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A Guide to the Microform Collections: H

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Handlist of the dance collection (Gemeente Museeum den Haag) / Loes de Hoop and Freek Pliester, editors. -- Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co., 1982. -- 128 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.
Contents: Part 1, Dance history and aesthetics; Part 2, Dance methods; Part 3, Dance music.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 86/908

A collection of manuscripts and early prints (16th through 18th centuries) dealing with the dance of the French and Italian renaissance, the English country dance, the baroque dance, the contredance, and so on. It includes works on dance history and aesthetics, different dance methods, and dance music. The materials are in English, Italian, German, French, and other languages.

LCCN: 86-890394

GUIDE: 213, Handlist of the Dance Collection.

1. Dancing--Europe--History--Sources. 2. Dance music--Europe--History--Sources. 3. Manuscripts, European. 4. Choreography--Europe--History--Sources.

Hanoverian state papers, domestic, 1714-1782. -- Sussex, England : Harvester Press, 1982. -- 164 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 84/310

The complete surviving records of the 18th century, during the reigns of George I, George II, and George III, reproduced from the Public Record Office, London (SP 35, v. 1-78; SP 36, v. 1-163; and SP 37, v. 1-27). The papers document the wide scope of the Department of State, encompassing the administration and constitution of England, trade and shipping, naval and military affairs, social and religious life, crime, rebellion, and discontent (from publisher's notes).
LCCN: 84-122753

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Great Britain--Politics and government--1714-1820--Sources. 2. Great Britain--History--George I, II, 1714-1760--Sources. 3. Great Britain--History--George III, 1760-1820--Sources.

Harry Houdini scrapbooks : 1858-1926. -- Washington, D. C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1979. -- 21 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 51273

A collection of 110 scrapbooks compiled by Houdini and others, reflecting the wide range of Houdini's interests and reading rather than events of his personal career. These scrapbooks contain newspaper and magazine clippings and articles culled by Houdini, personal friends, and professional newsclipping services. They include material on magic, magicians, magical performances, spiritism, theater, opera, literary biography, literary criticism, the Civil War, contemporary politics, and other aspects of contemporary culture. The collection also contains a large number of ephemera (programs, flyers, playbills, professional cards, and advertisements) from the U.S., England, and Europe. The materials range in date from circa 1858 to 1926. (See also: Scrapbook containing pictures..., film 49306.)

LCCN: 83-207053

GUIDE: 15, [Harry Houdini Scrapbooks Checklist].

1. Magic.

Hearings before the General Board of the Navy, 1917-1950. -- Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1983. -- 15 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 89/166

Topics aired before the Navy Board, classed under sixty-eight major headings such as budget, construction, policy, naval stations, classes of vessels, aircraft, regulations, personnel, guns and armament, international law, shore facilities, and war plans.

LCCN: 89-894226

GUIDE: 148, Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition of the Hearings before the General Board of the Navy, 1917-50. Lists specific topics and provides the year, volume, page number, and microfilm roll number for that topic.

1. United States. Department of the Navy.

Hearings of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission / Mark Fox and Norm Quist, editors. -- Washington, D.C. : University Publications of America, 1980. -- [40] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/4548

Although this microfilm collection ostensibly covers the time period from 1975-1979, most of the materials are from 1977-1979 with a few policy and adjudicatory sessions in 1975 and 1976. Hearings conducted by this Commission cover budget markups and proposed legislation, licensing reform, and spent fuel safety issues. Of particular note in this collection are the numerous hearings and press-conferences relating to the Three Mile Island incident.

LCCN: 85-892996

GUIDE: 105-9, A Guide to Hearings of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Consists of reel and subject indexes.

1. Nuclear energy--United States--Government policy.

Hearst, William Randolph. See: Hearst collection.

Hearst collection : photographs & acquisition records. -- New York, NY : Clearwater Pub. Co, 1987. -- 652 microfiches : ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/7059

Documents the collections of William Randolph Hearst in the Hearst Castle at San Simeon in California. It includes inventories, lists, photographs, and descriptions of the items, in addition to information about when and where the items were bought or sold. Arranged by object category, e.g., daggers, tapestries, paintings or furniture.

LCCN: 90-956090

Guide: 245, [Hearst Collection: Photographs and Acquisitions Records].

1. Hearst, William Randolph, 1863-1951--Art collections--Catalogs. 2. Antiques--California--Private collections--Catalogs. 2. Art--California--Private collections-- Catalogs.

Hein's United States treaties and other international agreements current service. -- Buffalo, N.Y. : W.S. Hein, 1990- . -- microfiches : negative.

LC Call Number: Microfiche (o) 92/6112

A collection of recent United States treaties and agreements not yet published in Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS), TIAS treaties and agreements not yet published in United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST). The microfiche collection is updated bimonthly.

LCCN: 92-640253

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Treaties--United States. 2. United States--Foreign relations--Treaties--Periodicals.

Hemeroteca histórica Mexicana. -- Mexico : Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 197- . -- 17 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 83/145

Consists mainly of backfiles of historical Mexican periodicals and newspapers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The periodicals were privately published or published by federal and state governments. Among the titles included are: El Ateneo; El Ferro-Carril; La Aguila Mexicana; Diario del Gobierno de la República Mexicana; Mefistofeles; La Democracia: Periódico del Gobierno de Oaxaca; Revista Telegráfica de México; La Aurora Literaria; Correo Semanario de México; La Escuela Nacional de Artes y Oficios; El Telegrafo Americano; etc.

These periodicals printed a large variety of articles on the political, literary, popular, cultural, and scientific life of the period as well as news, advertisements, photos, illustrations, reviews, etc. Primarily in Spanish.

LCCN: 83-195741

GUIDE: 104, Archivos Microfilmados en la Biblioteca National de Antropología e Historia. Archivo Conflicto Religioso. Archivo de Gomez Farias. Archivos de Veracruz. Archivo Maximiliano de Hapsburgo. Archivo Franciscano. Archivo Francisco I Madero. Archivo Revolución Mexicana. Archivo Hemeroteca Historica Mexicana. See also Z6954.M6B5 1981, Inventario Hemerográfico de la Biblioteca Nacional de Antropología e Historia, which is a title list annotated for L.C. holdings.

1. Mexico--Periodicals. 2. Mexican periodicals. 3. Mexican newspapers.

The Henry A. Schmidt photography collection : fiche and indexed guide / compiled by Stella de S  Rego. -- Albuquerque, N.M. : University of New Mexico, General Library, Special Collections Dept., Center for Southwest Research, [1990]. -- 10 microfiches : all ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 94/2152

Slightly more than a thousand contact prints from glass negatives made between 1890 and 1924 around Chloride, New Mexico by photographer Henry A. Schmidt. The majority are individual or group portraits. Other images include scenes in and around town, landscapes, still lifes, and mining and ranching activities.

The images require a high magnification and strong light for best viewing. Many are spotted or show other signs of deterioration.

LCCN: 91-955276

GUIDE: 344, The Henry A. Schmidt Photography Collection : Fiche and Indexed Guide. Gives descriptions of most of the individual images. An index of subjects contains references to control numbers that are listed sequentially in the body of the guide. The fiche number and frame reference appear on the left side of each entry. It is best to copy the fiche numbers and frame references desired before requesting the fiche.

1. Chloride (N.M.)--History--Pictorial works. 2. Chloride (N.M.)--Social life and customs--Pictorial works. 3. New Mexico--Chloride--Biography--Portraits. 4. Portrait photography-- New Mexico--Chloride. 5. Schmidt, Henry A.--Photograph collections.

Herstory. -- [Wooster, Ohio] : Bell & Howell, 1972- . -- [89] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 03791

More than 400 titles, filmed from the International Women's History Periodical Archive, now at Northwestern University and formerly in Berkeley at the Women's History Research Center. The collection contains journals, newspapers, newsletters of women's liberation, civic, religious, professional, and peace organizations from "all over the world," but mostly from the United States.

The collection is arranged by title and date, with newspapers, journals, and newsletters filmed in separate groupings. Request monographs and pamphlets by item number from guide. Photographs are on Reel 963; manuscripts m1-m32 are separately filmed and numbered; periodicals are also on a separate group of reels, numbered 1-253.

LCCN: 84-105566

GUIDE: Z7962.W67 1972, Herstory Microfilm Collection. Table of Contents, serves as a guide to material from 1956-September 1971. Z7962.W672, v. 1-2, Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Herstory, Supplementary Set and Supplementary set II, serve as guides to material added from October 1971-June 1974.
Related reference works: The Manuscript Inventories and the Catalogs of Manuscripts. Books, and Pictures, Z7965.A78; and Catalogs of the Sophia Smith Collection, Women's History Archive, Z7965.S65.

1. Women--Periodicals. 2. Feminism--Periodicals. 3. Women's rights--Periodicals.

Herzl, Theodor, 1860-1904. See: (1) Briefe: Von der Jugendzeit... (2) Berichte aus Paris....

Historia de los debates legislativos en México / proyecto y coordinación, Horacio Labastida ; investigadores, Alejandro de Antu¤ano Maurer, Felipe A. Ruiz Gutiérrez, José Sanchez Cortés. -- Meéxico : Comité de Asuntos Editoriales, LIV Legislatura, H. C mara de Diputados, 1991. -- ca. 1000 microfiches : negative.
Contents: Primera epoca, 1821-1855 (ca. 50 fiches) -- Segunda epoca, 1856-1915 (ca. 350 fiches) -- Tercera epoca, 1916-1991 (ca. 600 fiches).

LC Call Number: Microfiche 94/2146

The collected published records of the debates and actions of the Mexican national legislature from 1821 to 1991. They include the Actas and Diarios de Debates and their earlier versions and other documents. Not included are the debates of the Senado de la República after its restoration in 1874, nor the records of secret or classified debates. The first fiche is an introduction and general index (Presentación e indice general). The index, which is re-filmed in the last fiche of the collection, is arranged chronologically. The fiche are not numbered consecutively from beginning to end, but rather within legislatura and período (Legislature and period).

LCCN: 93-629988

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Mexico--Constitutional history--Sources. 2. Mexico--Politics and government--19th century--Sources. 3. Mexico--Politics and government--20th century--Sources.

Historical Archives of the Brazilian Workers' Movement / at the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation. -- Milano : The Foundation, [1982?]. -- 51 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 89/141

This is a collection of 40 periodical titles covering eight decades of the Brazilian workers Movement from 1900. The majority of the titles were published in Brazil, some in Portugal, Argentina, France and Spain. The materials cover the vast Brazilian territory and a vast range of opinions. Many of the publications are underground publications.

LCCN: 89-894002

GUIDE: 146, Historical Archives of the Brazilian Workers' Movement: Microfilm Catalog 82.

1. Labor--Brazil--History--20th century--Periodicals.

Historical materials on Baptists and other Evangelicals in Soviet Russia and other Eastern European countries. -- Nashville : Historical Commission, SBC, 1981. -- 221 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

Contents: Part 1: Books and booklets; A, Evangelical authors; B, Orthodox authors; C, Soviet authors. Part 2: Congresses. Part 3: Historical papers. Part 4: Theses. Part 5: Periodicals; A, Baptist and Evangelical Christian periodicals; B, other Evangelical periodicals; C, Orthodox periodicals; D, Soviet yearbooks and journals; E, miscellaneous periodicals.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 84/238

A wide-ranging collection of materials encompassing the views of evangelicals themselves as well as the views of members of the Russian Orthodox faith and representatives of Marxist thought. Several languages are represented including English, Russian, and German. This collection will be useful not only to those studying religious history in Russia and Eastern Europe, but also to those interested in the broader social and intellectual history of this area.

LCCN: 84-199789

GUIDE: 176, Microfilm Catalog of Historical Materials on Baptists and Other Evangelists in Soviet Russia and Other Eastern European Countries.

1. Baptists--Soviet Union. 2. Baptists--Europe, Eastern. 3. Evangelistic work--Soviet Union. 4. Evangelistic work--Europe, Eastern.

The history of glass : the glass of ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East. -- New York, NY : Clearwater Pub. Co, c1987. -- 37 microfiches : all col. ill.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/7074

More than 1,700 color images of glass objects from the Corning Museum of Glass. The collection is arranged by broad categories, e.g., ancient Egyptian glass, renaissance Venetian glass, and "new glass." The collection's usefulness suffers currently (12/94) for lack of a guide to identify the pieces.

LCCN: 90-956112

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Glass art--Egypt--Pictorial works. 2. Glass art--Middle East--Pictorial works.

History of nursing. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1981-1983. -- 8085 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

Contents: Part 1, The Adelaide Nutting historical nursing collection. Part 2, The archives of the Department of Nursing, Teachers College, Columbia University.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 85/168

Reproduces a large archive of research sources for women's studies as well as the history of nursing, medicine, and hospitals, from the 15th century through the early 20th century.

Part 1 contains 17th and 18th century materials: approximately 1,200 monographs, most in English, although there are titles in German, French, Swedish, and other European languages; single journal numbers and reprints; handwritten and typewritten manuscripts; addresses, pamphlets, annual reports, and bibliographies; documents from French hospitals, and works and letters of Florence Nightingale.

Part 2 consists of the Archives of the Department of Nursing Education at Columbia University that include extensive biographical material as well as administrative records that date from 1899 through the 1970s.

Microfiches for both parts of the collection should be requested by microfiche number, e.g., AN0383 (Part 1); fiche 2732 (Part 2).

LCCN: 85-891041

GUIDE: RT31.R57 1983, History of Nursing volumes 1 and 2. Volume 1 is a guide to Part 1, providing an author/title catalog, a subject catalog that uses Library of Congress subject headings, and a listing of the microfiches by microfiche number. Volume 2 is a guide to Part 2, providing a subject index and a detailed outline of the arrangement of the material, followed by an "inventory" which allows the researcher to browse the documents in this same order.

1. Nursing--History--Sources. 2. Columbia University. Teachers college. Department of Nursing Education--Archives.

History of photography. -- Woodbridge, Conn. : Research Publications, 1980-1982. -- 489 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 82/900

A comprehensive collection of materials for the research and study of the history, technology, and aesthetics of photography. The works included range from purely technical, theoretical tracts on the physics of photography, to rare photographs made by some of the pioneers in the field. There are many early texts and other long out-of-print materials, and numerous titles in French and German. The collection includes approximately 2,100 monographs and pamphlets and close to 125 periodicals.

Filmed from holdings of New York Public Research Libraries, International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, the Epstean Collection of Columbia University, and the Eastman Kodak Company Research Library.

LCCN: 82-177967

GUIDE: TR15.H573 1982, History of Photography: Bibliography and Reel Guide to the Microfilm Collection. Lists items by author; a separate list at the end gives the titles of periodicals included and dates filmed for each title.

1. Photography--History--Sources.

The History of the cinema, 1895-1940. -- Cambridge, England : Chadwyck-Healey Ltd, 1987. -- 3900 microfiches

. LC Call Number: Microfiche 91/7002

A collection of approximately 1,000 titles of books and pamphlets published before 1940 and selected from the holdings of major American and European film resource centers. Works were selected to serve as a base collection for the study of the history of film and include Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences directories and reports, works on specific films, actors, and actresses, projectionists' handbooks, and books on a wide range of topics such as children and the cinema, censorship, and the use of films for teaching. Materials are in English, German, and French.

LCCN: 91-955260

GUIDE: 262, History of the Cinema, 1895-1940. Handlist of Titles.

1. Motion pictures--History.

History of the Department of Justice, 1963-1969 / Paul Kesaris and others, editors. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1980. -- 6 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/4556

Each organization in the Department of Justice prepared its own history and compiled the supporting documentation for this official history of the Department in the Lyndon Johnson administration years. Information which was felt would compromise the privacy of individuals was excluded.

LCCN: 86-892607

GUIDE: 105-41, A Guide to History of the Department of Justice, November 1963- January 1969; History of the Federal Trade Commission, November 1963- January 1969.

1. United States--Department of Justice--History.

History of the Federal Electoral Ridings, 1867-1992 {microform} = Historique des circonscriptions electorales federales, 1867-1992. 2nd ed. {Ottawa} : Library of Parliament, Information and Technical Services Branch, {1993} 7 v.

Contents: v. 1. British Columbia, Alberta -- v. 2. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories -- v. 3. Ontario (A-L) -- v. 4. Ontario (M-Z) -- v. 5 Quebec (A-L) -- v. 6. Quebec (M-Z) -- v. 7. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Index.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 94/2481

This reference work, described by the Canadian Library of Parliament as "an exceptional work of its kind" and "the reference source par excellence on federal ridings and elections," includes all the general election and by-election results since Confederation. There are official geographic descriptions of each riding, including dates and descriptions of boundary changes. There is a section for each of the 10 provinces, as well as one that regroups the Yukon and Northwest Territories together. In each volume, the user will find a table of contents and a list of abbreviations and acronyms of political parties. Within each province, a table of contents of all the ridings in a province appears at the beginning of each section. Under each riding, the user will find the name of the riding followed by its date of creation and its date of abolition if there is one. The name of the winning candidate , his occupation or profession, the number of votes he received and the name of the party are given when known. The names of opposing candidates are similarly listed. There is a users guide at the beginning of the first microfiche. English, with parallel text in French.

LCCN: 94-629435

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Canada. Parliament--Election districts--History. 2. Election districts--Canada--History. 3. Elections--Canada--History.

History of the Federal Trade Commission, 1963-1969 / Paul Kesaris and others, editors. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1980. -- 2 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/4556

Filmed from the holdings of the Lyndon B. Johnson Library, this collection includes a narrative history and a selection of supplementary documents, news summaries and releases, memos, reports, addresses, and remarks.

LCCN: 86-892608

GUIDE: 105-41, A Guide to History of the Department of Justice, November 1963- January 1969; History of the Federal Trade Commission, November 1963- January 1969. 1. United States. Federal Trade Commission--History.

History of the Ministry of Munitions. -- Hassocks, Sussex, England : Harvester Press, 1976. -- 88 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 86/10

Contains the official twelve-volume history of the British Ministry of Munitions, June 9, 1915 to March 31, 1921, published by HMSO 1918-1923, and reproduces the records of the Ministry of Munitions, disposal and liquidation.

The history contains 58 parts, grouped into the following volumes: I: Industrial Mobilization 1914-1915; II: General Organization for Munitions Supply; III: Finance and Controls; IV: Supply and Control of Labour, 1915-1916; V: Wages and Welfare; VI: Manpower and Dilution; VII: Control of Industrial Capacity and Equipment; VIII: Control of Industrial Capacity and Equipment; IX: Review of Munitions Supply; X: Supply of Munitions. [See also review, Microform Review, v. 9 n. 3 pp. 164-66).

LCCN: 86-890018

GUIDE: Not in LC. Access is provided by a general index to titles and headings of volumes, parts, and sections, located on the first microfiche. It is followed by an "Introduction to the History of the Ministry of Munitions." Fiches 2 and 3 reproduce a handbook entitled "Records of the Ministry of Munitions, Public Record Office, 1970," which includes a list of classes in the Munitions Group in the PRO as well as a history of the successors to the Ministry of Munitions through March, 1927.

1. Great Britain. Ministry of Munitions--History.

History of the Office of Censorship / Paul Kesaris, editor. -- Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, 1977. -- 3 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/155

Covers the period from December 19, 1941 to August 15, 1945, when the Office of Censorship, with a staff of more than ten thousand, had "absolute discretion" to censor international communication in American newspapers, cables, magazines, films, radio, and mail. This collection contains the Office's records, compiled by the Office's management, which were classified "confidential" until 1971. The collection provides background on security precautions for D-Day, the use of radar, and the Manhattan Project.

Seven volumes on three reels present censorship as viewed by the Office of the Director, histories of the press and broadcasting divisions, Liaison and Digest Office, Administrative Division, and the Office of the Chief Postal Censor, with histories of postal and cable censorship stations in individual U.S. cities, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Iceland.

LCCN: 85-891042

GUIDE: 105-2, A Guide to History of the Office of Censorship.

1. United States. Office of Censorship--Archives. 2. World War, 1939-1945--Censorship--United States--Sources.

History of the United Public Workers Union in Hawaii. -- Glen Rock, N.J. : Microfilming Corp. of America, 1975. -- 22 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. ; 1 reel 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 5121; Microfilm 49509

Over 30 charter members of Hawaii's United Public Workers Union recount the development of unionization in this multi-racial state.

LCCN: 84-124375 (fiche); 83-122157 (film)

GUIDE: AI3.07 No. 1, New York Times Oral History Program, Oral History Guide No. 1.

1. United Public Workers of America. 2. Trade unions--Government employees--Hawaii--History.

History of the Vietnam War. -- Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1988- . -- 8580 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 88/163

A 365,000 page selection of the most important elements from the Indochina Archive at the University of California, Berkeley. The Archive contains more than three million pages of non-classified and declassified materials on the Vietnamese Conflict drawn from all governments and organizations involved. This collection also includes 15,500 non-copyrighted monographs and pamphlets, maps, photographs, schematics and other graphics, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as captured documents, interviews with defectors and prisoner of war interrogation reports. It is divided into eights topical units such as grand strategy, the daily military activity, topical history, political settlement efforts, The National Liberation Front (Viet Cong), North and South Vietnam during the war, and the Asia region during the war. About 80% of the material is in English, the remaining 20% in Vietnamese, Khmer, Lao, and Western languages. In many instances a Vietnamese language entry includes an English translation.

LCCN: 88-893904

GUIDE: 137a-h, The History of the Vietnam War. A Guide to the Microfiche Collection. One guide for each of the topical units.

1. Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--History--Sources. 2. Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Archives. 3. Vietnam--History-- Sources. 4. Vietnam--Politics and government--1945-1975--Sources.

History of women. -- New Haven, Conn. : Research Publications, 1975-1979. -- 1248 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Contents: Monographs and periodicals: reels 1-934. Manuscripts: reels 935-962. Photographs: reel 963.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 51565

A comprehensive collection of literature by and about women, including printed books, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts, and photographs, from nine American libraries and archives. The emphasis is on American and modern European women, through 1920, with lesser emphasis on ancient, medieval, and renaissance women. Most of the monographs are in English, but some are in other European languages.

This collection is particularly useful for research in social and popular history; the subjects range through ancient literature to contemporary poetry, biography, sermons, and essays on various subjects.

LCCN: 83-124988

GUIDE: 47, History of Women: Guide to the Microfilm Collection. Lists monographs and pamphlets by main entry, with a subject index. There are separate lists at the back of the volume of the periodicals, manuscripts, and photographs in the collection.

NOTE: Reference works related to this collection include The Manuscript Inventories and Catalogs of Manuscripts. Books, and Pictures (Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America), Z7965.A78; and Catalogs of the Sophia Smith Collection, Women's History Archive, Z7965.S65.

1. Women--History--Modern period, 1600- --Sources.

The holdings of Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Historical Museum in manuscript and print / compiled by F. Leonard Williams, Harvey L. Wilson, August H. Able. -- Princeton : Norton Micro Images, c1973. -- 24 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 51337

Includes a variety of materials (church records, minutes of meetings, cash books, visitors books, special organization records, miscellaneous items from the Bethel Church, etc.) for the period from 1760 through 1970.

The collection also includes a run of The Christian Recorder from 1854 through 1902. This is the oldest existing black periodical in the U.S., one of the few that existed before the Civil War, and from its beginning it has reflected the thinking of black Americans, both learned and unlearned.

LCCN: 84-140864

GUIDE: 35-B, [Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church Historical Museum]. Outlines the organization of records and provides reel numbers for each record group.

1. African Methodist Episcopal Church--Archives. 2. African Methodist Episcopal Church--Periodicals.

Home Office papers and records : order and authority in England : Series one, Home Office class HO 42 (George III, correspondence, 1782-1820). -- Brighton, Sussex : Harvester Press, 1981-. -- [172] microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Contents: Part 1: HO 42, 1782-1792; Part 2: HO 42, 1783(?)-1797; Part 3: HO 42, 1798-1802; Part 4: HO 42, 1803-1809; Part 5: HO 42, 1810-1812; Part 6: HO 42, 1813-1815; Part 7: HO 42, 1816-1817.

LC Call Number: Microfilm (o) 84/209

This collection follows immediately after the Hanoverian State Papers Domestic, 1714-1782 (also held by the Microform Reading Room). It documents various levels of British social and political life, covering a long period of war with revolutionary France, and various domestic eruptions, including Luddite actions, food riots, labor disturbances, and the assassination of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval (in 1812).

The arrangement of the documents is chronological. Access is provided by the overall Public Record Office box guide for HO 42, located at the beginning of each part, and followed in each case by a reel guide produced by the microform publisher. The first box in each part can be requested if the reel guide is needed for that part.

LCCN: 84-248080

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. Great Britain--Politics and government, 1760-1820--Sources. 2. Great Britain--History--George III, 1760-1820--Sources.

Home service nine o'clock news, 1939-1945. -- Cambridge, England : Chadwyck-Healey, 1978. -- 744 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 85/256

A reproduction of the newsreaders' typescripts for the nightly radio news broadcast of the BBC throughout the second World War. The broadcasts provide information on domestic affairs as well as the war, and reflect the development of the vigorous, reliable news reporting for which the BBC became renowned.

In some cases missing pages have been replaced by another bulletin for that day (the 6 pm or midnight bulletin where possible). Sometimes there are no extant bulletins, in which case an explanatory caption is reproduced.

The broadcasts are arranged chronologically and may be requested by date.

LCCN: 85-891348

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. World War, 1939-1945--Great Britain--Press coverage--Sources. 2. British Broadcasting Corporation--Archives. 3. Radio broadcasting--Great Britain--Sources.

Hoover Institution supplement to Underground press collection. -- [Ann Arbor, MI : University Microfilms International, 1988?]. -- 16 microfilm reels.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 90/8024

Supplements the Underground newspaper collection (Microfilm 02882. LCCN 91- 651119) with previously missing issues of 88 alternative press titles and 178 new titles. Most date from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

LCCN: 90-956357

GUIDE: 274, Underground Press collection: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection. Hoover Institution Supplement. A reel contents list.

1. Underground press--United States. 2. Social movements--United States--Periodicals.

Houghton Library. See: Printed catalog....

HRAF files. -- New Haven, Conn. : Human Relations Area Files, [195-]- . Series 1- ; [195-]- . -- [ ] sheets : ill. ; 5 x 8 in. -- Microfiche. New Haven, Conn. : Human Relations Area Files, 1958- . [ ] microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.

LC Call Number: Microfiche 1013

A continually growing collection of information about societies throughout the world. The collection consists of reproduced pages of articles, books, and manuscripts, which are annotated with regard to subject matter and cultural group or unit. The collection is organized into cultural files containing information on a culture or a closely related group of cultures (each cultural unit is listed in the Outline of World Cultures and given a unique letter/number code). The materials within each cultural file are organized according to a comprehensive subject classification system presented in the Outline of Cultural Materials.
LCCN: (No Library of Congress Online Catalog entry)

GUIDE: Users will benefit from reading Nature and Use of the HRAF Files before attempting to use this collection. Other guides to the files are the Outline of World Cultures, GN345.3 .M87 1983; and Outline of Cultural Materials, H62.B36 vol. I, 1961. See also HRAF Source Bibliography, which lists sources used in the files under the code numbers for the subjects (not the ethnographic groups) they wrote about; and Human Behavior Abstracts, which features a regular section on the HRAF files.

1. Anthropology.

Human Relations Area Files. See: HRAF.

Human rights documents. -- Leiden, The Netherlands : IDC, [1989]-[2000] . -- [9453] microfiches : ill.
Contents: 1980-1986 (5790 microfiches) -- 1980-1988 (234 microfiches).

LC Call Number: Microfiche 90/8001

A collection of documents of non-governmental human rights organizations worldwide. The collection includes the newsletters, journals, pamphlets, books, manuscripts, reports, press releases, action alerts, and brochures of 287 organizations in this project.

Coverage is for the years 1980-1988, but the collection will be updated regularly. Material in the collection is concerned with a broad range of human rights issues such as the rights of indigenous peoples, refugees, political killings, freedom of assembly, genocide, and with the fulfillment of basic human needs.

LCCN: 90-956182

GUIDE: 266, Human Rights Documents 1980- . A cumulative guide that lists the documents chronologically by organization and the organizations alphabetically by region.

1. Human rights.

Hungarian peace negotiations : an account of the work of the Hungarian Peace Delegation at Neuilly s/S, from January to March 1920. -- Arlington, Va. : University Publications of America, 197- . -- 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 85/2584

The preface of these works states that the Peace Negotiations following World War I were one-sided, with Conditions of Peace imposed on Hungary without a fair hearing of that country's positions or arguments. These materials bring together all of the Conditions, as well as Hungary's responses and notes. Volume I contains all of Hungary's Notes and Annexes submitted before receiving the Conditions of Peace along with the actual Conditions. Volume II has reply Notes and amendments to the Conditions. Volume III includes a collection of maps, statistical tables, and a detailed index.

NOTE: Also filmed by Library of Congress Photoduplication Service in 1977; see Microfilm 61587 in the Microform Reading Room. Originally published by the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budapest, 1921.

LCCN: 85-892726

GUIDE: Not in LC.

1. World War, 1914-1918--Peace. 2. World War, 1914-1918--Hungary.

Husting rolls of deeds and wills, 1252-1485 / editor, G.H. Martin. -- Cambridge, U.K. ; Alexandria, Va. USA : Chadwyck-Healey, 1988. -- 30 microfilm reels ; 35mm.

LC Call Number: Microfilm 90/8019

Registers of deeds enrolled and wills proved in the Court of Husting, from 1252 to 1485. The Court of Husting registered deeds and wills for the City of London and was jurisdictionally equivalent to the County Courts in the shires. These records document the business of establishing and perpetuating title to lands and tenements in the city of London. The original Latin text records are at the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London, Guildhall Library, London.

Reels 25 through 27 include indexes of names and places, parishes, streets, and tenements. Reels 28 and 29 provide a chronological index of deeds and wills, and reel 30 provides an alphabetical index of testators for the years 1252 to 1375, as well as headings of deeds and wills for 1363 to 1461.

LCCN: 90-956186

GUIDE: 413, The Husting Rolls of Deeds and Wills, 1252-1485: Guide to the Microfilm Edition.

1. Deeds--England--London. 2. Wills--England--London. 3. England--Genealogy.

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