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The triumph of Yankee Doodle


Part I
Yankee Doodle in Camp

From Hearthstone to Battlefield Camp Life at Chickamauga
Camp at Chickamauga
On a Troop Train from Tennessee to Florida
With the Troops at Tampa
A Secret of State
Tampa vs. Key West
Key West's Sudden Fame
Army Lying on It's Arms
The Expedition Sails at Last
Our First Invading Army
With Lee at Jacksonville
Camp Cuba Libre
Gospel in the Army
The Negro--the Cook--the Horse--the Doctor

Part II
Yankee Doodle in Cuba and Porto Rico

The Misery of Our Army Found in Cuba
An Important Bit of History
As We Found Quaint Old Santiago
Porto Rico as the Yankees Found It
Matanzas--Second City of Cuba--As We Found It
Havana Life in Public
Rag-Tag Soldiers in Havana
Seen and Heard in Cuba's Capital
Sunday in Havana
The Belles of Havana
Havana's Last Cigar
Society in Havana

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