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In darkest Cuba; two months' service under Gomez along the Trocha from the Caribbean to the Bahama Channel


Foreword- My Brother N.G. Gonzales

Off to the Front
To the Front
Mobilized in Florida
Never Mind Uniforms
Character Studies
Weary of Waiting
Goes to Join Gomez
Pen Pictures of Gomez
Life in Camp in Central Cuba
Real Condition of Cuban Country
"My Kingdom for a Horse!"
Remounted - After a Fashion
Hardships of the March
Eighteen Miles - No Breakfast
At Rest - but Still Hungry
Glad to Eat Palm Pith
All Hands Go Foraging
Trying a General for His LIfe
News Fresh from Habana
Gossip of Gomez's Camp
Johnson's is Escaped
Johnson's is Disciplined
Rumor of Imminent Battle
Third Meal in Three Days
Where the Rations Went
Snapping Turtle Camp
Taking the Early Watch
Where Mangoes Abound
In a Guajiro's Home
On the March to Moron
Over Muck and Rock
Near the LIon's Jaws
Oh, for Hopping-John
Dollars at Discount
An Indiscreet Leader
Hunger Breeds Temper
Cubans Were Tricked
Within the Lion's Jaws
Trista Plans Feint
Night Attack on Moron
Details of Engagement
An Alarm by Night
Marching to the Beach
At Last a Full Meal!
New Relief Expedition
Given Leave to Depart
An Honorable Discharge
Aboard and Home-bound
Gomez: the Last Glimpse
Cruising Among the Keys
Exploring Santa Maria Key
Quelling the Unruly Jack
"Mazampla" Come Aboard by Night
A Nature-Study Interlude
Dr. Abbott: an Original
Secrets of Filibustering
Along the Florida Keys
"Home is the Wanderer"
Nunez Expedition Lands
"Having Done His Duty, He's Home"
"Captured Details in Darkest Cuba"
Mr. Gonzales' Testimony

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