of artifacts / the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Harvard University ; photography by Hillel Burger ; catalog by Barbara Isaac. -- Boston, Mass : G.K. Hall, c1990. -- 8 microfiches : all col. ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 91/7018

Five of eight color fiche contain approximately 380 images of North American Indian art, artifacts, and clothing, as well as early European-American paintings and drawings of Indian subjects selected from the museum's collections. Some items are attributed to collections from the Lewis and Clark expedition. Broad geographic areas are represented, including the Arctic and Subarctic. Among the groups represented are Aleut, Eskimo, Haida, Tlingit, and others of the Northwest; California people such as the Karok and Hupa; Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni of the Southwest; Crow, Mandan, Sioux, Chippewa, Huron, Choctaw, Cherokee, and Seminole; a few Northeastern tribes; and prehistoric cultures of the Anasazi, Hopewell, Mississippian, and Mimbres. Two of the three remaining fiche cover Mesoamerica and South America.

LCCN: 91-955294

GUIDE: 273, Peabody Museum: A Visual Record of Artifacts. Describes the items.

1. Indians of North America--Antiquities--Pictorial works. 2. Indians of North America--Implements--Pictorial works. 3. Indian arts--North America--Pictorial works. 4. Indians of North America--Clothing--Pictorial works.

Peel, Robert. See: Papers of Sir Robert Peel.

Periodicals by and about North American Indians, 1923-1981. -- [Bethesda, Md. : Congressional Information Service, 1982?]. -- 82 microfilm reels : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 94/2118

Contains 82 reels of publications produced by American Indian groups. There is partial overlap with the title, Periodicals by and about the North American Indian (Microfilm 90/8032. LCCN 90-956376). The collection includes publications of organizations with Indian interest, and well as those by Indian groups. In many cases the holdings are brief or erratic.

LCCN: 93-630214

GUIDE: 341, Periodicals by and about North American Indians 1923-1981: Guide to the Microfilm Collection. A reel list and a title list with periodical titles and dates of coverage.

1. Indians of North America--Periodicals.

Periodicals by and about the North American Indian : backfiles on microfilm. Package #2. -- Glen Rock, N.J : Microfilming Corp. of America, 1974. -- 42 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 90/8032

One of a two-part series (see also Periodicals by and about North American Indians, 1923-1981. film 94/2118. LCCN 93-630214). This part contains the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology bulletins from 1887 to 1971 (reels 1-27), and its annual reports from 1879 to 1931 (reels 28-42). Subjects covered include Indian languages and texts, archaeological reports, and cultural, ethnographic, and anthropological studies.

LCCN: 90-956376

GUIDE: 260, Periodicals by and about the North American Indian. Contains a reel list and a subject index.

1. Indians of North America--Periodicals.

Petrarca, Franceso. See: Selected volumes from...

Philippine documentation project, University of California at Berkeley : literature on the Muslim struggle in the Philippines. -- Berkeley, CA : University of California, 1992. -- 1 microfilm reel : ill., map, ports. ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 94/2125

Reproduces the following periodicals: Mahardika, the information bulletin of the Moro National Liberation Front (Dec. 1973-Mar. 1974; Nov. 1977-Apr. 1990); Maradika, official publication of the Central Committee of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (June 1981-Sept. 1985); and Moro kurier, a publication of the Moro People's Resource Center, Iligan City (Nov. 1985-Sept. 1989).
LCCN: 94-628512

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Muslims--Philippines--Politics and government--Periodicals.

The Philippines : U.S. policy during the Marcos years, 1965-1986 / project editors, Craig Nelson, Elizabeth McQuerry. -- Alexandria, Va. : Chadwyck-Healey ; Washington, D.C. : National Security Archive, 1990. -- 652 microfiches : maps.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 94/2018

This 3,500 document collection provides a documentary record of U.S. policy toward the Philippines during the 20 year rule of Ferdinand E. Marcos. The most important source of documents included in this set is the Department of State, the agency primarily responsible for overseeing U.S. policy towards the Philippines. The majority of the collection is comprised of cables, airgrams, internal memoranda, briefing papers, memoranda of conversation, notes, reports, correspondence, intelligence reports and legal records. Included among the set are also unique and previously inaccessible documents provided to the public for the first time such as high level analyses of Philippine affairs produced by the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research.
LCCN: 92-953092

GUIDE: 334, The Philippines: U.S. Policy during the Marcos Years, 1965-1986. Guide and Index. Volumes I-III. (Vol. 1: Guide; Vols. 2-3: Index). Lists documents in chronological order and provides the document numbers, bibliographic information, and subject terms. In addition, the guide provides instructions on how to use the collection, as well as a helpful introductory essay, a chronology, glossaries, and a bibliography. The index volumes are based on names, organizations and government agencies, subjects, and document numbers.

1. United States--Foreign relations--Philippines--Sources. 2. Philippines--Foreign relations--United States--Sources. 3. Philippines--Politics and government--1973-1986. 4. Philippines--Politics and government--1946-1973.

Phonefiche. -- Wooster, Ohio : Bell & Howell, [1976-?]. -- [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche (o) 85/110

Consists of yellow and white pages telephone directories for most U.S. cities and places. Earlier years (1976-1982) are somewhat less comprehensive than the later years of the collection.

LCCN: sc84-7998

GUIDE: HE8801.C65, Community Cross-reference Guide to Phonefiche. Also see checklist of directories received by L.C. in this collection, 1976-1983, which is shelved with the collection guides.

Pitt, William. See: Papers of William Pitt....

Plakatsammlung Institut für Zeitungsforschung der Stadt Dortmund / [zusammengestellt von Barbara Posthoff]. -- [München; New York] : Saur, [1990?]-. -- [111] microfiches : col. ill.

Contents: T. [A] Deutsche Plakate; T. B. Deutsche Plakate; T. C. Ausländische Plakate.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 91/8012

More than 4,700 political and propaganda posters, most reproduced in color, from Germany (East and West), other European countries, Great Britain, Chile, China, Cuba, Israel, the United States, and the USSR. The dates span the late 19th century to the 1990s, with the majority from the first half of the 20th century. German coverage predominates and includes posters from the German Empire, World War I, the 1918 November Revolution, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, World War II, the Federal Republic, and the German Democratic Republic.

LCCN: 91-956133

GUIDE: 294, 294a, Plakatsammlung des Instituts für Zeitungsforschung der Stadt Dortmund: Kommentar- und Registerband zur Microfiche-Ausgabe.

1. Posters, German--Pictorial works. 2. Posters, European--Pictorial works. 3. Posters--19th century--Germany--Pictorial works. 4. Posters--20th century--Germany--Pictorial works. 5. Posters--19th century--Pictorial works. 6. Posters--20th century--Pictorial works.

Playbills from the Harvard Theatre collection. -- Woodbridge, Conn. : Research Publications, 1982. -- 100 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/2400

Includes playbills from fifteen London theaters. The collection emphasizes the 19th century although 18th century playbills are offered for the more prestigious theaters such as the Covent Garden, the Drury Lane, and the Royal Haymarket.

The playbills are arranged season by season, then day by day for each theater.

LCCN: 85-169767

GUIDE: PN2594.T5, Theatre Playbills from the Harvard Theatre Collection: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection. Consists of a reel guide to the collection.

1. Playbills--England--London. 2. Theater--England-- London--History--19th century.

Polish independent publications, 1976+. -- Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation, 1976-. -- [628] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

Contents: Part 1, uncensored periodicals, 1976-1981; Part 2, Solidarnosc periodicals, 1980-1981; Part 3, Martial law and underground periodicals, 1981+.

LC Call Number: Microfiche (o) 86/12

A unique collection of more than 100 uncensored Polish periodicals, 1976-1981; over 300 Solidarnosc periodicals, 1980-1981; and over 50 underground titles, published from December 1981 on. Filmed from holdings of Harvard University Solidarity Bibliographic Center.

LCCN: 86-890019

GUIDE: 163, [Polish Independent Publications. 1976+]

1. Poland--Politics and government--1945-1980--Periodicals. 2. Poland--Politics and government--1980-1989--Periodicals. 3. Underground press publications--Poland. 4. NSZZ "Solidarnosc" (Labor organization)--Periodicals.

Political literature of Northern Ireland, 1973-74 and 1975. See: Northern Ireland political literature

Political Pamphlets from the Indian Subcontinent -- Bethesda, MD : University Publications of America, 1990. 1033 microfiches : ill.

LC Call Number: 95/4593

Indian political pamphlets, published by political parties, central and state governments, and a wide variety of private organizations, reflect decades of contention over political ideas such as relations between economic classes, religious groups, and the federal and state governments. For several reasons these Indian political pamphlets are invaluable source material. A large portion are written in English, making them accessible to those unable to read Indian languages. The pamphlets are frank in content and express the goals, feelings, and often strategies and tactics of their authors and publishers. The file is organized into a Reference Bibliography, an Author Index and a Title Index.

LCCN: 8970560

GUIDE: 425, A Guide to the Microfiche Edition of Political Pamphlets from the Indian Subcontinent.

1. India--Politics and government--20th century--Sources. 2. Political parties--India--History--Sources.

Politics and administration of Tudor England. Parts I-V / reproduced from the Lansdowne Collection in the British Library in London ; editorial direction by Michael Hawkins. -- Sussex, England : Harvester Press, c1976. -- 163 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + guide (2 v. ; 23 cm.)

LC Call Number: Microfilm 60301

Approximately 400 volumes of manuscripts, pertaining principally to the years 1540-1660. Figures whose papers are particularly represented are Sir William Cecil, first Lord Burghley (122 volumes), and Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the Court of Admiralty under Elizabeth (51 volumes). Other figures are the Reverend John Strype, church historian Gervase Holles, antiquarians Bishop Kennett and James West, and Dr. John Pell, Protector's agent for the protestant cantons of Switzerland. The primary sources offered by this collection represent most currents of thought for the period covered.

LCCN: 83-144853

GUIDE: 44, Politics and Administration of Tudor and Stuart England. Reproduced from the Lansdowne Collection in the British Library in London. Parts 1-3, Parts 4-5. Indicates on which reel of film the desired volume may be found. A printed catalog to the entire Lansdowne Collection, A Catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British Museum With Indexes of Persons Places and Matters, Z6621.B85 L3 1974, describes each document and indicates in which volume it appears.

1. Stuart, House of--Manuscripts. 2. Tudor, House of--Manuscripts. 3. Great Britain--Politics and government--16th century--Manuscripts. 4. Great Britain--Politics and government--17th century.

Pollution : major sources for research, 1800-1950. -- Washington, D.C. : University Publications of America, 1980. -- 36 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Part 1, Environmental pollution; Part 2, Pollution and health.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 88/247

A collection of approximately 500 primary sources in the pollution studies field. Part one consists of 19th and 20th century monographs, reports, legal cases, hearings, and records of federal, state, and municipal agencies and commissions. Both British and American works are included.

Part two consists of similar types of sources on vocational diseases, and on the effects of various industrial pollutants on health and mortality. There is a subject index which includes breakdowns by geographic area, by specific pollutant, and by industry.

LCCN: 88-890247

GUIDE: 105-116, A Guide to Pollution: Major Sources for Research 1800-1950. Part I--Environmental Pollution. Part II- Pollution and Health. Items may be requested by part number and reel number.

1. Pollution--History--Sources. 2. Pollution--Law and legislation--Sources.

Polskie archiwum biograficzne = Polnisches biographisches Archiv / [opracowali D. Hebig ... et al.]. -- Mnchen : K.G. Saur, [1993?]-[1994?]. -- [356] microfiches : negative, ports.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 94/2008; Microfiche 98/9 (Supplement)

Alphabetically arranged entries mainly from Polish sources, with entries also from sources in German, French, English, Latin, Russian, and Italian. Title from caption on frame 1 of fiche I. Parallel title on box: Polish biographical archive. Zródla = Quellen (fiches I-XX) -- Genealogia Piastów / Oswald Balzer, 1895 (fiches G1-G3) --Biographical entries (fiches [1-140, 183-375]).

LCCN: 93-630086; 97-199370

GUIDE: CT1230.P653 1998, Polski Indeks Biograficzny.

1. Poland--Biography

Portuguese pamphlets, 1610-1921. -- Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1983. -- 75 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 82/5800

Includes items on Camoes, on the Marque de Pombal, on Brazil, dynastic struggles, voyages of discovery, political tracts, criticism of the monarchy and other officials, literary and intellectual polemics including the "bom senso e bom gosto" debate, eulogies, sermons, prose and poetry by Leite de Vasconcellos, historical essays by Sousa Viterbo and Gabriel Pereira, as well as writings on agriculture, science, music, and numerous "almanacs." The pamphlets, collected for the most part by Antonio Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro, 1850-1920, reflect contemporary interests and concerns that provide insight into 19th century Portugal. The collection, filmed from holdings of Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Division, is divided into twenty-five broad subject categories, filmed alphabetically. The pamphlets have been numbered consecutively from 1 to 3602. LCCN: 84-138565

GUIDE: DP517.P67 1610 suppl., The Portuguese Pamphlets: Introduction and Comprehensive Guide to the Contents. Contains a summary guide to subject categories and a summary guide to reels. Reel one reproduces the guide in its entirety, and each subsequent reel reproduces pertinent pages from the guide.

1. 17th century--Pamphlets. 2. Portugal--History--18th century--Pamphlets. 3. Portugal--History--19th century--Pamphlets. 4. Portugal--History--20th century--Pamphlets.

Post WW II foreign policy planning : State Department records of Harley A. Notter, 1939-1945. -- [Bethesda, MD : Congressional Information Service, c1987]. -- 2825 microfiches : negative.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 89/8000

Records gathered by Dr. Harley A. Notter, Executive Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Post-War Foreign Policy, documenting the Department of State's intensive planning for the postwar period. The original collection resides in Record Group 59 in the National Archives. It contains virtually all of the extant records of the State Department's wartime planning, as well as those several bodies (notably the Policy Committee and the Committee on Post-War Programs) where actual policies were developed and implemented. The Notter File contains minutes of committee meetings (many of which are verbatim), and in the documents submitted to many planning committees or produced by them, it provides a focus on fundamentals that are significant among the records of the Department of State from the war years.

LCCN: 89-955900

GUIDE: CD3031 1987 vol. 1, Post World War II Foreign Policy Planning: State Department Records of Harley A. Notter.

1. United States--Foreign relations--1933-1945--Sources. 2. United States--Foreign relations--1945-1953--Sources.

Postwar Europe / Paul Kesaris, editor. -- Washington, D.C. : University Publications of America, 1977. -- 10 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 86/2091

O.S.S./Department of State papers that cover the years 1945 to 1949, including reports on all Western and Eastern European countries.

LCCN: 86-892226

GUIDE: 105-20, A Guide to OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports. V. Postwar Europe. A detailed country, title, and subject guide.

1. Europe--History-1945- --Sources.

Postwar Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia / Paul Kesaris, editor. -- Washington, D.C. : University Publications of America, 1977. -- 6 microfilm reels ; 35mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 86/2088

Contains reports of the Office of Strategic Services and the State Department from 1945 to 1949. Most of the reports focus on internal affairs of the various countries--political, social, and economic trends.

LCCN: 86-892223

GUIDE: 105-17, A Guide to OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports. II. Postwar Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Contains an index to the major subjects covered in the reports.

1. Japan--Economic conditions--1945- --Sources. 2. Japan--Politics and government--1945- --Sources. 3. Japan--Social conditions--1945- --Sources. 4. Korea--Economic conditions--1945- --Sources. 5. Korea--Politics and government--1945-1948--Sources. 6. Korea--Social conditions--1945- --Sources. 7. Asia, Southeastern--Economic conditions--1945- --Sources. 8. Asia, Southeastern--Politics and government--1945- --Sources. 9. Asia, Southeastern--Social conditions--1945- --Sources.

Prados manuscripts. -- [Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1964?]. -- 11 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 10526

A collection of documents, written by Emilio Prados between 1925 and 1962, that contains manuscripts of poems, fragments of poems, working notes, and notes of personal reflections.

Papers were arranged for microfilming and inventoried by Carlos Blanco Aguinaga under an agreement between Dr. Miguel Prados and the Librarian of Congress.

LCCN: 95-953369

GUIDE: Z8710.7. B55, Lista de los Papeles de Emilio Prados en la Biblioteca del Congreso de los Estados Unidos de América

1. Prados, Emilio, 1899-1962--Archives. 2. Poets, Spanish--20th century--Archives.

Pre-1900 Canadiana : microfiche edition / by Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions. -- Ottawa, Canada : CIHM ; Ann Arbor, Mich. : distributed by University Microfilms International, 1979- . -- [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. -- (CIHM; no. 1- ).

LC Call Number: Microfiche 82/203

Nearly 50,000 monographs and pamphlets, rare as well as classic works, published prior to 1900 and relating to Canada. Produced by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproduction (CIHM), it includes materials selected by a board of scholars from more than 500 libraries and historical societies. Most of the titles are in English or French and cover a very wide variety of subjects, including history, geography, Native American studies, sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, religion, philosophy, music, fine arts, education, law, literature, medicine, science, technology, agriculture, and languages and literature. As of this writing, 5000 titles not included by UMI are being produced by CIHM.

LCCN: 83-227118

GUIDE: 88, Pre-1900 Canadiana. Microfiche Edition. Consists of title lists of units received, with separate lists (at back) of titles arranged by broad subject. All titles are cataloged according to AACR2 and are being entered in the OCLC database.

1. Canada--History--Sources.


Internet Access to bibliographic information, including the CIHM numbers, through AMICUS, the Online Catalog of the National Library of Canada: Through a Web interface, The National Library of Canada provides access to records in its online catalog, named AMICUS, for Pre-1900 microfiched material in the CIHM collection. Each catalog record for a CIHM title gives the CIHM collection number, which may be used to locate the book in the CIHM microform collection. AMICUS includes an Advanced Search function with Boolean search capability and the ability to limit searches by language, place of publication, date, and material type. It also provides browse capabilities by title and author. AMICUS can be accessed through the following web address:

Internet Access to Full-Text CIHM titles thorough Early Canadiana Online Over 3,000 CIHM titles (at this writing) are available online, in full text, at Early Canadiana Online (ECO), a digital library of primary sources in Canadian history. Early Canadiana Online, will add about 5,000 more volumes in the next five years. After browsing or searching by title, author, subject, or keyword and finding a text you wish to look at, you will see a scanned image of the page of the volume. Early Canadiana Online may be accessed at the following web address:

Presidential directives on national security from Truman to Clinton. Alexandria, Va. : Chadwyck-Healey ; [Washington, D.C.] : National Security Archive, 1994. 441 microfiches.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 97/357

This collection consists of over 2,100 documents pertaining to all aspects of U.S. national security policy. The studies and directives have served to stimulate policy development, announce presidential decisions, and guide policy implementation. Among the documents included in the series are National Security Council policy papers, National Security Action Memorandum, and study directives and decision directives issued during the Nixon Administration. The collection contains creator, recipient, and keyword indexes.

LCCN: 95223971

GUIDE: 453, Presidential Directives on National Security from Truman to Clinton : Guide and Index.

1. National security--United States--History--20th century--Sources. 2. United States--Foreign relations--1945-1989--Sources. 3. United States--Foreign relations--1989-1993--Sources. 4. United States--Military policy--Sources.

Primary sources for the history of pharmacy in the United States. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1986. -- 396 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 88/202

Contains 85 titles that cover "the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical literature, including laws, lectures, textbooks, drug and equipment catalogues, formula books and botanical and herbal materials."

LCCN: 88-890636

GUIDE: 130, also cataloged as Z6675.P5 M67 1986, Primary Sources for History of Pharmacy in the United States: A Guide to the Microfiche Collection.

1. Pharmacy--United States--History--Sources.

The print file. -- Alexandria, Va. : Chadwyck-Healey, 1989-1990. -- 4461 microfiches : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 93/8

A vast collection of clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemera containing biographical information on, and reproductions of, works by some 16,000 printmakers, illustrators, and photographers. International in scope, the collection covers graphic artists from the 15th to the 20th centuries. It is arranged alphabetically by personal name.

LCCN: 93-630205

GUIDE: Not in LC. An index of names has not yet (12/94) been received.

1. Prints--New York (N.Y.).

The printed book catalogue of the Houghton Library, Harvard University. -- [Cambridge, Mass : Harvard University, 1987?]. -- 1797 microfiches : negative.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 89/144

A catalog of rare books in Houghton Library. It is a dictionary catalog arranged by author, title, and subject in one alphabetical sequence. Cards are arranged on the fiche in horizonal rows rather than in vertical columns.

LCCN: 89-894009

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Rare books--Catalogs. 2. Houghton Library--Catalogs.

Printed records of the Parliament of Ireland, 1613-1800. -- Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. : Trans-Media, 1975. -- 46 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/430

Contains a complete, well-organized, and indexed record of crucial years of the Irish parliament--years which saw Ireland change "from a 'late medieval' state of the early 17th century to 'early modern' state at the beginning of the 19th (guide, p. 2)."

LCCN: 85-159093

GUIDE: 109, [Printed Records of Parliament of Ireland, 1613-1800]. A reel guide to the collection. See also separate bibliographical guide, DA905.E53 1978.

1. Ireland. Parliament--Archives. 2. Ireland--Politics and government--17th century--Sources. 3. Ireland--Politics and government--18th century--Sources.

Private war journal of Generaloberst Franz Halder. -- Arlington, Va. : University Publications of America, 197-. -- 2 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 86/2001

Franz Halder was chief of the general staff of the supreme command of the German army, August 14, 1939 to September 24, 1942.

NOTE: Halder's diaries also exist in published form.

LCCN: 86-892101

GUIDE: Not in LC. 1. World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives, German. 2. World War, 1939-1945--Germany. 3. Halder, Franz, 1884-1972--Diaries.

Problems of the American Negro. -- New York : New York Public Library, 1945. -- 13 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 1135

A collection of over 40 unpublished manuscripts which formed the basis of Gunnar Myrdal's famous study, originally published in 1944, An American Dilemma. The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, E185.6.M95.

Sources include Ashley-Montagu, R. J. Burche, C. S. Johnson, and others on subjects ranging from African culture to Black American demography, the Black American press, church, the labor movement, racial ideologies, race and class, etc.

LCCN: (No Library of Congress Online Catalog entry)

GUIDE: 63, [Carnegie-Myrdal Study. Problems of the American Negro]. Alphabetic author list of manuscripts.

1. Afro-Americans--Manuscripts. 2. Myrdahl, Gunnar, 1898-American dilemma--Manuscripts.

Project South oral history collection. -- Glen Rock, N.J. : Microfilming Corporation of America, 1975. -- 68 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 2479

Project South was a Stanford University civil rights project in which eight students spent ten weeks in the summer of 1965 interviewing movement leaders and workers in CORE, SCLC, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, and other organizations. The collection consists of microfilmed transcripts of the recorded interviews, and it documents the transitional period between the first Freedom Summer of 1964 and the Meredith March of 1966.

LCCN: 84-252475

GUIDE: AI3.O7 no. 1, New York Times Oral History Program, Oral HIstory Guide No. 1.

1. Civil rights workers--Southern States--Interviews.

Province in rebellion : a documentary history of the founding of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1774-1775 / L. Kinvin Wroth, et al., editors. -- Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 1975. -- 31 negative microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 5049

Printed copies of Massachusetts documents pertaining to events leading to the Revolution. A four-volume paper copy exists under the call number E263.M4 P76. The guide discussed below is best used with this paper copy.

LCCN: 75-13938

GUIDE: E263.M4 P77, Province in Rebellion: A Documentary History of the Founding of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1774-1775. Seven chapters of historical essays based on the documents, followed by a table of contents and an index to the microfiche texts. Unfortunately the references are to page numbers rather than fiche numbers, and one must guess where among the 31 fiche a particular page appears.

1. Massachusetts--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Causes-- Sources.

Prudentius. See: Manuscripts of....

Public records in Ireland: annual reports of the Deputy Keeper of the public records in Ireland. - -Dublin, Ireland: Irish Microforms, 19--. --96 microfiches; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 6002

A 13-volume, 6,000 page collection containing information on the Courts, Customs Houses, original wills, Pipe Rolls, and parliamentary records of Ireland from 1869-1931. The reports of the Deputy Keepers of the Public Record Office (Numbers 1 -56) provide a continuous account of administration and acquisitions of the Office. Of particular interest to genealogists ar the details of several thousand wills made over the last 300 years.

The reports are arranged chronologically in two microfiche binders, the first covering reports for 1869-1893 and the second 1894-1931. Unfortunately there is no index.

LCCN: (No Library of Congress Online Catalog record)

Guide: Not in LC.

1. Ireland - Genealogy. 2. Wills - Ireland.

Public statements by the Secretaries of Defense / Paul Kesaris, project editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1982- . -- [62] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Part 1, The Truman administration; Part 2, The Eisenhower administration; Part 3, The Kennedy and Johnson administrations; Part 4, The Nixon and Ford administrations; Part 5, The Carter administration.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 86/2084

Public speeches, press conferences, testimony before Congress, background briefings, and supporting documents, in a year-by-year compilation from 1947 through 1981. These statements and documents reveal the growth of the Defense Department, budget debates, discussions concerning foreign military assistance, debates over various weapon systems, and numerous defense policy issues.

LCCN: 86-892219

GUIDE: 105-64a through 105-64e, Public Statements by the Secretaries of Defense. One for each Presidential administration. Each guide is divided by year, by Secretary of Defense, and then into broad categories of "Statements and Speeches," "Congressional Testimony," and "Supplementary Material." There is no subject index.

1. United States. Department of Defense. Office of the Secretary--Archives. 2. United States. Department of Defense--History--Sources.

Publications of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. -- Boston : G.K. Hall, 1990, c1989. -- 2045 microfiches : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 94/2017

Reproduces all of the museum's publications from 1870 to 1989, and all publications from the Museum of Primitive Art from 1957 to 1975. This collection includes more than 1,000 books, exhibit catalogs, pamphlets and brochures.

The fiche are arranged chronologically.

LCCN: 93-630197

GUIDE: 337, A Guide to Publications of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Microfiche, 1870 to the Present Including Publications of the Museum of Primitive Art, 1957-1975. Includes listings for each museum by date with corresponding publication titles, as well as separate indexes by title.

1. Art. 2. Art, Primitive. 3. Art--New York (N.Y.). 4. Art, Primitive--New York (N.Y.). 5. Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)--Catalogs. 6. Museum of Primitive Art (New York, N.Y.)--Catalogs.

Published American colonial records [microform]. -- New Haven, Conn : Research Publications, [1970]. -- 166 microfilm reels : ill. ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/10009

Includes 68 of the more important published colonial and state records.

LCCN: 82-174522

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775--Sources.

Publishers' catalogs annual. -- Westport, Conn. : Meckler Pub., 1979- . -- [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche (w) 84/302

Similar in some respects to Publishers Trade List Annual, this collection provides considerably broader scope, since it does not charge publishers for inclusion, and therefore publishes both a greater number and more complete catalogs. Approximately 2,000 catalogs are included each year in this microform collection, about four times the number in PTLA. Small and specialized publishers are well represented in the collection.

LCCN: 83-643646 [partial record without call number]

GUIDE: Publishers' Catalogs Annual, shelved with the microfiche sets in the Microform Reading Room. Each year's guide consists of an alphabetic index and an index of publishers by subject. The microfiches themselves are arranged alphabetically.

1. Catalogs, Publishers--Periodicals. 2. Books--Catalogs--Periodicals.

Publishers' trade list annual. -- New York : R.R. Bowker, 1874- . -- v. -- Microfiche. [Westport, Conn.] : Meckler Publishing, [1980]. -- 3616 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 5355

The PTLA is an annual collection of publishers' catalogs arranged alphabetically by publisher's name. The catalogs are not compiled according to any uniform system, thus the amount of information given about books varies greatly, ranging from fullinformation and occasional notes in some lists to short title and price in others. In general, dates of publication are omitted. Only books in print at the time of the catalogs' issuance are listed. Up to 1963, the PTLA was the primary source for identifying new titles. See also Publishers Catalogs Annual.

LCCN: sf88-92772

GUIDE: Z1215.P97 Suppl., Publishers Trade List Annual Index I903-1963. Holdings cover 1903-1963, and a supplement: 1964-1980.

1. Catalogs, Publishers'--United States.

Puebla 79. -- Montreal, Canada : IDAL, Información Documental de América Latina, 1980. -- 118 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

Contents: 1. La preparación: 1.1, Documentación interna; 1.2, Documentación externa. 2. La visita del Papa: 2.1, La visita - noticias; 2.2, Los discursos del Papa; 2.3, Cartas y telegramas al Papa; 2.4, La visita - comentarios. 3. La conferencia: 3.1, Documentación interna; 3.2, Documentación externa.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 87/856

A comprehensive, systematic collection of documents relating to the third Conferencia General del Episcopado Latinoamericano, in which Pope John Paul II was a participant. The documents broadly represent the output of the wide array of individual and group participants, and include official documents, working papers, proposals, speeches, correspondence, periodical articles, press conferences, and ephemera covering the planning as well as the actual conference and papal visit.

LCCN: 87-890013

GUIDE: 114, Puebla 79. Bibliograf´a: Documentación soble CELAM III: Preparación y Realización.

1. Conferencia General del Episcopado Latinoamericano (3rd: 1979: Puebla, Mexico)--Archives. 2. Catholic Church--Latin America. 3. Sociology, Christian (Catholic).

Pulitzer prizes in journalism, 1917-1985. -- New York : Columbia University, 1985 ; distributed by University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, Mich. -- 56 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 86/225

Includes award-winning journalism in all categories: cartoons, essays, feature writing, investigative reporting, photographs, etc.

LCCN: 86-893501

GUIDE: 122, The Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism, 1917-85. Consists of multiple indexes: a reel index (arranged chronologically); an annual index; an index by news organization; by author; by prize category; and by subject.

1. Pulitzer prizes. 2. Journalism--United States--Awards.

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