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War correspondence (Hispano-American War)
letters from Dr. Nicholas Senn...


War Correspondence
An Old Battle Ground
Letter from Camp George H. Thomas
Assigned to a New Field
The Floating Hospitals
The Medical Department of the Army in the Cuban Campaign
The Qualifications and Duties of the Military Surgeon
The Invasion of Porto Rico from a Medical Standpoint
Typhoid Fever in the Porto Rican Campaign
The Returning Army
The National Cry
Our Relief Societies
The Wounded of the Porto Rican Campaign
On the Frequency of Cryptorchism and its Results
The Seat of War and our Military Surgeons
Headquarters Fifth Army Corps
Recent Experience in Military Surgery After the Battle of Santiago
The Surgery of Camp Wikoff
Empyema in Camp George H. Thomas
Esculapius on the Field of Battle
Nurses and Nursing in War

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